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Monday Bitchfest 11/22

 The judgement free venting zone! You know what to do. 

Re: Monday Bitchfest 11/22

  • @MrsLaLaBug this post gave me so much stress 😂
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  • @skc040512 LOL!!! I know right!!!?? 
  • Minor Monday Bitchies here. We moved in the summer to be closer to family. Our house is a good size, but with both my husband and I working from home, we don’t have an official spare bedroom in this house (my office will turn into the nursery which is perfect timing as my work just got a new office building!) Our girls sleep in bunk beds and I intentionally got one where the bottom is unattached from the top and a double size with a weight rating of 500#, so it can be pulled out and serve as a comfortable spare bed for adults and we can plop the kids somewhere else in sleeping bags. We also have an queen sized air mattress that has a stand to make it like the height of a normal bed (rather than being on the floor). Anyway, my parents haven’t stayed overnight here at all. My brother lives in the same city and has a loft with a pull out couch. They always stay there. And I just learned my sister is planning on coming down for a few days after New Years, also staying with my brother. They haven’t even seen our house, but because he has better accommodations they don’t want to stay here. I’m a little hurt. My parents never had a spare bedroom when we were younger (now they have 4?!) and my mom constantly griped about how her parents never stayed the night in her house. Well, that’s what everyone is doing to us now! I just ordered a sofa sleeper from Ikea and we are going to convert our playroom into a spare bedroom. VISITORS WILL STAY WITH US!
  • Minor midweek bitchin' - this short week needs to hurry up and be over with! I'm ready for my four-day weekend!

    @MrsLaLaBug That post. My eye started twitching. If a post runs on like that, by default, I can't read it. 
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  • @DarkSerendipity preach!! We just had a full 2 hour planning meeting at work and tomorrow I have my year end review. I am hanging on by a thread to my professional  mindset when all I want to do is go home and make pies lol!!
  • @annashaf I have to say if it were me I’d be thrilled everyone was staying at my brothers lol. I love my space and having someone overnight is just not for us!  
  • I love hosting with little kids. Honestly! The mornings are so fun. That’s when they’re the sweetest and snuggliest (unless you’re trying to get them out the door to daycare. Then mornings are hell…) and I just love hosting! I love to cook, but when 2 of the 4 people throw their food around, it’s a lot less rewarding. With company, I make nicer, fancier meals so everyone (me included!) can enjoy them. Anyway, we have a solution for down the road and my brother is also having another baby in April, and I expect they’ll be converting their spare bedroom/loft into a bedroom for one of their boys so it won’t be up for grabs with company anymore either. I was just in a snit. 
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