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UO Thursday - 12/2

Unpopular opinions, anyone?

Re: UO Thursday - 12/2

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    @b_1029 so funny you mention that today….I’ve seen at least 3 people say they caved and bought one this year and I’m like “literally the only person who cares is your kid” 😂 we don’t even do Santa so no elf at my house lol

    My UO: beer, sushi, and avacados are all massively overhyped and tbh not that good. I have plenty of unpopular food opinions but those 3 are the first to come to mind lol

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  • @skc040512 I’m with you on beer! DH would disagree but he’s a beer snob now. I love sushi but avocados have to be perfect for me to enjoy them. I do love a good avocado toast though. Basic !
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  • @skc040512 yeah not a sushi fan.

    @b_1029 I refuse to do elf on the shelf. Waaaay too much effort. 🤣  

  • @skc040512 I will take all your unwanted beer, sushi, and avocados. Some of my favorite things! 
  • I’m with @karisahamdi

    Craft beer snob, sushi loving and basic avocado lover over here 

  • @karisahamdi @And846 DH may beat y’all with a stick if you try to take the beer and sushi I don’t eat away from him 😂 tbh, I do like a good sour beer, but anything with a hoppy flavor is a no for me. We live around a bunch of microbreweries so DH is thrilled he always gets to try new beers lol
  • Beer is gross unless it is 
    a. REALLY cold
    b. Served at a crawfish boil
    c. It’s Mardi Gras

  • YES to beer being gross!!! I think I have a tastebud issue because it tastes like soap to me. 

    The only kind that is tolerable is beer that tastes like chocolate or coffee. 
  • Im usually kinda indifferent to sushi- not someone who eats it all the time but have been letting myself eat veggie or cooked sushi this pregnancy. I absolutely crave it!! 
  • And see l, i love the beer that is really hoppy! 
  • @And846 yes!! I love a good double IPA. 
  • @karisahamdi I’m sad that i missed out on Southern Tier Brewing “Pumking” this fall.
  • @b_1029 I had to chime in and say that I absolutely loathe Elf on a Shelf. Kids make enough messes as it is, I don't need to go around, late at night, making intentional messes for 5 minutes of interest and then have to clean it up. No. 
    If I do anything it's going to be Larry the Lazy Gnome or the Sugar Goblin - at least they seem like they're fun. And with Larry the Lazy Gnome, I can incorporate that into our 13 Yule Lads tradition. The kids put their shoes on the window sill starting from December 12th, they get little gifts if they're good, and they gets rocks or potatoes if they're bad that day. It's a little effort, but it's nowhere near as much as the insane effort I see put into "creating scenes" for EoaS. 

    @MrsLaLaBug YES. Beer is just gross. We're just straight up liquor/wine people. Hubby will take the rare glass of Glenfiddich, and I love a good chardonnay or a dark red cab. 
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