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Weekly randoms w/o 12.27


Re: Weekly randoms w/o 12.27

  • Anybody else having nesting urges already? Not sure if it’s because I’m on number 4 and subconsciously know there’s no way I’m going to get everything done in the third trimester, or if I’m just over clutter and messes that come with toddlers, but we’re already implementing new chore routines and organizational systems and if I’m this bad at 22 weeks, I don’t want to be around me at 36 weeks 😂
  • @skc040512 when I am not tired I am usually cleaning. I haven’t started with any cabinets or closets yet so not at the same nesting stage as with DD but also didn’t have a toddler to clean up with her constantly neither.

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  • @skc040512 yes!!! I think because I haven’t fully unpacked our new house I’m even more frazzled because I feel like I have so much to do. We started clearing out the baby’s room and sorting through clothes this week. Still need to decide if we are going to paint the nursery and all that fun stuff….honestly whatever gets done, gets done snd it will all be fine. Haha 
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