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  • FFFC - so I have NEVER liked Elf on the Shelf. I SWORE we would be a no-elf house - I think it’s creepy and weird and all the mischievous things they do might be funny but in reality would just piss me off bc I’d have to make them make a mess AND clean it up again. 🤷🏼‍♀️
    Having said that - A few years ago I discovered the Kindness Elves and my no-elf oath went out the door. 😂 I liked the meaning behind them much better. They do move around sometimes, but instead of making messes or doing silly tricks, they leave little kindness “missions” for the kids. For example their mission they left today was to greet someone new and tell them to “have a great day!” Simple things like that to spread a little kindness. So here I am, the Ultimate Elf Hypocrite, at your service. 😂 Today is DD’s bday and they did show up with a little surprise. 
  • @MrsLaLaBug I love that idea with elf on the shelf! I'm not a huge fan of the "be good or Santa won't come" aspect of it normally, nor the effort required to stage them, but this seems like a good middle ground. 
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  • @MrsLaLaBug that’s  so cute and so much preferable to the regular elf on the shelf lol

    my fffc: my aunt comes in Friday’s to “help” with the kids. DD2 has dance Friday mornings and I homeschool DD1 so she comes to watch my oldest (and sometimes youngest) while I’m gone. But in all honesty, it’s more trouble than it’s worth. She always brings them junky toys or crafts to do that I inevitably feel like I have to keep (the crafts, not the toys. The toys get trashed as soon as she leaves. I have told her so many times not to bring them and she always does). She also never tells my kids “no” so they’re usually terrors after she’s over. Honestly, I do need someone to watch DD1 on Fridays but I wish it was my mom who was free instead of my aunt. It would just make life a whole lot easier lol (don’t get me wrong - I’m thankful for family who helps. But she lords the 2 hours a week she helps out over me like she’s doing some huge service and it just gets obnoxious) 
  • @skc040512 ughhh that’s the pits. I hate when family members do that. Like, offer to help but don’t rub shit in my face. Not cool, auntie. Not cool. 
  • @MrsLaLaBug our elf is no snitch lol. I was never a fan of the whole be good or the elf will tell Santa thing. Also, the part about you can’t touch the elf or he will lose his magic…. It’s so dumb. Of course they’re going to touch it. They’re kids.

    So our elf moves around every night, writes notes or draws pictures for our daughter, and brings her pajamas and a christmas book to read on his last night before he goes back to the North Pole. Also, our elf is very considerate and doesn’t make messes.

    We had friends who’s elf slashed their 4 year old’s pajamas while she slept…. They thought it was hilarious when she woke up and had giant holes all over her pjs. Maybe it’s just me but I’d rather not give my kid nightmares about a psycho elf running around with scissors in the night.
  • @fireflyz_56 oh god that sounds like a nightmare to imagine even as an adult. 
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