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Feeling pressured into c-section due to possible shoulder dystocia

Has anyone had shoulder dystocia and gone on to have other births without it?

1st pregnancy-- had my daughter 9/3/20 @ 8 lbs. Due date was 8/29. Membrane sweep 9/1. Water broke that night. 30 hrs of labor. 2 hrs pushing. 
I had no idea there was an issue until after delivery. Didn't tear, didn’t need an episiotomy and there were no other complications. The doctor turned my baby while a nurse pushed on my stomach to get her out.

Current pregnancy -- 39 weeks. Having a boy. Due 12/19/21. Measuring large according to U/S and they want me to do a c section.. 

My daughter measured large as well and came out less than they estimated. I know there are errors with ultrasounds, especially later in pregnancy. 

I have zero risk factors that warrant a c-section other than previous shoulder distocia. I really want to try for a vaginal birth and am just curious if anyone has had experience with this or any advice. I've read that some women have gone on to have successful vaginal deliveries with large babies the second time with no problem so I know it's possible and just want to feel confident in my decision. 
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