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Weekly Randoms - w/o 12/06


Re: Weekly Randoms - w/o 12/06

  • Why is baby always something I’ve just had for breakfast!??! Today she’s as big as an Eggo waffle, which was breakfast this morning. I’ve lived on plain waffles a lot thru the nauseous mornings and sometimes add peanut butter to them. The other day it was a donut and right before that it was a cup of coffee. 😂
    Hurry up and get to butternut squash size or something, baby. Lawd knows I won’t be eating THAT for breakfast. 😂
  • my fun fact said that the baby handprint is the size of a postage stamp
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  • I feel like there’s such a discrepancy in baby size between my apps! The bump says a little over 5 inches for week 17, but my Ovia app says almost 8 inches long. That seems like a big difference in such a little baby right now! 
    married 10.2016
    ttc #1 11.2017
    dx: unexplained
    letrozole + trigger + ti: bfn x 2
    iui #1 9.25.2019: bfn
    iui #2 10.23.2019; bfp 11.3.2019; edd 7.17.2020
    dd 7.6.2020

  • @b_1029 I noticed this too! 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️
  • Yesterday it said the size of a hotdog and today it says a peanut butter jar 
  • @b_1029 some might be doing crown to rump length while others do full length 🤷🏼‍♀️
  • Random. I can’t stop buying baby clothes. 
  • @And846 I feel like I'm relying on other people to do it for us 🙈 I tell myself "sure, there are lots of gender neutral clothes we can grab from storage from DD" but in all actuality, there are probably 5-6 pairs of jammies tops in each size. That's it lol. 

    I'll probably start buying matching outfits (because of course) when it gets closer, but I just get nervous buying stuff so early. 
  • @And846 oh boy me too. I buy something almost every time I go into a store and so does my mom. He's going to have more clothes than DH and I combined 😬
  • I think the thing holding me back from buying clothes already is the sheer amount of laundry I have to do already 😅 please no more clothes! Although I do keep sending links for adorable outfits to DH
  • @karisahamdi same, girl. Each trip to the store i get something. Clothes, a blanket or some gear. I have considerably less than i did with DD. Her 3mo size wardrobe was the size of a normal families entire year of child clothes. Between my retail discount and her being the first grand baby, lots of spoiling. 

  • @And846 @karisahamdi So fun! I am the opposite and I feel kinda guilty about it. I’m sort of minimal when it comes to clothes (I’m not a minimalist but when I love a pair of shoes/jeans, I tend to ONLY wear those so why buy another? Haha)…. And I have so many friends with boys that I know I’ll get hand me downs. But I think I feel guilty because this poor kid doesn’t have a room (he’ll be in my room and then my closet), he has no clothes that are new, no stuff that my first kid didn’t use first… maybe I just feel like I’m not connecting with him yet and I feel guilty and sad about it. 
    Rant over!! :) haha 
  • Uggggh DH just told me of a concert in February that I would reallllly want to go to. But...I've been to a concert pregnant before with DD in first tri, I was miserable. Granted this time I would have a seat, and wouldn't be as nauseous, but I'm super sensitive to the ~smells~ at concerts and they make me sick/give me migraines normally. 😩 Plus being like 7 months pregnant I would worry more about hearing damage to baby (although unlikely). 
  • @pajamstagrams I’m supposed to ride in a Mardi Gras parade in February. Like I’ve bought all my throws, paid all my dues, made my costume already. Then found out I was pregnant and will be like 6m pregnant then. I have NO idea what to do about it LOL. 
  • @And846 omg I need to go out and but little overalls for him now 😭😍

    @brookejay06 I'm sure if this was my second boy he would be getting all of hand me downs lol And as far as connecting there are many times during the day I totally forget about him and that I'm pregnant 😬 I'm hoping the more he moves the more connected I feel. 
  • @karisahamdi sometimes I forget im pregnant too! Tonight i had to remind myself not to drink champagne. Just forgot!! I do think it helps when they move more. One thing that really helped me connect with my first was creating a space (a bedroom) for the baby and then sitting in it. Before baby arrived I would just sit in the room and think and look around (and cry lol). But having a physical space really made the baby feel like a person and not just a concept. (My problem this time is that baby doesn’t have a room!!)
  • @karisahamdi and @brookejay06 I too forget I’m pregnant as well when I’m well into work or an activity. Then I’m like “oh yeah” and feel bad. 
  • Omg @fireflyz_56 how exciting!! We are listing on Jan. 1st I think. Organizing and cleaning is right! 🤪🤪🤪
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