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What My Pregnant Self is Eating 11/18

Re: What My Pregnant Self is Eating 11/18

  • Sooooooo many cookies. I’ve been craving Christmas cookies this whole pregnancy so I finally gave in this weekend and made a giant batch of gingerbread cookies, thinking I’ll freeze some, maybe bring some over for my family…. Turns out I’m inhaling them like a crazy Cookie Monster. 😅
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  • I’ve been watching the Great British Bake Off lately, which of course has prompted me to need to bake all the things. I most recently tried jammy biscuits (shortbread cookies filled with buttercream and raspberry jam), and they were delish! 
  • Ben and Jerry's ice cream.  And cranberry limeade from Sonic.  And the occasional sub 😬
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    I’m feeling more like my “normal” self these days so with the weather I’ve been cooking up all the comfort foods. Roast, chili, chicken noodles, shepherd’s pie, sausage potato and kale soup... lots of homemade bread and salad to go with them. And I’ve been baking up a storm, partially because the bakery that used to supply my coffee shop is out of business for indeterminate amount of time. So this week I’ve baked lemon bars, gf/df pumpkin muffins, gf chocolate chip cookies, and two different kinds of quiche. Now I need to bake myself some quiche! 
  • Super bad for me but like my favorite pregnancy food I don't eat outside of pregnancy. I'm super into a hot piece of buttered toast with seadless raspberry jam. On like good fresh made bread. Omg I ate this to death last pregnancy too. My last post while pregnant was eating the same thing with my MIL's Marion berry jam which is my absolute favorite but I'm loving this raspberry jam I got from the store and I'm usually a store bought jam hater. But I spent so long picking this one out people were giving me the please pick something and leave look so it better be worth it. 
  • @shlecks Literally the only craving I had with DD6 was a Sonic cherry limeade, and there is no Sonic where I live so it was like a form of torture. I would have vivid dreams of ordering one at the drive-thru and drinking it, then wake up and realize it wasn’t going to happen 😭 I was OBSESSED, I would try to think of ways for people to mail me one lol

  • @aloha_mama that sounds like torture!

    I bought some mexican street corn dip at Costco a few days ago. Warm it up in the microwave and dip some chips in it. Man oh man, so good!

    Both of my pregnancies I crave savory things. Sweet things just really don't sound appetizing to me at all. I turned down cookies and ice cream at my work yesterday without even thinking twice about it. :o
  • @aloha_mama oh that sounds AWFUL! And unfortunately nothing really compares to it!!  So it's not like you can just whip it up at home.
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  • @Blondesweety444 omg I know the exact Costco dip you are talking about and it is SO amazing. I haven’t been able to find it in a few months so maybe it’s coming back soon?!

    I have been inhaling nachos, ruffles chips and sour cream and onion dip and I had a chocolate soufflé for dessert last night. Now that I have an appetite again I literally give zero f%<?s!!
  • @inkdbug that’s so funny! Usually I’m pretty “meh” about potatoes but something about pregnancy makes me want them in every form.
  • +1 for really loving potatoes right now. My favorite are currently baked. 

    To be honest, I'm mostly eating everything in sight. My appetite is on 10 recently and I'm starving every 2 hours. Trying to balance that with weight gain by eating plenty of fruits and vegetables now that they are delicious to me again. 

    The only thing I can think of that has been a strong disappointment lately is the costco cranberry jalapeno dip. I heard so many people rave about it, but its way too sweet to be a dip for me. Now I have a giant tub of it and probably wont eat any of it 😬
  • @winterviolethope NOW I NEED CHEESECAKE
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  • @winterviolethope @shlecks Cheesecake was my first craving this pregnancy, after watching the episode of friends where they eat that really good Cheesecake! 😋 It still sounds sooo good! You totally deserve those 2 slices!
  • @minnie_yoga_mama update: only one slice arrived. I got a refund … probably for the best lol. But, the one that was missing was the one I really wanted :(
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  • @winterviolethope oh no! 😭 I could really go for some cheesecake. My DD6 was eating some leftover thanksgiving ham before bed (we had it a few days late) and DS11 came snooping and asked if she was eating cheesecake. 🤦‍♀️ Umm no, kid. It’s ham. Lol

    My favorite bedtime snack right now is sprouted grain toast with peanut butter, sliced banana, and blueberries. So good! And since I take my vitamins before bed a snack is necessary to keep them down. Also I’ve been really into quiche. 😋
  • @winterviolethope Nooooooooooooo 😢😢😢
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  • @winterviolethope Oh no, not fair!! Especially to a pregnant woman!
  • @amys614 could you put the dip on a wrap with some grilled chicken/veggies? Treat it more like a sandwich spread?

    @winterviolethope I guess you will just have to order cheesecake again in hopes of getting your favorite right? 😃

  • @winterviolethope Yes, the only solution here is to ORDER MORE CHEESECAKE. We all agree!
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