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UO Thursday 11/18

Unpopular opinion time! 

Re: UO Thursday 11/18

  • I know that COVID restrictions are calming down for some/most. But I REALLY wish they’d leave the 6ft rules in place for thing like the grocery store, Target, amusement parks, etc etc etc. So basically anywhere you go/shop and have to stand in a line. Bc I can’t STAND when I can literally hear or feel the person behind me breathing on my hair. 😂
  • @mrslalabug oh I definitely agree. Not a fan of masking, but 100% behind social distancing with strangers in public places like that. GIVE ME MY SPACE! also everything was so much less crowded (like the zoo) when they limited capacity last year, and it was "glorious*. 
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  • @MrsLaLaBug SAME. I remember seeing these crazy pics when places started opening back up of people wearing hula hoops around themselves in stores to make sure no one got too close and all I could think was, “you look ridiculous but tbh same on any given day” 😂 My personal bubble is like 10 feet on any side of me.

    My UO: (my sister has been throwing out ideas for her bachelorette party which has me thinking about this). If you’re over about 30, hanging out at bars all the time is lame. Find a hobby. Nothing against bars themselves or going on occasion, but bar crawls every weekend in your 30s? Pass. Sounds miserable tbh
  • @MrsLaLaBug ugh yes same! I need people to always give me this space in line. I hate when people breathe down your neck. 

    @skc040512 totally agree. Once in a while fine, but I feel like the every weekend bar hopping should be left in your 20’s 😆 maybe that’a just because now I’m hungover for like a week, but I have a cousin my age who’s going out all the time and I just can’t relate. I mean she’s also single, but still. 
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  • @skc040512 yeah I kinda agree. don't get me wrong, I love a good cocktail and night out, but, starting before 9 pm and ending by 10:30. 😂 Also DH and I now both are super sensitive to alcohol so even splitting a bottle of wine is risking a hangover, and absolutely a recipe for MOTN insomnia.
  • I loved the 6ft rule since i hate people around me. And the rule at Disney especially on lines was pure bliss. 
  • @MrsLaLaBug that would really bother me too. Here in Canada we are still doing 6 ft distancing and masks are mandatory. It is going to feel so weird whenever they lift that. They are thinking maybe March next year.
  • @pajamstagrams and @skc040512 the o my thing i can think of with bar crawls each weekend is how much money is being wasted. 

    DH and I, or myself with girlfriends enjoy a night out once in a while but we are lame and always home by 10 at the latest 
  • @pajamstagrams and @skc040512 Growing out of the clubbing/bar crawl phase is my favorite part of being in my 30s. I especially didn't like doing it in my 20s but now my friends don't either. Hooray! 
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