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COVID vaccine Booster

Hello all

i know there is a COVID vaccine thread, but it was pages and pages of discussions. 

I am fully vaccinated with Moderna as of January. I was just advised by my OB that he recommends for me to get the booster. Has anyone here gotten the booster? If yes, how did you feel afterward, side affects? 

Re: COVID vaccine Booster

  • @blessedmama2004 Head over to introductions so we can get to know you better!

    I got Moderna, with my last shot a few weeks before I got pregnant. I got a fever and rash and felt terribly for days. I told my OB that I was really nervous for the booster. She suggested that I try Pfizer. So I got the Pfizer booster shot a little over 6 months after my last vaccination (about a week ago). I was achy for 30 hours or so but no fever or rash. I would definitely do it all over again!
  • *lurking from January*

    I was fully vaccinated with Pfizer about a month before I got pregnant and just got my booster (also Pfizer) this past weekend. I wanted to space it out with the flu shot and the TDAP.

    I did have a bad reaction to the booster (worse than I did with the 2nd shot) - full body aches, chills, and I ran a fever, which I managed with Tylenol. 

    It lasted around 36 hours and then I felt good as new.
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  • I was fully vaxxed with Moderna pre-pregnancy and got my Moderna booster a few weeks ago. similar side effects with booster to what I experienced after the second shot (achy, joint/muscle pain, headache, fatigue, warm but no fever) but they were somewhat more mild - unsure of whether that was due to 1) knowing what to expect 2) generally feeling lousy during pregnancy anyway and/or 3) the dose for the Moderna booster is half a regular shot.
  • I was fully vaccinated back in April with Moderna. I had a fever/chills after my second vaccine. I got the Moderna booster on Friday and had minimal side effects ( sore arm, fatigue). 
  • I’m curious about booster as well and support having a separate booster thread. I signed up to get Pfizer booster and had Pfizer originally but I was fatigued and loopy for three days after my second shot last time so I’m a little nervous about it.
  • I am the same as Katie above. Got my 2nd dose of Moderna in mid-May, and just got my Moderna booster last Friday. I was very nervous because my 2nd dose hit me hard with headache and chills and aches for 12-24 hours. I had minimal side effects this time. Sore arm, body aches, fatigue, all mild. My OB nurse sister and my doctor both advised to take Tylenol immediately after and every 4 hour after that. I was expecting way worse, but it was minimal and my doctor was very happy I got it. I suggest getting the shot on the side you don’t predominantly sleep on.  The soreness was hard to sleep on. Best of luck! 
  • There have been many reported cases of women's menstrual cycles being disrupted with the vacine.   In fact,  the Hasidic Jewish community noticed this and does not want their women vaccinated due to this and the lack of longitudinal data.   We have to weigh the risks and benefits,  but it does not appear beneficial to take this while pregnant because we want to be as careful as we can for the baby.  
  • I got the Pfizer booster a month ago, it was easier than my second dose except I got a big bruise on my arm. Otherwise, not bad.
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