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Finding the right health care providers

Hi Everyone! Does anyone have any tips/tricks for how to research and find the right healthcare providers. Black maternal health is an important topic and finding a team that you can trust, that also trusts you is imperative.

My number 1 tip is to literally text, DM, email or phone anyone you know in your area who has had a baby in the last 5 years. Get everyone to submit their Dr. names BUT make sure you ask, if they would actually recommend  and why or why not. Simple but important step. 

I also found that if the same name came up several times, then it's probably worth exploring. Does anyone else have any helpful advice?

Re: Finding the right health care providers

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    One thing I've always found helpful, after your friends refer a particular practice - go onto their website and look to see who are the black Med.Professionals & then do a bit of research. Potentially even then circle back to your friends, and see if they've had any experience with those folks - or I've maybe been paired with a white doctor at a practice, and asked them to connect me with a doctor of color on their team. This request was received quite well at Columbia Medical/NY Pres. Here in NYC! For those who have company provided insurance, call the provider and once you're connected with a concierge, ask them to identify Black Doctors. Many of these providers now have some sort of filter!
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    My name is Nnenna and I live in southeast Louisiana.  Thank you for these wonderful tips. This is my first pregnancy and I’m newish to my area and don’t have many friends. But maybe the people I know I can ask and they can ask people they know. 

    Thank you again. 
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