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Weekly Check-In Week of 12/20

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate!

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Re: Weekly Check-In Week of 12/20

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  • @jessabelle05 Swaddling has a lot of great benefits so I’m a big believer in it. Until they start rolling over you can use it to help keep them calm and feel secure with nice flexible boundaries to push against. Swaddled babies generally sleep better. It’s one of the five S’s of the soothing methods from Happiest Baby on the Block. Some babies don’t like it as much and like to just have their bottom half swaddled but it’s still a great skill to have in your arsenal!

    @minnie_yoga_mama We’re not really doing a nursery, either. I don’t know what our next house will look like and I plan on having baby sleep in our room until at least 4 months of age, anyways, so a nursery is pretty low-priority for me.

    @dinomeetsjedi I totally hear you on the BHs, they can be pretty alarming but as long as they’re not rhythmic or painful you should be okay. Definitely check with your OB if you’re concerned. I had a discussion with mine about all the BH I seem to get even though I’m drinking water, taking baths, relaxing, changing position… She said it was fine and sometimes a super active baby can trigger them, which I definitely have!
  • @jessabelle05 I plan to swaddle, since for most babies, it gives a feeling of safety and security like being in the womb. But some babies just don’t like it. DS4 refused to be swaddled and could only sleep with his arms up above his head for some reason 🤷🏼‍♀️

    @minnie_yoga_mama  We won’t have a separate nursery for this one. We did for DS4, but in our current house, our primary bedroom has a weird extra alcove with nothing in it except one of my giant plants, so it’s perfect for putting the crib and having easy access for nursing and MOTN wakeups. We’ll have her share a room with DS once she gets a bit older. 

    Estimated due date/ weeks + days: Apr 13, 23+5 (viability on Wednesday!)


    Team blue/pink/green: pink!

    Upcoming appointments: I think two more weeks? Or three. Idk, it will come up on my work calendar haha.

    How are you feeling? Good! I love feeling him move more consistently, and the Braxton hicks are a helpful reminder that my body is practicing for labor. I’m starting to gain weight pretty rapidly though, so I should probably cut back on the holiday sweets. 

    Rants/raves: It’s supposed to snow here for Christmas. Please please please!

    Questions: natm
  • @aloha_mama That's good to know that an active baby can trigger them. That's probably part of it. I know they're pretty normal so I wasn't too worried about them but sometimes I would like a break, especially at work. haha
  • @dinomeetsjedi Honestly I kind of like them but yes, sometimes a break would be nice lol I had to stop mentioning them because DH got all freaked out but sometimes they’re so uncomfortable!
  • Estimated due date/ weeks + days: 4/28, 21+4


    Team blue/pink/green: Green

    Upcoming appointments: Next Thursday for a cervical measurement and another anatomy scan because we did our first at 17 weeks and baby was a little too small to visualize a few things.

    How are you feeling? Pretty good, just so tired but I think it may be a coping mechanism since I’m at my in-laws’ and it’s the most stressful place in the world on a good day, let alone during the holidays. 

    Rants/raves: Mentioned this on the Covid thread but my in-laws are being very flippant about taking DD6 and my nephew places and it’s stressing me out. They want to take her bowling and to Chuck E Cheese and some kind of indoor amusement park that has no restrictions on social distancing or mask use. So far DH and I have managed to keep them from taking her out. Masks aren’t required here but I’m still wearing one and making DD6 wear one in indoor places. I know my in-laws wouldn’t enforce that and they’d probably spout some Fox News propaganda about child trafficking or whatever and encourage her NOT to wear a mask. Plus I just don’t trust them alone with her because they don’t supervise and I’m always worried someone will snatch her out in public when they’re not paying attention. Also they have a huge dog they “trained” but who still barks in DD6’s face and tries to knock her over so DD6 is terrified of it (so am I), and they do nothing to correct the dog’s behavior and just tell DD6 to turn around and face the wall when the dog approaches her. So yeah, it’s great, everything’s fine. 
  • @jessabelle05 I consider swaddling mandatory. Babies have a startle reflex at first that makes it kind of impossible for them to sleep without having that snugness. Some people think their babies don't like to be swaddled, but I personally just think they're not swaddling properly #fightme lol 

    @minnie_yoga_mama We didn't do a nursery for DD3. We had her in NYC, and our bedroom was big enough to fit the glider/recliner in there, etc, so we just did that. Changed her with a pad on our dresser. Moved to CA when she was 5mo into my mom's house. Moved into our house when she was 13mo so that's when she got a fun room. 

    Estimated due date/ weeks + days: 25+0


    Team blue/pink/green: blue

    Upcoming appointments: no but need to schedule glucose test for between 26-28 weeks

    How are you feeling? today was a good day

    Rants/raves: Rave - My mom, DD3 and I drove out to the east bay today because I needed to do a TSA pre-check interview (for like no reason because we almost certainly have to cancel our Hawaii trip at this point), and we went to two different vegan spots, and DD3 was SO excited everything was safe for her. I got a really yummy mustard fried "chicken" sandwich thing. And DD3 was really cooperative the whole day despite no nap. Rant? I don't know, DH seems to be losing his mind tonight lol he just took a chunk out of his foot just walking around the house not looking up from his phone.

    Questions: natm
  • @doxiemoxie212 What is a TSA pre-check interview? I’m going to be flying next week so just wondering if that’s something I should do/consider.

    Speaking of TSA, how do those security scanners at the airport work? Is that safe during pregnancy, or should I opt for a pat-down instead? (I know it’s not like an X-ray, but I don’t know what it really is.)

    @minnie_yoga_mama I totally know what you mean about being apart from your husband! This year we spent two nights apart for the first time since we got married, and I was not a fan!

    Estimated due date/weeks + days: Apr 19/23+0


    Team blue/pink/green: 💙💙💙

    Upcoming appointments: After New Year’s 

    How are you feeling? Pretty good, feeling so movement lately! 🥰

    Rant: We went out to a movie last night (Spider-Man) at a bistro-type theater where we’ve had a very good experience in the past, but they were off their game or something. They started taking food orders later than usual and were very disruptive when they brought people their food during the movie (usually all food is delivered before the previews are done). And they COMPLETELY FORGOT about my food until my husband went to go ask about it. I didn’t get my fish tacos until an hour and a half into the movie, and I was one hangry pregnant lady! We complained after the movie, and they gave us 6 free movie passes.

    Rave: Just a goofy moment at breakfast this morning. My husband has been jokingly guessing “grapefruit” as the baby’s size every week for months, and this week he was right! 😆

    Questions: Those of you having Braxton Hicks, what do they feel like? I’ve been occasionally feeling a sort of heaviness/tightening in my uterus that is not painful at all. I didn’t think much of it and didn’t even know you could have BH this early until some of you started mentioning it.
    Me: 30 // Hubs: 31
    Married May 2019
    Baby #1 due April 19, 2022
  • @jessabelle05 My plan is to try swaddling and if baby doesn’t like it, we’ll just not do it. From what I’ve heard, some babies love it and others hate it.

    @robbenson I’m totally there with you on the heartburn! 🥵 So far I haven’t really found any solutions that work so I’m planning to ask my OB during my next appointment!

    @dinomeetsjedi That’s so cool that you found that group!! I would love to find or start something like that in my area!!! Hubby and I go for hikes/wet walks/naturey things all the time, but we haven’t found any friends around here who like to do those same things! How did you find this group?

    @aloha_mama Sorry to hear about the stress at your in-laws. It’s so hard to juggle boundaries and hurt feelings when everyone’s version of being “careful” looks so different. How long will you be living there before you head over to CA?

    @missa_lyssa I had to fly when I was at 10 weeks, and the workers all assured me at the airport there wasn’t any kind of radiation or x-rays used in the scanners and was safe for pregnant people. However, being in my first trimester, I opted to be patted down just to be extra cautious. It was very quick, both times they got a female TSA worker to do it, and I would definitely opt for that option again if I were in the same situation. 

    Braxton Hicks isn’t painful at all, it just feels like my belly is getting really tight, like it’s vacuum sealing around the baby. Or kind of like a muscle is contracting without me making the effort to contract it. Usually it’s lopsided for me and there’s a large lump on one side that I assume is the baby that my uterus is wrapping around. I’ve been noticing these for a couple months now, usually after baby kicks for a while!

  • Estimated due date/ weeks + days:  April 8 / 24+5


    Team blue/pink/green: Pink

    Upcoming appointments:  Glucose test appt in Jan

    How are you feeling?  Rants/raves :  Putting these categories together.  Currently feeling terrible.  I just got diagnosed with Flu A after DS4 had been sick for several days and we finally got him into the doctor (they think he's on the tail end of the flu) so since I had a few symptoms I figured I'd go to urgent care to get checked.  Yeah- Flu A.  Which means no more work this week - and this is THE BUSIEST WEEK OF THE YEAR.  AND I don't get to go down to see family for Christmas.  All of this is truly the icing of the cake of a sh!tty month.  We've been slammed at the barber shop, our one employee has been on a 2.5 week vacation, then our son got sick so we had to stay home off and on with him, covid canceled the Christmas festival I've been working on for months, now I have the flu.  This week of the year is one of those weeks that can make your entire fiscal quarter in the barber/beauty industry- and I am missing it.  I had to cancel probably 50 appointments.  It's unfair, I'm pissed, I feel like crap, and I just want to lay down and cry but my house is a mess so I can't.

    Questions: none
    IAmPregnant Ticker
  • @shlecks Oof, that all sucks so bad! I hope you feel better soon and your business isn’t too badly impacted. 

    Update to my check-in: last night I officially reached that point where sleeping on my back has become uncomfortable, but rolling over from side to side is a tonnnn of effort. And there’s 16 more weeks to get bigger 😱
  • @minnie_yoga_mama Thankfully we’re only here until the 26th and then we drive back to my parents’ house until February. My parents are a lot more careful with everything and never take their eyes off her so I truly feel like I can relax with them.

    @missa_lyssa BH aren’t painful, if they are then you need to call your OB because they could be actual contractions! They mostly just feel like tightening and sometimes, I think depending on how baby is positioned, it can make it a little more difficult for me to take a full deep breath. It’s the uterus’ way of “warming up” for the real thing. I tend to notice them more when I’m tired, dehydrated, or baby has been particularly active. 

    @monstera13 I hear you on rolling over! I was just telling DH that I don’t sleep as well now and I feel like the main culprit is the fact that rolling over is so difficult I have to come fully awake to haul my body onto the other side lol
  • @jessabelle05 We don't swaddle... we bedshare with our babies, and it's not considered safe to swaddle when they are in your bed

    @minnie_yoga_mama We never did nurseries... we've moved a fair bit and always prefer smaller spaces, plus, as I mentioned above, we keep the kids in our bed, so it always seemed pointless to have a room for them

    @aloha_mama Ugh, that sounds so stressful! We're also super careful, and it bothers me so much when people don't seem to understand why. Sorry you have to deal with that over the holidays

    @missa_lyssa Oooh I would've been so hangry too! 

    @shlecks Oh no - hope you feel better soon!
  • Estimated due date/ weeks + days: Apr 5, 25 weeks


    Team blue/pink/green: Blue

    Upcoming appointments: Did my glucose test this morning; next midwife is in the new year

    How are you feeling? Pretty good - like others, it's getting harder to roll over, but that seems pretty normal lol... I've been having a fair amount of low back and pubic bone pain, but have been doing RMT, chiro, acupuncture, physio, etc. and it seems to be working

    Rants/raves: Some of our highways that were damaged last month just reopened, so we should be able to go to our cabin for the holidays... but now there is a winter storm series moving in, and the roads might be a disaster by the end of the week anyways :(

  • @minnie_yoga_mama we shared a room with DS3 until he was 18 months maybe? Then it was too much even with the separation curtain we had up-we couldn't leave the room without him waking. Then he went straight to sharing a room with DS6. 

    @jessabelle05 we'll swaddle, assuming he likes it. DS6 was loving it (but rolled super early) and DS3 did not care at all. 

    @dinomeetsjedi that is so awesome about the mom's group. Meeting other moms is hard. 

    @aloha_mama sounds like living with your in-laws is working out swimmingly, lol. How long are you there?

    @missa_lyssa that's great about 6 free movie passes!

    @shlecks I hope you feel better soon! That's one tough week!

    Estimated due date/ weeks + days: April 29/ 21+ 4


    Team blue/pink/green: blue!

    Upcoming appointments: Not til January. Telehealth first then the glucose appt later in the month. I did get PT settled and go three times in January! 

    How are you feeling? My pubic symphysis is better-I must have just really overdone it the weekend before I couldn't walk. I still am trying to take it easy and always wear shoes, but its hard! someone else said they waffle between ravenous and full-I am the same! I think it might have something to do with pooping-TMI sorry. Like I can't eat a lot if I haven't pooped in a day or two and somtimes I go that long.

    Rants/raves: took kiddos up north to an aquarium/science center thing, and they LOVED it. It was a lot of driving though, and we were gone for quite awhile. Turns out its pretty similar to the museum we have down here so now we know, and we don't have to drive 1.5 hours to get to this one. Trying to take advantage of the fact that my school is off early and not everyone else is before next week when things get SLAMMED and there are too many people at indoor places. VT is doing pretty well compared to most places but DS3 is obviously not vaccinated so trying not to go to places packed with out of towners here for skiing. Rant: I still have shopping to do, mostly for stockings, and I don't want to go to the stores before Christmas! There are too many people!

  • @jessabelle05 if I had an uber sleepy baby (my niece was to a fault as a newborn) then I might not swaddle. But… that has definitely not been my experience 😆 so I do plan on swaddling. 

    Estimated due date/ weeks + days: April 16 23+3

    FTM/STM/TTM+: 4TM 

    Team blue/pink/green: 💚

    Upcoming appointments: telehealth next week

    How are you feeling? Yesterday I felt like I was back in first tri with nausea and fatigue. Otherwise just tired, and my low back is giving me some trouble. Then again, my posture has been bad for awhile now because if I’m half reclined and slouching I can feel baby move better haha. 

    Rants/raves: How is it the week before Christmas?

  • @aloha_mama I was cracking up at your post. I totally have relatives like that and I usually get through it by drinking way too much wine- obv not really an option this year though!

    @shlecks that sounds like such a crappy situation. Fingers crossed you will all feel better in a few days and be able to at least have a nice Christmas. Really sucks to be missing out on holiday money but hopefully some your regulars will wait it out for a week until you can reopen. 

    @jessabelle05 I swaddled both my little ones and it was a life saver in the first few months. I am horrible at swaddling though so totally reccomend a fool-proof swaddle like a miracle blanket or something!

    Estimated due date/ weeks + days: 23+2


    Team blue/pink/green: pink 

    Upcoming appointments: check up Thursday that will hopefully clear me from bed rest so I can resume my elf duties with 48 hours on the clock! I’ve been sneakily breaking bed rest a few times to wrap batches of presents.

    How are you feeling? Good overall, over being on bed rest and starting to have some heartburn like others have mentioned. With DD7 I had awful heartburn and she was born with a full head of hair and she has the absolute best hair still. DD4 no heartburn and she was straight bald until 12 months- her hair is amazing now though, so I’m thinking this baby will have a full head of hair too. Genetics are super weird. 

    Rants/raves: The news is making me sad. I really feel for everyone who is Covid right now and everyone who has to cancel holidays, vacations, etc. I can’t believe we are still dealing with this crap and I want to slap my friends who aren’t vaccinated. I’m finding it hard not to hold them personally accountable for the fact that we are all still dealing with this shiz! Grateful as usual to live in California where we can still do so much outside and away from others even when numbers are getting worse. 

    I know laying on the left is the reccomended position, but does anyone feel like their integestion is way worse when on the left? I am 100% more comfortable on the right so I will probably just stick with that. I also sleep on my back still sometimes 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • @missa_lyssa scanners are totally safe. TSA pre-check allows you to go through security faster, but it takes more than a month to get it (we had to sign up a few weeks ago, and it'll take 2-3 weeks for our approval to go through).
  • 22 weeks 4 days

    Team Pink

    Next appointment moved due to Covid to Jan 6th

    Feeling/Rants/raves: I hate Covid. But vaccines seem helpful. I am a lot better off than I was last go around in March 2020. On a side note our entire daycare has closed down due to outbreak and will not reopen till Jan 3rd. Every day they were getting new cases. Crazy because they are more strict than schools here in Texas which is why I sent her to private kindergarten this year till I could get her vaccinated. The irony is she got her second dose on Monday and was exposed Tuesday so she didn't have full immunity. In a way my plan worked she's vaccinated now. I have to say I'm at a point where I feel like there is no avoiding getting sick eventually. Maybe the covid is making me depressed, lol. I'm not saying it's not worth trying I mean thank God all of my family are vaccinated, it helped this go around for sure but I just feel very defeated. For now I'm feeling better I can almost breathe through my nose again and the baby is still moving a lot, which is reassuring.

    On a funny note of day 4 of Covid isolation, I might be sick but also sick of watching Chico bon bon and Shimmer and Shine!! Also my mom was kind enough to get every 6+ Michaels craft project available and my child is sticker by numbering a unicorn and painting a bird house that she calls a wasp nest because everytime we put one outside it turns into one. Tomorrow we have shrink a dink Christmas jewelry on the to do list. It's busy holiday times here for sure, literally a craft a day because those supplies have to last 10 days.

    @aloha_mama did enjoy your post too. Been there with some family members but I'm sure I'm their crazy left wing story as much as they are my crazy right wing one. 

    @shlecks I feel you.  December on paper was my busiest month in a build back year from 2020 and having to just watch it fall away when I was fully booked to end of year is heartbreaking. It has to feel similar. I hope you feel better soon and 2022 treats you better.

    @Ivorytower2 I actually don't think it matters which side you sleep on that much as long as it's on a side. No heartburn is probably best.

    Speaking of heartburn, it's starting already this time but last time I was due in June my birthday is in April. I saved a delicious bottle of my favorite wine a Cabernet Sauvignon from my favorite vineyard to have a small glass at the beginning of my 3rd trimester. I had one sip and it burned all the way down and I had heartburn for hours after and that's the only alcohol I had either pregnancy because it hurt so much it ruined it for me. Now I enjoy smelling my husband's beer and do not partake because of my vivid memory of the pain. I still laugh about it.

  • @rbflei the same thing happened to me with dd3!! I was like "oh 3rd tri, I'm going to have good wine every once in a while," and then bam: heartburn. -_-  But I will say that I have heartburn this time, but white wine and pilsner/kolsch (like very light style) beers have been okay and don't give me any heartburn if I don't have any already. I've been super tentative, though. Oddly beer tastes DELICIOUS to me this pregnancy, and I usually don't even love beer, so that's kind of cruel. 
  • Estimated due date/ weeks + days: April 9 / 24w + 4

    Team blue/pink/green: 💚

    Upcoming appointments: Early Jan for a check in before my week 28 appt.

    How are you feeling? Pretty good. Sleep has been somewhat hit or miss but that’s pretty normal for me. I am a stomach sleeper themough so I’ve been finding it difficult to not be able to switch to stomach and wake up having to turn over from side to side once it gets uncomfortable. Other than that - occasional heartburn and I’ve had some siatic pain that has thankfully just kind have come and gone. 

    Rants/raves: I’m currently self isolating due to being exposed to Covid. So far no symptoms and have tested neg on a rapid test but I don’t see how I couldn’t have got it (I was sitting next to the woman who tested positive for a staff holiday party). I have a pcr test scheduled Friday to double check. Either way I’m in self-isolation until after Christmas this year. Kind of puts a damper on Christmas plans. On the plus side I’ll be doing a lot more relaxing lol but it’s not as fun to relax when your basically a prisoner in your own room. Here’s hoping the vaccines do their thing and if I do get sick it’s mild (my coworkers symptoms were pretty mild but she’s not pregnant) I want baby to be okay. I also hope we managed to contain it to just me as far as our household goes (currently living with my in-laws and partner).

    On a happy note, we’re renovating our room and the baby’s room and the contractors are ahead of schedule. Everything is coming together and I’m super excited about it :) 

    Questions: To get a pregnancy sleeping pillow or not at this point? 
  • @rbflei Yep, sounds very similar to your situation and it sucks so bad.  Trying really hard to not feel sorry for myself.
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  • @minnie_yoga_mama I'm part of women's hiking groups on Facebook. Another lady just happened to post that she was pregnant, due in March and was looking for hiking buddies and a few women responded, including me! The groups I am part of are called "Utah Adventure Girls" and "Girls Who Hike/Backpack Utah" but I know both groups used to have groups for other states, too. I really like them because they are in general super supportive groups and drama free groups, especially compared to some other hiking/adventure groups I'm part of that are open to everyone.

    @doxiemoxie212 Same! I never drink beer because I usually don't like it at all but they smell and taste so good to me right now! I have had a few sips here and there because they're just so good suddenly.

    @chrsell I have the same debate constantly. Everyone keeps telling me pregnancy pillows are amazing and I'm going to need one, but at the moment I'm sleeping and feeling fine so I haven't gotten one yet. I am a little afraid that there's going to be a day where a switch flips and I'm going to really want one.
  • @aloha_mama Rant alert: I am totally relating to your in-law stresses right now. 😓 My FIL has been staying with us the past few days and my stress levels are through the roof!! I was super resistant to him staying with us because last time it was exactly the same— no respect for our COVID house rules or boundaries, walking through our house with his shoes on, not washing his hands after going at the store (never wearing a mask) and then touching everything, everywhere in our house, when we keep reminding him over and over again to do these things because there is a pregnant person living in the house trying to stay healthy! Also hubby and I have no time off left for the year to take off from work so he’s just using our house, alone, while the two of us go to work all day! This is the 4th time we’ve seen him in the months of Nov/Dec (he lives 7 states away) and he just asked yesterday to stay with us again in another month for my baby shower. 🙈 I just do not think I can take the exhaustion of the endless cleaning and picking up after him I need to do when he’s here. Hosting while pregnant is hard as it is, but it’s like triple the work during a pandemic when he’s completely resistant to any of our boundaries or precautions!
  • @minnie_yoga_mama It is so hard! I just keep reminding myself they raised DH, whom I adore, so I should at least love them for that 😂 We compromised and went to Busch Gardens at night when there were less people, but it was still really crowded and almost no one wore masks. I did and DD did but no one else in our family would, and my FIL kept disappearing and coming back with alcohol he had bought for the other adults so me and DH had to stand there and watch them drink it. The same at their house; they go to the grocery store every single morning (with no masks or hand sanitizer) and drink nothing but wine and beer and kept coming home with a ton of grocery store sushi that I probably wouldn’t have eaten even if I wasn’t pregnant, so it was a lot of me and DH just awkwardly making sandwiches and watching everyone else eat. I feel like it’s so much worse when they’re in your own house, though, because at least they should extend the courtesy of respecting your house rules (shoes in the house are a big no for me, too!). What did you tell him about next month? I know it’s super hard for me to say “no” to their faces.
  • @aloha_mama Haha that’s a very good point, they must’ve done a good job somewhere along the line to raise the men married! 😂 That whole situation sounds so awkward. It’s sweet of your hubby to not drink or eat sushi with you so you can at least share in the awkwardness together! 

    We told my FIL we’re not taking any time off from work and will be too busy preparing for the shower that weekend to have a guest— luckily my husband is pretty good with stuff like that, since I have a hard time speaking up to say no as well! His own in-laws have a house down here that he’s stayed at before when we’re unavailable to host so we’re going to really try to encourage him to use it in the future to give us our breathing room. I think new house/new baby this spring will probably be a good opportunity to transition to stricter house guest rules.
  • @doxiemoxie212 Looking this sandwich song up right now so I can make this my mantra lol I love it!
  • SmashJamSmashJam member
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    @minnie_yoga_mama I will say that people actually just stopped wanting to stay with us once we had kids because we went to bed somewhat early and everyone gets up early and our guest bedrooms are downstairs so they hear all the noise. Kids really helped with the boundaries just naturally, lol.
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