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1st time preg & 1st trim. Constant stomach pain & vomiting

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I'm 1st time pregnant currently in 7th week. I am having constant stomach pain around belly button and lower half and vomiting (no spotting, no issue when passing urine). Rarely I have day without pain. Here is some details, and I will be very thankful and appreciate if you can help me here. Details below:

1. 7th week pregnant, 1st time.
2. From 6th week onwards: Morning sickness and stomach pain started. For vomiting, I am taking diclectin (prescribed) at every 8hrs but here is what happens with my stomach pain.
3. Stomach pain starts slowly and goes high and I cannot do anything for entire day and cannot get proper sleep. If I eat some dry food (nuts, almonds) then pain goes away for a while and returns back. I dont have any blood/spotting, no urine issues as well.
4. Went to ER, did ultrasound and ER doctor said everything looks normal. Having another ultrasound next month (after 3weeks).
5. I tried taking small meal every 2-3hrs but not helping. This is bothering me and Obyg. appointment is 4weeks after.

Please help!!

Re: 1st time preg & 1st trim. Constant stomach pain & vomiting

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    Have you tried calling your OB for advice? Sounds like acid reflux but I’m not a medical professional 
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    Please do NOT go to the ER for pregnancy issues, unless directed by your doctor.  This really needs to be addressed by your OB, please talk to him/her about this. 
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    Thanks for your response. It looked like acid reflux. After I started eating even after vomit symptoms went out.
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    I’m almost 9 weeks and have had nausea/stomach pain for the last four weeks. The main thing that has helped me is just making sure that I don’t let my stomach get too empty. Good luck 
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    Thanks Rebecca. My experience is: My Stomach pain starts after mid night and even I have early breakfast it continues whole day - I keep eating every 2-3hrs. I rarely have a day without pain. All report seems normal with slightly higher WBC. I will discuss with OB when I have appt but right now just looking for some tips if that helps. 
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    The stomach pain is very likely gas. I got a lot of GERD in early pregnancy too and am constantly burping, and it's often accompanied by stomach pain.  Changing positions can help, as can changing your diet to include fewer cruciferous vegetables or other things you know cause you gas. Stick to bread, cooked fruit, simple carbs that are easy to digest. And tums can also help to relieve the pressure a bit. I'm sorry you're dealing with this, but if you're like most women it will clear up in a couple of weeks. 
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    I always had a box of granola bars or crackers by my bedside table.  Then if I got up in the middle of the night, I could eat a little something.  If my stomach was empty, I felt nauseous and my stomach hurt.  If your symptoms are starting after midnight, it might be just too long since you have eaten overnight.  Also mints and nausea candies were helpful for me.  Hope it helps and you start feeling better soon!  
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    I’m just over 6 weeks and I’ve been getting stomach pain in the last week. I thought it could be acid reflux or bloating as someone else mentioned and so I’ve taken Tums on 3 separate days when it acts up and it’s always provided relief within an hour or two which I think confirms that it’s just acid reflux. I’d say give Tums a try, they are safe during pregnancy so it can’t hurt to see if that helps. Hope you feel better soon! 
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