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Product Spotlight: Strollers

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  • I’m DED at that meme! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  •   😂😂 That meme!  
    We have too many strollers already after 2 kids, but I think we might splurge and buy an easier light weight stroller that our car seat fits on.  I have my eyes set on the nuna trvl because we have the nuna car seat but it is so expensive. 

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  • We have one of the convertible graco strollers that works as a pram, has a car seat insert, and a toddler seat. We’re reusing DS’s infant car seat for this baby. Now I’m just hoping we can find all the parts because dude even the cheap strollers are expensive 😅
  • We have the Britax B-Ready travel system with the Britax B-Safe infant car seat. It worked so so well for us with DD. My DH and i each had a base in our car and could easily click the car seat from one car to the other. It was easy to use with stroller as well. Just need to pull out car seat and make sure it is still in timeframe to continue use.  

    I’m sad they discontinued the system we have because you can easily convert it to a double stroller but with DD being almost 4 by baby’s birth…would i really need a double stroller? The only time i can imagine her in a stroller is at Disney. 

    So…are there any CHEAP double strollers on the market for quickie trips? 
  • @And846 if you’re okay with used, check out your local Facebook marketplace! Lots of gems on there for secondhand items or ones that don’t need to meet super high infant standards.
  • @And846 this reminds me that I need to somehow figure out which Britax we have to see if we can convert it to a double. We got a travel system also and it was so convenient for daycare pickup and drop off since DH and I both did it and each had a base in our car. 

    DH’s parents also gave us a Bob since DH occasionally runs and the idea was to get the 2 of them out of the house. We hardly ever use it but i love how much easier it handles all the crazy bumps on our sidewalk than the Britax does. 
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  • I never did the cool jogging stroller or the bulky travel system or the fancy swanky stroller either time before. I got a snap n go and it was SO EASY and SO light and so not bulky that I never looked back. 😂 
  • Is the Uppababy Vista worth the hype? I see it recommended all over the place and I do love the look of it. Does anyone have one? Do you love it or is it meh?

  • Any double stroller recommendations? DD will be 2 when LO arrives. Currently we have the graco system for DD but open to other brands.
  • @karisahamdi I love our Vista, but it's big, and heavy, that's the only downside (which doesn't bother me that much)  We've traveled internationally with it and I don't regret any second of that. I love the huge storage basket underneath, I always put coats, water bottles, and my diaper bag underneath. 
  • @karisahamdi

    I have a vista and its great.  Definitly recommendThe basket is amazing and can hold almost a full weeks groceries so is great for using instead of the shopping cart at the supermarket. 

     I forget though, do you need it as a double?  The seat limits and sizes are different, so keep in mind if you need it as a double, the kiddo in the front/lower seat can only be so big.  My 2 yr old fits still but probably in 6 months if I wanted her in the front, I'd probably have to have her face inward.  Otherwise I could put the car seat in front instead.  I've successfully used it as a triple plenty of times with 2 yr old in front, almost 5 yr old on top and a friend on the piggyback board.  

    I like the vista but just keeping in mind that if your 2 yr old is tall, it might only work with them in the front seat the first 6 months or so.  Then have to put the baby in the front seat because it is a smaller seat than the top.  I've heard the baby jogger select has 2 same sized seats but the fold isn't quite as good.  If you want side by side look at the baby jogger GT 
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    @third2022 so, on the vista, did you find it super bothersome that the baby has to be on the bottom due to the seat weight limits, etc? To me, I don't think I would care, and I don't think DD would mind (or kick the bottom seat), and I feel like with her being 3.5 when he's born, the kickboard would be more appealing anyway. 

    Basically, the biggest complaint I hear about the Vista is that the big kid goes top, and I'm curious if that was true for you and it really was a hassle.
  • @karisahamdi I love our vista… especially the bassinet attachment for the first couple months. I can’t tell you how many long walks I went on with my first where he just slept in that for an hour or more at a time. It is super pricey, but I use it all the time and plan to as well with our second. It pushes super easily and the basket under holds ton. I’ve found it totally fine to travel with. It can be a bit bulky, but I always am happy I have it once I arrive somewhere!

    Super helpful to read about using it with two kids @third2022. Thank you!

    I found my Bob on Craigslist and have also loved it. I second the Facebook Marketplace / second hand recommendation. 

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    So my kids are 2.9 years apart.  So I had the bucket seat on top, and the big kid on the bottom briefly but bottom barely had head clearance, then switched and had the baby in front parent facing pretty reclined and the big kid parent facing on top.  Otherwise the big one would definitly have been able to kick the baby or I wouldn't have been able to see the baby at all.  Not totally ideal.  I think if the older one was 3.5 and more trustworthy a kickboard would have been fine most of the time and then get a side by side double for longer trips (city mini GT double or zoe double).  But I definitly don't regret the has gotten a ton of use.

    If you want to use the basinett you will have to put it on the bottom to use the top seat parent facing and it requires an extra set of adapters i think.   I tried putting it on top once, but it was not a good set up at all. 

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