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Worried baby may have Autism or just being very paranoid?

Single dad stressed to the max. I’m convinced my 9-month-old has autism. He has a lot of repetitive movements, especially the odd upper body movement where he stiffens his upper body and makes an “O” shape. He doesn’t like affection, unless I’m holding him in my arms and go for a kiss on the cheeks, he will okay this otherwise he’ll protest. He does babble but just one or two “ga” sounds a day. He does well in all categories on the ASQ except in communication he isn’t doing so well. To make matters worse he has a lot of characteristics google says usually accompany children who are dx with Autism:

§  Will army crawl to the edge of his playmat and try to chew on the edge

§  Is very afraid of strangers/new faces

§  My mother suffers from anxiety, and my sister has depression (history of mental health in my family)

§  Does not blow raspberries, instead makes clicking sounds with his tongue

§  Super hyperactive, is never still

§  Had acid reflux as a baby

§  Has baby eczema


Some of his positives:

ü  Responds to his name sometimes

ü  Whines to be picked up

ü  Smiles when I enter the room

ü  Makes eye contact

ü  Seems to really enjoy starring at people from a distance

ü  Sometimes smiles to peekaboo, but grows bored easily

ü  Will sometimes make eye contact when bottle-fed

ü  Sleeps very well, and loves to nap

ü  Smiles at me on his own

ü  Laughs

ü  Follows a point sometimes

ü  Extends his arms to be picked up by his grandmother (mostly)

ü  Is showing signs he’s about to crawl

ü  Pulls himself to stand

ü  Enjoys eating solids, loves all food really

ü  Can hold his own bottle when he wants to

ü  Doesn’t mind getting his hands messy

His pediatrician thinks I need to treat my anxiety and doesn’t understand my concerns. EI came and assed him said they see no concerns, but I have this sick feeling that they’re not assessing him correctly and something is very wrong here.

Re: Worried baby may have Autism or just being very paranoid?

  • Honestly, I  think you’re being paranoid.
    He sounds like a normal 9 month old to me.
    you have to remember all children are different just like all adults are different from each other. Some people just don’t like affection, it’s not required. 
    Kids develop at different speeds. My 14 month old still only babbles. 
    You should trust the doctors, and if you don’t then get a second opinion. But 9 months is usually too early to diagnose autism anyway. 
    I think you are stressing way too much about this. People with Autism don’t have things “wrong”.  It’s like you’re searching for things to be different with your son. Enjoy him and stop over analyzing everything he does or doesn’t do. 
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  • This all sounds very normal to me!! I would focus on treating your anxiety, your baby can pick up on that!
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