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Product Spotlight: Nursery: Rocking chairs/gliders, furniture, décor , baby monitors

I saw some talk about the Hatch and thought I'd move the nursery discussion up a few weeks and include baby monitors all in one. 
let's talk nursery: 

Nursery: Rocking chairs/gliders, changing tables? other seating? side tables? shelving? baby clothing storage? diaper storage? 

Monitors: What baby monitors do people have? What functionalities of your baby monitors do you use? WiFi-enabled apps on your phone? Connection security?

Please share!

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Re: Product Spotlight: Nursery: Rocking chairs/gliders, furniture, décor , baby monitors

  • We have an old tv stand that we use as a changing table- it's weirdly perfect.  I think I may paint it this time.  Everything else is just standard- nothing fancy.  Closet, dressers, little baskets.  

    Now monitors I really wanna hear about.  We went through SO MANY because they would just poop out on us.  I'd love to find one that was just good for the long haul.  All I need is sound and video.  
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  • I would love some advice too! 
    My plan is to have a crib, changing pad on top of a dresser, maybe a rolling side cart as a diaper station. We have a murphy bed in baby's room and may move the crib into our bedroom for the first several months.  Knowing this, the baby's room may stay the guest room until after the first rounds of family visit. In addition we have a rocking chair that originally we were going to move too but the murphy bed (down) will not fit the chair. 

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    I'd just recommend really testing the height of changing tables if you're particularly tall or particularly short. You will change a lot of diapers at first, and screwing up your back is no fun. 

    We love our glider recliner from PB Kids. We got it in a "performance fabric," and it's light grey, been pooped up, and still looks brand new 4 years later. I really loved the recliner function because we needed to do reclined nursing because I had a fast flow. It also was clutch for being comfortable if baby fell asleep while nursing or rocking and I didn't think putting her down for nap would amount to anything. 

    ETA: when I say changing table, I definitely just mean dresser. Dressers have different heights. Do people actually get just like... dedicated furniture solely to changing baby?
  • As for monitors, we have a Nest cam because a friend who works at Google gifted it to us. There are cons (you have to load an app), but you can see crystal clear in the dark and hear over the sound machine, so that's a win for us. We got a free audio-only monitor from the points from our Amazon registry? It lasted 2 years. I'm pretty sure it's dead now. But it was free, so still worth it. 

    But yeah, Hatch is mandatory. 

    We used the Bumbo changing pad which was extremely easy to wipe down. 

    I actually do recommend a wipes container of some kind because I think it makes getting wipes one handed while you wrestle feet with the other hand easier. 
  • I’m going to be getting a dresser/changing table from my sister, and I would really like a glider but haven’t found one yet. 

    We live in an apartment and feel like we will never actually be far enough from the baby to need a monitor, so we’re not planning on having one.
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  • @missa_lyssa we had DD3 in NYC in an apt and felt the same way, but there are definitely benefits - especially to video. Sometimes you want to make sure that baby is actually awake and not just making noise in their sleep - babies are REALLY noisy sleepers! Going in and waking them up when they weren't actually awake sucks. Or sometimes they randomly sleep a long time and you just want to make sure they're still alive lol and not risk waking them up!
  • Rocking chairs- I prefer the glider. Go to a store that lets you try them all out. Some are suuuper comfy for some but not others. Read reviews to make sure they don’t get squeaky or pinch fingers. 

    Changing table- I don’t have one. I got the keekeeroo changing peanut on top of our IKEA bookshelf and it’s the perfect height and not a piece of furniture that won’t have a purpose in 1 year. And the keekeeroo wipes clean and it’s amazing. I love that changing peanut. 

    Most of our funiture came from a combo of pottery barn kids, crate and kids and ikea. 

    Camera: Nanit! Omg I love them. I have two (one for each kid) and I love that it’s on my phone. When I’m out of town I can watch my babies sleep like a freaking creeper. I don’t need another piece of machinery that will crap out. And the Nanit lasts- the one from my 3 year old is going strong. And their sleep technology to let you know when baby falls asleep is soooooo helpful those first 6-8 months. 
  • @missa_lyssa we started out with a basic monitor (sound only) and barely used it with DD6. Gave it away and didn’t use one at all with DS4. It was never an issue for us, even in a 2000 sq ft house. 
  • Idk the brand but we have a reclining glider from Buy Buy Baby that I bought before DD6 was born. Loaned it out for a while so it’s been through 3 kids and is still in great condition. It was definitely a splurge but one I recommend making. With my first I didn’t have anything like that and my back would hurt SO BAD staying up trying to nurse/feed my oldest in bed. Definitely recommend trying them out in person and getting an easy to clean material if you can. Even if you manage to keep up with baby spit up, toddlers are savages, and they will sneak markers to make messes. 😑 Also used the reclining feature way more than I ever suspected I would! 

    At our old house we had a nursery set up with a basic changing dresser/changing pad. This time I’m looking at a Moses basket kind of thing that I can carry around the house wherever I need it but won’t look super janky. We have an open storage space under our coffee table that currently holds our board game collection. I’m going to have to move that out of the twins’ reach anyway so I figure I’ll find a new cabinet for that, store the basket underneath, and then carry it around as needed. Also plan on buying another one of those ikea carts to keep baby items handy. Diapers, wipes, extra outfits, breastfeeding snacks, etc. 

    I know these babies are going to need some kind of dresser because we’re maxed out if cabinet space. Keeping my eye out on marketplace for something solid— I’d rather do a wood polish stain or add a coat of paint than spend full price or buy something new but cheaply made. 

    Still trying to figure out our sleeping arrangements though. We used a small sidecar sleeper for our last two until I felt comfortable bed sharing with them. But I don’t think there’s any way the twins will both fit, and both DD6 and DS4 have a habit of wandering into our bed between 3-4 am. I don’t want them squishing the twins, but the thought of actually having to get all the way up out of bed to grab them in the middle of the night while recovering postpartum (because who has functioning abs after pushing out a baby, let alone 2?) sounds like hell. I’d like to do a full sized crib as a sidecar but I don’t think our bedroom is big enough. I may just end up sleeping with them in the pull-out daybed (it turns into a king) in my husband’s office because he isn’t working from home anymore.
  • Like many others we didn't have a changing table, just a changing pad on the dresser. (we have the skip hop one you can wipe down). We also had a cart (i think it was from the container store) for diapers and wipes, we kept that in the top along with diaper cream

    our rocker/glider has a recline feature, we got it from a local baby store, but I definitely recommend trying them out and sitting for a while in different positions. DH and I are about a foot apart in height, so we focused on what I would be most comfortable in/with (for both the rocker and the changing pad height) 

    We have a small side table next to the rocker. It hold a lamp and the white noise machine. It was also good to have it close for water, etc when feeding DS as an infant. 

    For the monitor we have the infant optics dxr-8 and it works well for us. it has been going strong for 2+years. it is not wi-fi enabled and i've been fine with that. I do wish I had the option to record and see what happens over night, but that is a new/recent development. 

    TTC#1 10/2016
    TTC/IF:included medicated cycles, IUIs and 2 rounds of IVF with 1 embryo each. 
    BFP finally in 12/2018

    TTC#2 06/2021
    planning FET

    "Some days are diamonds, some days are rocks,
    some doors are open, some roads are blocked" 

  • Ditto to everyone using a changing pad on a dresser, because who has room for another piece of furniture?? The pad is wipeable, but we also put a cover on that we can throw in the washer for poopsplosions. Once the baby gets stronger and more squirmy, I move the pad to the floor for changing. 

    We used a crib with DS4 that converted from a crib to toddler bed to a now full size bed. We’re going to get him a new bed frame and turn the convertible piece back into a crib for this baby. Here’s the link if anyone is still looking for a crib. 

    We had a rocking chair/recliner with DS4, but I honestly didn’t use it much and we don’t have it anymore. It was more comfortable for me to prop myself up on the couch for BFing and cuddling. 

    We had a somewhat cheap video/audio monitor with DS4, so I’m looking forward to seeing the new models. 
  • Monitors - we started with the infant optics and really liked it. It was super easy to pack up and take with us on vacation/family visits and had a super far range. We dropped the monitor too many times though and the antenna snapped off so we had to get a new monitor for at home. We still take it camping with us whenever we have plug in power (long story short he is not to be trusted alone in our camper). For a new monitor we went with the Arlo baby (wifi). The visuals on it are super clear and we like that it records little clips for us for free. I have video proof of DS5 throwing poop on the ground that I'm never going to let him live down. You can also turn off the screen on your phone and still get sound, which was a requirement for us. We have Arlo security cams for the rest of our house security so it fits in nicely with everything. 

    I will second what @doxiemoxie212 says - I really loved being able to creep on him without going in there. Maybe he was crying but I could see him getting settled into his favorite sleeping position so I'd know not to go in. Or yes in the weird situation when they sleep forever I can zoom in and see he's still breathing. I still have it in his room and he's 5 now. I don't really use it anymore but I'll occasionally use it when he's sick to keep an extra eye on him or when my nephew is over because they are absolute monsters together. 

    Changing tables - we got the attachment that goes on top of the dresser and used that as our main changing table. We were lucky enough that his bedroom was right off of our main living space so it was easy to take him in there for changing. We didn't have any portable stations around the house. We're going to have to figure something out this time around since we're in a different house. I have a half bookshelf that I think might work perfect and then put a changing pad on top of it for downstairs. We will have the other dresser/changing table in the nursery upstairs. 

    Gliders - we had this glider, it worked ok. But I severely underestimated the amount of time that I would spend in that chair and after a while it was not very comfortable at all. Especially on the nights when they are sick and will only sleep on your chest. Not a fun time. So this time I'm looking into something that is much comfier and reclines. I also found the separate foot stool annoying. I was always tripping over it and never knew where to put it. I'll be trying out chairs in store as much as possible to make a decision. We have electric reclining couches and they are amazing so I'd like to get the same thing for the glider. But that jacks up the price quite significantly.

    I also regretted not having an end table next to the glider. There was a lot of times I'd be sitting there thinking "I wish I had..." which could have been easily stored there. Like fingernail clippers when they are passed out, or a wipe for spitup, etc. So I'll be looking for a little table to put next to me with a nightlight & hatch.
  • For those who have a monitor that connects to phone like Arlo or Nest, is that annoying? Like I like to use my phone at night and I’d rather have a separate screen just for the monitor.I think it would be nice to also have on my phone if I’m out and about or something but it would annoy me at home. Is there an option to get a second screen?
  • @Ivorytower2 I don’t find it annoying at all. It’s an app that alerts me if their is noise or motion. I like not staring at it 24/7 and opening it as I wish, but it’s also to have the alerts. But depending on the size of house you have, you likely will hear if they wake or move too much even without a monitor. 
  • @Ivorytower2 a little, yes. Depends how often you want to check it. I load it just to check it. Going to another app at all means that I have to reload the video - it won't just cycle back immediately when I click back. I just purchased a Google Home screen thing, but it turns out it doesn't work with the old gen camera I have for DD3, so I'm going to return it. Nest cams are really for house surveillance, though, so we only went with it since we got it for free.
  • @Ivorytower2 I can pull up my Arlo on my phone or ipad (what I typically use). My husband can also pull it up on his phone. You can switch out of the app and still hear sounds while not actively watching the video stream. It will turn off the sound if you start watching videos through any other app though.
  • @Blondesweety444 I like the look of the Arlo but can’t find it anywhere! Any suggestions? Most places say they don’t sell it anymore.
  • SmashJamSmashJam member
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    We used to have a Nest but now use a UniFi device which is similar(husband is tech person). It works with an app and I just pull it up as needed, but it would stay up on a tablet or phone if I wanted it to, I'd just have to plug it in and put it on a kick stand.

    We also have an Amazon Echo Kids with a Glow, which is great for the older kids with podcasts and stories and music at bed but also I can yell at them through it, lol. We can do the whole alarm setting thing so the light changes and plays a song when it's wake up time. 

    I have a rocking chair that sucks. Storkcraft I think?  I didn't nurse for long but the arms weren't high enough to be helpful with that and it's hard to sit with more than one kid in it which is a thing in my house. It's not super easy to sit up straight either-i feel like I'm leaning all the time. This time I'm getting an actual recliner and H will get it when we're done in the nursery (maybe). 

    We have a dresser/changing table but will get a bigger dresser this time and just change him on top, so it grows with him. DS3 has the one from DS6 and his clothes are outgrowing it for sure. 

    I was not a bassinet believer because DS6 was a perfect sleeper anf was in the crib immediately, but DS3 was awful and having him next to the bed was great. Even though this new LO will be in a nursery attached to us, I'll still do it. 

    Crib wise, I the only advice I have is make sure the legs are placed so that you can drop the mattress to the floor when (if) your kid starts crawling out. I found some cool modern looking cribs with slanted legs and when H pointed out that the mattress wouldn't drop easily they got taken off the list. This was key because DS3 threw himself out of the crib at 11 months and we were not toddler bedding at that point.  Also make sure if you spend $400 on a crib all the conversion shit for the toddler bed comes with it! 

    Whew that was a book! Sorry!

  • We have the infant optics also. And then got a second set so we could monitor DS4 in one room and his brothers in another with the same monitor. We changed out the lens for a wider one in the big boys room so we can see most of the room at once, but can make the camera swivel remotely too. Also has an intercom function that is helpful - startles the kid the first time you call out “get back in bed!” from the sky 😉. 

    My dad made a dresser for me with our first to match the crib I picked out. And we designed it to be the size for our changing pad to fit, with raised edges to prevent the pad from slipping. We used fabric covers that are easy enough to change and wash and warmer than just the plastic pad. So I used that with the first 2. 

    Then we moved when DS6 was a year and the dresser went upstairs to their room and I just used the changing pad on the floor in the living room downstairs, keeping diapers and supplies in a small end table thing with drawers. Shortly after Ds4 was born I sprained my ankle and so I kept my supplies in the side pocket of our PnP and did all changes there so I could leave him safely to go hop my way to a sink. (The transition to 3 kids was fine, but crutches and a newborn is chaotic. I do not recommend it)

    9 years ago when I was researching gliders it seemed like even the more expensive ones had bad reviews about squeaking, so I went with this one from a local furniture store. (It was half the price then - my ILs gave me $300 and I managed to find a hardwood crib and this glider to fit within that). I think it’s UGLY but it fit me so perfectly and comfortably. A long and smooth glide. And you can glide while reclining. Which is incredibly soothing so don’t do that if you’re tempted to fall asleep while holding baby. It did develop squeaks and issues but my dad is very handy and I just had him keep it going for me. By the time DS4 was a toddler it had a permanent tilt though, so I need to figure out what to replace it with. I think I’d rather have something that will fit in with our living room furniture too. 
  • Two things to add to this:

    Cameras/monitors - seems old fashioned, but we really like having both a nice audio-only monitor, and a separate camera.  Its very nice using the audio portion to wake us up, then being able to check the video feed only when needed.

    A good baby audio monitor (like this one we love) is really small, has a huge range, and has a lot of nice features.

    For the camera, we have a few of these.  We've had Ring cameras and these are just as good but for pennies - we also have them outdoors, etc.  The low-light sensitivity is amazing and ability to pan/tilt is excellent once they start roaming.

    Only other thing to mention is that we absolutely agree with the "dresser as changing table" idea.  No disposable furniture, top drawer keeps all the supplies at hand and out of sight till you need them.

    We got a nice dresser we hope to keep a long time, and absolutely love these things for the top of it.  This has been our go-to shower gift for friends too: Max & John, LLC - Clever Products for Clever Kids (maxandjohn.com)

    Hope this helps!
  • Crib and dressers we got from target with the registry discount and it is still going strong and wouldn't be weird for an older kid or teenager to have as their furniture.

    Monitor, we have infant optics and the battery is absolute crap. It can't last more than a minute off the charge cable. We are looking at options now but originally avoided wifi monitors but those seem like the best options for multiples.
  • Basically just chiming in as usual and agreeing with everyone else, but I think changing tables are a scam so don’t even bother. We got DD6 a big, low dresser with plenty of space on top for a changing pad (have multiple covers in case you have a Code Brown all over it) and all her accoutrements. I made the mistake of putting the basket full of diaper creams and lotions on the side closest to her crib and came to regret it the day I went to get her from a nap and she had Jackson Pollocked her walls, crib, mattress, carpet, and self with a very expensive (and luckily organic/safe to be ingested) lotion bar. 

    We had a Poang chair from IKEA in her room, it didn’t really bother me because the only times I used it was to nurse her at night and to read stories before bedtime, so the discomfort of the wooden arms helped keep
    me awake. The majority of my breastfeeding was done in our living room. I would love to get a glider this time, though. Furniture shopping in Hawaii is really difficult but we’re living near an IKEA now so things will hopefully be a lot easier and more affordable. 

    I don’t remember what brand we used but we had a baby monitor that was Wi-Fi enabled so I could watch her while I was at work. It helped a lot with pumping because just looking at her sleeping increased my letdown. We also live really far from family so I liked that they could tune in to see what she was up to. It was all password protected and I had an old iPhone that I only used for the monitor at night so I didn’t have to use my own phone. Around two years or so we switched to an old-school audio monitor, which we still use because I’m paranoid something will happen in the middle of the night. 

    Cribs, we had one from Babies-R-Us that converted to a toddler bed and a twin bed when she was ready— the front long side comes off for the toddler and the mattress drops down low. We put a pool noodle under her sheets for a soft little railing so she didn’t fall out of the bed when she graduated to the toddler mode. We used it until she was five and then our neighbors got pregnant and we gave it to them and DD6 got a big-girl, loft bed. The crib was so ugly but I liked the concept of it— I’m very short and the mattress could be raised pretty high up while baby is still small so I didn’t have to worry about reaching in and getting her in and out. 
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    @aloha_mama we got our Arlo baby from Costco. I just went and looked at their website and they just list Walmart as a seller. But when you go to Walmart it’s not available. I wonder if they quit making them? Which is very sad cuz I was gunna get another one! But I guess in that case we just move DS5s over to the baby room instead. 

    ETA: I suspect they are wanting you to just buy the indoor camera that you have to pay the subscription for. The Arlo baby doesn’t make you pay a monthly subscription and it will save clips for 7 days for free (which is why we did it). What a bummer because we really liked that product!
  • Question on best set up:

    We have a 2 story house. All bedrooms are upstairs and main living spaces are downstairs. I have one pack n play that has an attached changing station. I also have one swing, but might be a bit too big at newborn stage. 

    Should I:
    1) put pack and play in master room for ease of sleeping and middle of the night diaper changes. Figure out a napping/portable changing situation for downstairs. I have a dog and a wild 5 year old so I don’t want him just napping on the floor all the time. But I also don’t want to be stuck human matressing anytime we are downstairs. 
    2) buy a bassinet for the master bedroom. Walk down the hallway for diaper changes and MOTN feedings. I don’t think this is as bad of an option as it sounds because I could change diaper and nurse in the rocking chair while letting DH get some sleep. And then come back to master room for sleeping. Then I could put the pack n play downstairs for sleeping and diaper changing. 
  • @Blondesweety444 I would do the pack and play downstairs. We have the same situation and you change diapers so often and need a safe place to put the baby throughout the day. Get some kind of bassinet or less fancy pack and play for sleeping.
    Also, depending on the diaper situation, you can change them in the bassinet in the middle of the night (like a quick pee diaper)
  • I hadn’t thought about using the bassinet for changing 🤦🏼‍♀️  Easy! Done!  Thanks @robbenson!
  • There was a lot of discussion about the Hatch a few weeks ago. They're doing a free mini with your order right now. I figured the mini would be nice for traveling or putting in another room of the house.
  • For anyone still looking for a rocker/glider I just got this one and it’s so awesome. Super comfortable, reclines with attached foot rest or rocks when not reclined, and it looks really nice (could be used as a regular chair down the line). Also if you use the 20% Buy Buy Baby coupon, it drops $100 off the price.

    It arrived about two weeks after I ordered it.

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