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  • I HATE addressing Christmas cards. I’m so mad i slacked and didn’t do my normal minted order  (where it’s all pretty and pre-printed for me) and now I’m stuck today addressing effing envelopes.
  • @and846 oooh man I absolutely agree. I finally got smart last Christmas and got everything in the system, so now it's super easy, just a few people to confirm addresses and handwrite those. I was soooo tempted to pay for the return address labeling as well, but we do have an embosser thingy so I couldn't justify it. 

    My BF is that I have another cold. 😩 Definitely from DD. Post nasal drip and a sore throat so far, hopefully it stays that way and doesn't get too much worse. 

    Also my coffee tastes weird this morning. Blergh. 
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  • @pajamstagrams oh no!! Hoping you feel better quickly! 
    @And846 I didn’t even do cards this year! I love sending them but I send out like over 100 and stamps are expensive LOL!! I just let the ball drop this year bc we have been in the middle of all this house crap. 
  • Y’all can at least feel a one up on me. I never have my ish together enough to actually do Christmas cards. Like, ever in my life 😂 so if you’ve ever done them at all, you’re doing better than me!

    my bf goes out to the NC weather. It’s hanging out in the 20s/30s today and we’re going to be back in the 70s this weekend, which means I’m going to get sick again 🙄 wish it would just make up its mind
  • I've neber done Christmas cards eitger so most of you are beating me whether you send them of not. 

    It's in the 30s here in the mornings and I'm the 60s by noon. So now I'm sick. Sinus infection I think but it is HORRIBLE and of course can't take my normal meds. 
  • Oh and I will be 19 weeks tomorrow and I'm not really feeling baby move. There's been once or twice I thought maybe, but I don't really know for sure. I've ready it's normal not to feel it yet with your first pregnancy, but I'm a worrier and have convinced myself something is wrong. My mom knows this and still chooses to ask me almost everyday if I've felt the baby knowing it gets me all stressed out. 🙄 Fridays anatomy scan cannot come fast enough. 
  • @nikkimc8 I don't remember feeling DD until I was well past 20 weeks or something. TMI but I always struggle in the GI department, so it's difficult for me to distinguish between gas and kicks until kicks are very strong. Even now, I sometimes think I feel something, but then think "nah, that's just gas or I'm constipated". 

    @ everyone b*tching about the weather. YES I AGREE, me too, I'll join that party. We had a cold front this weekend, after record highs (~85F) and now we're going back to the mid 80s again this week. GAH. Definitely not going to help my cold. 
  • @pajamstagrams YES! 😂 I have been so gassy this whole pregnancy! So I usually assume it's gas when I do feel something. 
  • MrsLaLaBugMrsLaLaBug member
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    Oh my LAWD in heaven +1 to the BF about the weather. We got ONE day of cold yesterday and after today it’s back to almost 80 every day with the humidity back. There’s been many a Louisiana Christmas where we’ve been wearing shirts and flip flops and still needed mosquito spray, but it still sucks. I just want it to FEEL like Christmas and it definitely isn’t helping anyones sinuses with all the flip flopping back and forth!!!! 
  • We were at -19 with wind chill last Monday. I'm not ready for January/February weather yet!
  • +1 to weather. It was 86 the other day. In December. 

    Another BF. I think this work schedule I’ve been keeping the last few weeks has caught up to me. I feel like I’m on the tipping edge of a cold starting…like it can go either way at the moment - full blown cold or feel better tomorrow.
  • @nikkimc8 try not to stress over that at all!  With my first I was 20-21 weeks before I really recognized any movements!  Anatomy scans are such a relief though!!  
  • I just came here to say:

    HATE Alabama weather. I cannot wait until we move FAR AWAY from here. Give me the blizzards and cold of the north over this bipolar BS. 
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  • @DarkSerendipity I ALWAYS describe our weather as bipolar too LMAO 🤣 
    Need the heater in the AM, full A/C by lunch. 🤣
  • @MrsLaLaBug @DarkSerendipity thank God for the dual AC/heat mode on thermostats, amirite? Heat was on this morning, definitely will have AC kick on by the end of the day lol.
  • @pajamstagrams yes!! But it definitely makes for confused sinuses and skin and I can never tell if I should shave my damn legs or not. 😂😂😂
  • @nikkimc8 definitely normal to not be feeling much at this point with 1st pregnancies. I think I first felt movement around 19w with DD1, but nothing consistent and super describable until I was around 23/24 weeks. Keep in mind too that your placenta placement can also effect how well you feel baby move! When you go to your AS, I bet you’ll see a movement on the screen and go “oh so that’s what that was!” Because it totally happened to me 😂
  • @nikkimc8 just echoing everyone else…. Depending on the placement of the placenta and your body type/ shape of your uterus, it could take longer!! I wasn’t confident I was feeling baby till after I saw it on the screen at the anatomy scan. 
  • Both my husband and daughter are feeling under the weather. I had to run to the store twice to get DH medicine because the pills were “too big” the first time around (they weren’t) along with his other requests. I also slept elsewhere to make sure I don’t get sick and did not sleep well. Also had to take care of DD and work today while DH slept. Needless to say I’m exhausted and could use a drink right now…
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