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WTF/Winning Wednesday 11/17


Re: WTF/Winning Wednesday 11/17

  • Winning: I felt pretty good yesterday so went to lunch at my favorite place with my bestie. 💜
    WTF: They were out of the red velvet brownies that I was hoping to take home. 😂
  • WTF: I’m still sick. My GP doesn’t want to take an appointment because I have covid-like symptoms - despite the fact that I have THREE negative covid tests at this point. Just give me meds, for the love.

    Winning: DH is taking the older 2 kids to church tonight and I can put the youngest down early and do absolutely nothing in silence. I can’t wait. 
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  • Wtf: DH is waiting on covid test results because he had some symptoms last night. I can't tell if I am also getting sick or just have a headache from taking care of both DH and my toddler...

    Winning: MIL brought delicious soup over for us for lunch and we are making broccoli cheese soup for dinner. Gimme all the soup.
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