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Weekly Check-in Week of 12/13

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Re: Weekly Check-in Week of 12/13

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  • Estimated due date/ weeks + days: 4/28, 20+5 (DH has been singing the chorus of Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ on a Prayer” at me all week: “OHHHHH WE’RE HALFWAY THERRRRRE”)


    Team blue/pink/green: Green!

    Upcoming appointments: Thursday with my “new” OB, hopefully get a cervical measurement since I’m overdue for one

    How are you feeling? Pretty good— I get tired really fast at around 3 or 4 pm but the first part of the day I’m pretty productive. Maybe once or twice a week baby has super active days where I just get Braxton Hicks all day long, but nothing super painful or distracting. 

    Rants/raves: DH got to feel baby move for the first time last week ❤️ I know it must be hard for him to emotionally connect with the baby when he isn’t able to be very involved at this point other than watch ultrasound videos. He was ecstatic! Second time having an anterior placenta but maybe this one is more active than DD was, because he hardly ever got to feel her move until I was well into the third trimester. I got pretty emotional about it, which isn’t saying much because I get emotional about everything these days (cried over a Bluey episode this morning, nbd), but it was definitely a super special moment. 

  • Estimated due date/ weeks + days: April 16, 22+3

    FTM/STM/TTM+: 4TM 

    Team blue/pink/green: 💚

    Upcoming appointments: telehealth, end of the year 

    How are you feeling? Tired. And I don’t want to do anything I need to do 😛 

    Rants/raves: DS4 is a terrible snuggler and always has been, but feels the need to cuddle with me a couple times a day. It was one of those times, and I’m trying to keep him from squashing my belly flat, when he turns around and pats my bump and says with awe, “he’s growing.”

  • Estimated due date/ weeks + days: 24+1


    Team blue/pink/green: blue

    Upcoming appointments: I have to do the glucose test sometime between 26-28 weeks at Quest Diagnostics (last time I could just do it at my OB's office which was 2 blocks from my apt)

    How are you feeling? Eh. Pain has been okay the last two days so it will probably be terrible today lol. I've been doing more pilates, maybe it's helping.

    Rants/raves: Housekeeper today which is both yay and stressful. My acupuncturist is making a house call for me and my aunt tomorrow, so that's fun. She used to rent a space in town, but the owner started hiring other clinicians who are anti-vax and she didn't want to expose her patients to that so she's making house calls for some of her patients, and she's continuing her practice in the east bay on the rest of the days. I always feel so much more relaxed after acupuncture, so I'm excited. I do have physical therapy after, though, so lol I might be asleep for that.

    Questions: nope
  • Estimated due date/ weeks + days: 4/16, 22w3d


    Team blue/pink/green: Pink

    Upcoming appointments: Just had one today, glucose screening on 1/7, and sometime next month another ultrasound (to check growth)

    How are you feeling? I'm feeling pretty good! I started having heartburn a couple days ago, which is so annoying. So far so good today. And yesterday I think I must have slept wrong because my tailbone hurt all day and I'm guessing it was round ligament pain, or something similar, all day! Today is definitely better, thank goodness. 

    Rants/raves: My co-worker made a comment the other day about a work event happening in March and how at that time I'll be about to pop, and it made me so annoyed. I think I'm just struggling with the fact that I'm overweight already, so any comments about weight or "popping" or looking pregnant really aggravate me right now. Or if anyone tells me I can't do something because I'm pregnant. I'm not a wilting flower! I feel fine! 
    I also could be sensitive because of the fact I've had slightly high BP (except it was normal today) and a liver enzyme issue, so I may have to deliver early...I feel like it's a whole lot of wait and see and there's not much I can do except just take care of myself and hope for the best. But maybe it's stressing me out more than I realize. 

    Questions: natm
  • @jessabelle05 Sorry that people's comments are so insensitive, I certainly sometimes feel the same way. Sorry to hear you're a bit stressed. I also had BP issues with DS5 starting at about 26 weeks (born at 29, but not entirely due to BP). My liver enzymes were always ok I think. Hopefully your Dr can get you all situated and cook baby a bit longer! Do you have to start going in more often now? I'll be thinking about you and fingers crossed everything stays mild!
  • @jessabelle05 I hate the wilting flower comments too! I know many of them are coming from a good place, but I didn’t lose all my my independence and strength when I became pregnant!
  • @shlecks Today it was the “Baby Race” one about how moms feel so much pressure to have their kids reach milestones, and then Bluey finally decided to walk because she just wanted her mom 😭 I’ve seen it a million times but I cry every time!
  • Estimated due date/ weeks + days: April 29/ 20 +5. Can't believe I'm over halfway (and almost to halfway no matter what, since I'm always over, lol).


    Team blue/pink/green: Blue!

    Upcoming appointments: Just had one yesterday, anatomy scan! 

    How are you feeling? Pubic symphysis joint discomfort that's pretty bad. I've never had it before but I know some of you are no stranger to it and it kind of sucks!  I'm having a hard time standing and walking without it hurting a lot. Other than that I'm doing ok. 

    Rants/raves: Rant: I have a referal for PT for likely Pubic symphysis joint stuff but they're booking to late March-so a little late, lol. They gave me another PT person to call so we'll see what options they have. Rave: Baby looked great on the anatomy scan. they sent us home with some great pictures, including one showing his boy bits, and DS6 and DS3 are loving that they got a picture of his penis, lol. Also the heart has all four chambers and all the appropriate veins and arteries going in and out. Seeing a four chambered heart so clear on the ultrasound is AMAZING. 

    Questions: I know many of you follow some people on Insta that are pregnancy related-anyone with resources for exercises to help with the pubic symphysis pain while I wait for the PT to get sorted? 
  • @SmashJam @mamastefit has a ton of free material on their ig and then also a very cheap pelvic stability course you can purchase. @ Women in Motion on ig also has a lot of material. 
  • @doxiemoxie212 thanks so much! Looking them up now! 
  • @aloha_mama Haha yep that one gets me too!  I always cry at Sleepytime too.  That's the BIG one for me.
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  • @Ivorytower2 Sorry to hear bed rest sucks so much! I’d be going crazy too. As to stocking stuffers, DH usually gets work gloves, fun underwear, and a bunch of candy. I’d be interested to hear more ideas though! 
  • @rbflei wasn't planning to bring anything to the OB, but that sounds like a nice gesture. we're still kind of downplaying our Christmas traditions/gatherings hopefully next year we can get back to "normal" 

    @SmashJam so glad you got to see that heart so clearly on the u/s. it is amazing what can be seen now. I was talking with friends about how, not that long ago, people didn't even know they were having twins until the second one started to come out and now we can see and diagnose so many things using sound waves. 

    @Ivorytower2 I hope they bed rest doesn't make you too stir crazy. for the last minute gifts and even some groceries have you consider target pick up or something along those lines? do you have shipt in your area? that is a popular grocery delivery here.  as for stocking stuffers DH usually gets a specific candy that he likes, a chapstick. I was talking with some friends and one is doing lottery scratch tickets, cigars and like aftershave or something like that. 

    TTC#1 10/2016
    TTC/IF:included medicated cycles, IUIs and 2 rounds of IVF with 1 embryo each. 
    BFP finally in 12/2018

    TTC#2 06/2021
    planning FET

    "Some days are diamonds, some days are rocks,
    some doors are open, some roads are blocked" 

  • @Avrilmai @monstera13 great ideas thanks! I will check out Shippt!
  • @Avrilmai I've been more swollen too!  I got a silicone wedding ring on Amazon because mine were just driving me nuts already a couple weeks ago and I wore them almost my entire pregnancy last time.  Ankles and lower legs as well.
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  • @Avrilmai have you checked out Dr. Becky at Good Inside's separation anxiety content? The girls in my other BMB rave about it for their kids with the same issue (also previously sleep trained). 
  • @doxiemoxie212 I haven't, but I will now thanks!

    TTC#1 10/2016
    TTC/IF:included medicated cycles, IUIs and 2 rounds of IVF with 1 embryo each. 
    BFP finally in 12/2018

    TTC#2 06/2021
    planning FET

    "Some days are diamonds, some days are rocks,
    some doors are open, some roads are blocked" 

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    @Ivorytower2 if any guys you are buying for have beards I usually get beard oil/ beard care stuff for stockings. MH is a little obsessed with beard care…

    @Avrilmai yay for viability!! So sorry to hear about your swelling 😔. I am a sweller generally so I have just been waiting to see when it starts, I actually took my rings off the other day as a precaution. 
  • Estimated due date/ weeks + days: April 9 / 23 weeks + 6 days


    Team blue/pink/green: 💙💙💙

    Upcoming appointments: Coming up the first week of 2022!

    How are you feeling? Just struggling to try to manage all the anxieties of doing everything “right.” I just feel like my body and baby know what to do, and I just keep doing things to get in the way. 🙈 I was especially feeling this earlier this week— so I admittedly procrastinated writing this weekly update. I know the stress is probably more harmful than anything I’ve actually done that could’ve hurt him, but I still can’t shake the worry off. Does this feeling/worry last forever as a mom, or are my pregnancy hormones just exacerbating these feelings??

    Aside from the mom worries, I’m still eating like a vacuum. 😅 And. So. Much. Heartburn. Every night, it’s like lava creeping up my throat. 🥵 Anyone find a good way to manage this? I’m thinking this means I’ll have a hairy-headed newborn! 😆

    Rants/raves: Hubby and I both SAW baby kick from the outside for the first time tonight!!!! He was going nuts in there after some spicy pastor Mexican street tacos for dinner! 😋 Baby’s kicks have gotten so strong recently, even just within the past week! 🥰 I love that we share this special connection now!

    Questions: Has anyone seen their baby kick from the outside yet?? For STMs, when were able to actually see body parts from the outside? 

  • @minnie_yoga_mama I struggle with anxiety in general. I’m pretty convinced I had undiagnosed PPA after I had DD6 so the first year was awful for me. I still have a lot of doubts and worries about doing things right— every night is like a replay of my day beating myself up on what I did wrong. It’s something I’m working on, to develop good criticism and look at my parenting objectively rather than worrying that everything is going to ruin her life. 

    I’ve been seeing baby move from the outside for the last few weeks! Little nudges and bumps, nothing crazy. I never saw body parts with DD6, sometimes I would see what looked like an arm or leg sweeping over like she was rolling over.
  • @minnie_yoga_mama I saw LO kicks from outside this week too!

    I remember seeing little bumps stick out with DS8 (my only posterior placenta), maybe a small foot lump but generally a bum. And then after awhile I might poke him to move if that bum sticking out for uncomfortable ;) He also did a lot of stretching which changed the shape of my bump drastically, and then it would spring back when he’d curl up and make me feel like jello. The others haven’t been as wild, I don’t know how much is because of the anterior placentas or things are already stretched out more so we aren’t fighting each other for space. 
  • @minnie_yoga_mama Re: the heartburn- last time I had heartburn SO bad that I was on prescription prilosec, zantac, and ate tums.  Nothing really seemed to help much.  I assumed he would come out SUPER hairy too, but alas- nope.  He was a little fuzzy but not much hair.  
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  • @minnie_yoga_mama yeah, I can see kicks outside almost as soon as I feel movement, both with DD3 and with this baby, so around 15/16 weeks ish. My stomach is just a constant rolling wave of movement at this point. You won't actually be able to see body parts, you just might know where they are from ultrasounds where your doctor tells you that baby is head down (so you know that what you're feeling up top must be a foot or a knee or a butt. You can't actually see outlines of body parts (those images online are photoshopped lol).
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