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Weekly Randoms (w/o 11/15)


Re: Weekly Randoms (w/o 11/15)

  • @tacosandtums noooo that’s a terrible way to wake up and I can’t believe they can’t come fix it until tomorrow? I hope it’s not too cold where you are, or you have a fireplace or something!
  • @skc040512 never know how bad you need one of those type naps til after though!!! 💜
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  • So finally told my immediate family that we are expecting baby #2 needless to say none of them were surprised. Apparently even asking for an uncrustable instead of a sandwich with lunch meat was a give away from them (though I eat them regularly so idk how) now just to tell DH family who I think will be a little more surprised.
  • @skc040512 that nap sounds so needed (and well deserved!) 

    @addsprinkles521 congrats on sharing your news! 🥰🥰
  • Today baby is the size of a CD and I don’t even know how to compare that to a human 😂 why are these comparisons so freaking weird??
  • @skc040512 I had one the other day that was "your baby can fit in a mug". So weird. 
  • Love me some good organization @tacosandtums
    @pajamstagrams that is weird LOL!!! Mine is the size of a daisy today. Also the size of a Pokémon card according to the WTE app, which my son was pretty excited about. 😂
  • FINALLY getting started. I got most of the lights done tonight and then got winded and gave up til tomorrow. 😂😂😂
  • Yes! Another tree up! 
  • Has anyone watched the latest episode of GBBS????????? I am FLOORED at the ending!! Whattttttt
  • @brookejay06 no!! Omg I’m going to have to catch up!!!!!! 
  • pajamstagramspajamstagrams member
    edited November 2021
    @brookejay06 I guess I wasn't that surprised 😬 I mean I was, but I wasn't. DH and I were really wondering who they'd pick though and I think there was an argument for each.

    ETA words for autocorrect madness lol
  • speaking of shows, has anyone watched Tiger King 2 yet? 
  • @brookejay06 omg I left off at caramel week lol how have I gotten so behind!! 
  • @Brookej610 I was surprised but at the same time, not super surprised. They all did so well and theirs just lacked the little extra that the other 3 seemed to have in the signature and showstopper.

    also I always laugh at how invested DH and I get into a BAKING SHOW 😂
  • pajamstagramspajamstagrams member
    edited November 2021
    @MrsLaLaBug god I don't think I can watch another season of tiger king. The first season started out funny and over the top, and then just got dark, and just TOO MUCH. 

    @skc040512 oh I get really into it. 😂 The "free from" episode had a lot of colorful commentary because (rest in spoiler just in case for spoilers)

    I've made dairy free ice cream multiple times (it's not that hard, it just doesn't get as creamy), and I've been gluten free for a loooong time. Definitely questioned one person's choice of flour since it's a b*tch to work with. But cakes are pretty easy to do GF, they just crumble a lot when you frost them, that's been my biggest complaint.

    And my thoughts exactly on the person who went home....
     Re: signature/showstopper...wasn't bad at all, but wasn't a WOW that week. 

    ETA spoilers

  • @Brookej610 I was shocked!! They were my favorite and I was so sad they left 😭 
  • @karisahamdi

    Spoilered GBBO commentary while still keeping it vague lol
    They were one of my favorites at the beginning, but like, they never interacted well with the camera. Everyone else was so much more lively and playful, and this person just was more focused on their food. It got boring after a while 
  • I’m catching up y’all!! Paul is giving out handshakes like mad and I’m crying LOL! Stupid hormones. 
  • Caught up. Gah. I guess looking at the week it wasn’t a big surprise but I liked them too!! 

    I will say I’m glad it wasn’t G because he’s my favorite this time. I think I’m a sucker for the accent. 😂

  • @pajamstagrams attempting to do the same lol 

    They were just so sweet and I felt they were always so proud of the work they completed. It warmed my heart every time they won star baker and told their family. I am a sucker for that type of person in all competition shows though. 
  • @MrsLaLaBug, we have started watching tiger king 2. Have you? 
  • @runninginva yes first couple of episodes in and it’s an even bigger shit storm than the original 😂😂
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