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GTKY Tuesday 12/21

You are building your absolute DREAM home. How does it look? Rooms? Big yard? Tiny home? Pool? Your own putting green? An elevator? What are your absolute must haves? 

Re: GTKY Tuesday 12/21

  • I feel like I might be selfishly asking this just *in case* we get to build. 😂😂😂😂
  • Ohhh good one!

    wine “cellar” or some sort of room w/ tasting table 
    a bookcase built into the underside of the stairs 
    Lots of shelving in the garage 
    a butlers pantry 
    a deep walk-in pantry

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  • Big covered front porch. Big-ish yard, fenced in so we could let the dog out without him running away (he’s so untrustworthy lol). Kitchen island you can sit at. Built ins in family room / built in bookshelves in an office. I’d love a reading nook too- I always wanted a nice window seat setup. A big pantry would be awesome too! Probably craftsman style. 
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  • For sure, two offices, one for me, one for DH. Feeling this one real bad because DD is taking over our office and I'll be left with none, while also being expected to WFH part time (jokes on them, I'll still be at work 80+% of the time) 

    Laundry room with a sink. 

    Backyard with grass. 

    3 car garage. 

    House with natural lighting

    Big kitchen and lots of storage, preferably double oven, and absolutely you can pry my gas stove from my cold, dead hands. Oh and a built in wine fridge

    I actually really DON'T want a pool. Maintenance, plus having young kids, just don't want to deal. My parents have a pool, they're close by. 

    Can you tell we're thinking about moving in a couple years? 😂 These are all requirements (mostly) for the new house, and will be difficult to find in our price range in the desired location 😩
  • Ooo such a fun question! 

    Definitely need to have a big kitchen with all the fancy appliances. 

    5 bedrooms + an office. 

    A finished basement that we can make into a movie-watching space. Think huge couch, projector, and a place for drinks and snacks. 

    A big yard with a long driveway so we don't have to see our neighbors lol 

    Walk-in closet.

    Tons of natural light.

    I'd love a pool, but being from New England it doesn't seem practical to use for like 3 months of the year. And like @pajamstagrams said I don't think I'd want to deal with the maintenance and worry of having young kids around it. 
  • Ohhh i love the laundry room with a big sink! 

    Let me add on a hobby room 
  • Ooh fun! 😊

    -art studio with giant windows and all the art supplies
    -big yard with room to make a garden
    -out in the countryside
  • Oh I know this one 😂 I regularly spend time looking at floor plans even though I have no plans to build.
     5+ acres of land, partially wooded
    4-5 bedrooms, 3 full baths and a 1/2 bath
    bonus room/playroom
    Large eat-in kitchen with plenty of counter space
    walk in pantry
    office/sitting room connected to master bedroom
    large master bath with soaking tub, walk through shower, and separate WC
    3 car garage w/ entry into a mud room
    large laundry room with sink and work station

    now if only all that wouldn’t cost $1.5m+ 😂
  • MrsLaLaBugMrsLaLaBug member
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    5+BR, and I’ve always thought it would be really cool for each BR to have its own bathroom attached. More to clean I guess, but everyone would have their own private space. But I also like the jack and Jill style 
    Land would be really nice. With TREES!! All the new neighborhoods they build here they just chop down everything 😢
    Pool - it’s hot here forever year round 😂
    Plenty windows/natural light
    A huge laundry room
    Walk-in style attic instead of ladder up style
    A huge pantry with counter space for the small appliances 
    A walk through shower
    Big walk in closets that have all those pretty built ins
    Pull out cabinet that hides trash can 
    Beautiful spot next to staircase in foyer for a Christmas tree 
    Built in Sonic ice maker machine 
    A large yard for the Shepherds
    A mother-in-law suite would be nice to be able to put up guests
    A maid 😂
  • @MrsLaLaBug I lol’d at the built in ice maker 😂 also, I can tell you’re from the NOLA area…DH is from eastern NC and they got flooded massively a few times when he was growing up so he was so excited when he realized the areas we were looking at after we got married had a 0/10 flood rating 😂
  • @MrsLaLaBug oof I feel you on the no flood zone (that's all I'll say regarding where I live 🤪). We're just trying to stay out of the 100 yr and avoid specific areas that are flood prone (regardless of zone), and it's TOUGH.  
  • Way out in the boonies of either Wyoming, Montana, or Alaska. Log cabin style, rustic from stem to stern - lots of exposed beams and woodwork. Lots of antler and head mounts. We're big hunters - but not trophy hunters, so everything of the animal we kill gets used. 
    Island range.
    Counter space for miles. 
    Middle of the room fireplace for the den, so it has a front and back. 
    Walk-in closets that have the built-in shelves. 
    Fireplaces in every room - woodburning, not gas. 
    Bathrooms for every room. 
    Huge decks and wraparound porch. 
    Enough land for cattle and horses, as well as wilderness for game. 

    I swear to God these books I'm writing had better hit the NY Times Bestseller List if I want all that!  :D 
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  • Ahhhh the wraparound porches!! Of course!! I forgot that! And yeah, flood zone is one of our absolutes, and we don’t have but maybe 2-3 of those!!! It’s just totally not feasible down here and I refuse to take the chance of fight trying to get coverage! Most companies won’t even write flood policies in Louisiana anymore and if they do it’s so expensive it’s just ridiculous. 
  • Oh man there are so many ideas on here that id steal for my dream home. I like our house, but I’d also love to be able to build and make it absolutely everything we both want. 
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  • @DarkSerendipity that house sounds amazing
  • I agree with no flood zone. Our last house had a 5/10 rating and boy did that stink. I would also love to have a movie room in the basement with a bar and some gaming space as well, a large kitchen with tons of counter space, and a fenced in yard.
  • I love the houses in Charleston so I would start by saying I absolutely want a large, wraparound porch with rocking chairs and a porch swing

    Along the same lines, an enclosed sunporch in the back weigh plenty of seating

    His and hers walk in closets (so we each get our own)

    Lots of well-groomed trees and a vegetable garden

    Enclosed backyard with a fire pit and jungle gym (on opposite ends of the yard, of course)

    5br/5 or 6 ba. I'm with you, @[email protected]. I'd love for everyone to have their own bedroom and their own bath, plus a guest bath for downstairs.

    Huge kitchen with lots of cabinet and counter space, smart appliances with the refrigerator that you can see into even when it's closed

    Craft room for me


    In a neighborhood with other families

    A maid and yard service to help take care of all this 😉

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