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GTKY Tuesday - 12/14

If you could sit and have lunch with any 3 people, living or dead, who would you choose to have lunch with? 

Re: GTKY Tuesday - 12/14

  • 1. My real dad. He was killed in a horrible accident when I was only 3 months old. I have SO many unanswered questions. 

    2. My Grandaddy. He and I were so close and I miss him everyday. DS middle name is after him. 

    3. Reese Witherspoon. She’s my spirit animal. 😂 I feel like the food would be deliciously southern and the laughs would be plenty. 
  • My mom's best friend. 

    TW: Suicide Mentioned
    She died of suicide when I was in college and no one saw it coming. I have so many questions for her and would really just love to see her one more time. 

    The Obamas (technically two people, but I'm going to say they come as a pair). I really enjoyed both their biographies and would love to spend a couple of hours picking their brains. 

    Adele. I feel like she'd be so much fun and spill some tea while drunk. I'm always down for a laugh with a side of good gossip. 
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  • I’m sorry to hear about your dad and granddaddy @MrsLaLaBug.

    I would love to have lunch with my dad. He passed away 2 months before our daughter was born.

    I would also love to talk with my grandmother (my dad’s side) and my grandfather (my mom’s side). They both passed away long before I was born.
  • I never know how to answer these questions because in all honesty I’d probably not really talk and just sit back and watch. If that’s the case, I’d want to pick the most dramatic or controversial people possible and watch the chaos unfold 😂 
    but if I have to be serious I’d probably pick R.C. Sproul (theologian), George Washington and…idk I go back and forth between someone like the historian Josephus or someone entertaining from modern popular culture 
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    Oh gosh…such a thought provoking question.

    1. A round table with my grandparents. Both grandfathers passed well before i was born and then both grandmothers were lost by the time i was 10. 

    2. Princess Diana. I’ve always been captivated by her and the royals. 

    3. Oprah. She’s just met so many people and probably has the best stories and conversations to share. 

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  • 1. My grandparents. I feel like they died before I thought it was “cool” to get to know them. 

    2. Blake Lively because I honestly just have the biggest girl crush on her and would love to hang out with her. 

    3. Any of the founding fathers. I’m not a history buff but think it would be so cool to hear what it was really like. 
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  • @And846 omg yessss to Princess Diana!! I have a replica of her sapphire ring and it’s my most treasured piece of jewelry. My wedding bouquet was Princess Diana roses. She’s always been captivating to me, too.  
    @b_1029 Blake is my other favorite girl crush besides Reese! 
  • @And846 ohhh Princess Diana is a good one!!! 
  • 1. My mom - she was actually my grandmother, but she raised me; she passed away in 2012 suddenly and it felt like a lot of things were left unsaid.

    2. My dad - he passed away when I was 2, I heard so many stories about this huge Marine who fought in every war from WWII to Vietnam, going from grunt to officer, and had a heart attack when they took him out of the field and put him behind a desk in D.C.

    3. Lady Alix of Wanthwaite - she was a "concubine" of King Richard the Lionhearted, and led a fascinating life through the Crusades and onward. I read the books about her when I was a teenager, and just found them again recently. They're just as fascinating now as they were then. 
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