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Baby Not Moving / Kicking

Hello! I am currently 20 weeks pregnant, this is my second pregnancy so I know what it felt like before. I’m worried, or at least thrown off a little, because i’m halfway through this pregnancy and have yet to feel this baby kick. 

We had our anatomy scan about three weeks ago and have another ultrasound next week. Everything was normal and as it should be. He was moving, heartbeat was good, etc etc. 

But he just isn’t very active and i don’t feel much movement if at all. Have any of you experienced this, is there anything i should be concerned with?

Re: Baby Not Moving / Kicking

  • Perhaps you have an anterior placenta? They don’t expect you to feel kicks regularly until around 24 weeks. If you’re concerned you should discuss this with your doctor. 
  • I never felt my little one moving or kicking until 27/30 weeks...

    If the ultrasound was fine, I wouldn't worry too much at this time.  
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  • I started feeling the baby around 20 weeks, and I really had to lay very still and concentrate to do it, and even then, sometimes I didn't feel it - I have an anterior placenta. 20 weeks is still pretty early. If everything checked out on the anatomy scan, I'm sure you have nothing to worry about, but if it will provide peace of mind, give your doctor a call and see what they think. 
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    I didn't start to feel baby move till 21 weeks I'm almost 24 weeks now and he has times when he's hardly active and other days he moves around and kicks like crazy. My mom told me not to worry there's just some days they decide not to move to where you can feel it and at 20 weeks they can still hide further in the back. You aren't supposed to start kick counts till at least 28 weeks or so. I wouldn't worry too much. They also sleep at least 14 hours a day at that point still, so baby could be moving when your asleep and sleeping when your awake.
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