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Monday B*tchfest 12/13

On my phone so gif game not great this morning. 

Re: Monday B*tchfest 12/13

  • WTF to my well behaved, potty trained for years dog who is suddenly peeing in the house. I think it’s the weather causing her to not want to go out, but ugh I’m sick of cleaning the carpets!
  • @monstera13 ditto. My dog basically isn’t allowed on any carpet anymore because she just pees in the house all the freaking time. I’m ready to pay to extend the hardwood from the kitchen because I can’t take it anymore. We already have a baby gate barring her from all upstairs where the carpet is. I thought the living room would be fine because it’s right next to her dog door. But apparently that’s too much work still. 🤬
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  • @Blondesweety444 Ugh I’m sorry you’re going through that too. The things we do for our dogs!
  • @shlecks This! People everywhere! A whole lot of this.

    My husband wanted to go shop for her with me at the book store. I explained it won't work. I was told it would be fine. 10 min after entering store I was told he had to go to the bathroom so I had to watch her for 15 min. This used up all of her 5 yo attention span and by the time he got back she was done. Fair, she's 5. But I never got to shop! 
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    @rbflei my husband knows better than to go into a bookstore with me. The kids are pretty good. My H is not. His five year old attention span is also used up in 15 minutes, lol.
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