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Weekly randoms 11.15

Time is flying y’all!! The 15th already?! 

Re: Weekly randoms 11.15

  • I have my glucose test at 2:15 today. 🙃 and I have to fast for 2 hours before. They said not to eat or drink but water is cool, right? 
  • @photographerwife Mine said water was fine. I wasn't fasting though (just the hour after drinking it).
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  • @photographerwife oh let me know, mine is tomorrow and they didn’t tell me anything and I can’t get ahold of them to ask
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  • @livingoffpbjs I didn’t end up having more than just a drink or so of water! I just drank the stuff so hopefully it’ll be fine! 

  • @photographerwife I didn’t fast at all. 😬. I was told an hour before, but I’m certain I snuck a few bites. My pancreas did fine. Thankfully. (I hope that didn’t sound like I don’t care. I have a type 1 diabetic toddler and test my blood sugar regularly at home). 
  • @photographerwife I hope it went well and that you pass with flying colors!
    @angelz429 I am so sorry that you are in so much pain and that he has put you here <3 you do not deserve this.
  • @angelz429 you fullllly deserve one or one hundred petty moments. I’m sorry you’re going through all this and he 100% deserves everything coming to him! 
  • @angelz429 All of your feelings are justified. Betrayal is such a beast of an action. Cope how you need to! Don't feel badly for being hurt or petty. YOU deserve better than to be treated with this disrespect.
  • @photographerwife Congrats on passing your glucose test! Mine is tomorrow, so I'm hoping to also pass.
  • @photographerwife - I’m the same. Glucose was good but iron still isn’t. I did add a supplement but now she’s giving me something else stronger. Which means I’ll also be purchasing stool softeners lol 
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  • @JWatt5 fr though. We might as well add a daily colace too. 🤦🏼‍♀️
  • I had my glucose test last Wednesday and they said they’d only call if I didn’t pass, so hoping that it’s all good since it’s been almost a week and no one has called me!!  I failed the 1 hour by 1 pt with my son and had to do the 3 hour, which I passed but hated. 

    My mother is driving me INSANE about Hanukkah and Christmas, which she does every single year. She is totally inept at picking out and getting gifts shipped, and so I basically end up having to tell her exactly what to buy and from where, and then I have to wrap all her gifts when they arrive (including gifts for myself 🙄). Last year I’d finally had it and said to stop sending gifts for anyone but my son, because the best gift she could possibly give me is not putting more shit on my to do list.  That was after she ordered some stupid ornament for me that I didn’t even want. It got stuck in transit, and she made me spend 2 hours on the phone with the place she ordered from and the shipping company to try to sort it out because she couldn’t possibly handle it.  But somehow here we are again with me handling all the logistics of her presents for my son….  
  • @JEM2014 that would be so frustrating! I started keeping an Amazon list for each of my kids and add to it throughout the year then just send family the link when they inevitably ask around their birthdays or Christmas. It doesn't take away having to wrap or anything, but definitely helps with the ideas.
  • @JEM2014 that stinks you’re the idea person, the logistical person, and the wrapping person. I second the Amazon list idea suggested by @modoodles. What happens if you tell her you’re not doing it anymore, and then follow up every conversation she tries to have about it with a reminder that you aren’t doing it?
  • @jem2014 that’s so frustrating! Like you don’t already have enough on your plate this time of year?! 🙄
  • @JEM2014 That's a lot! I wouldn't like that either. I also echo @modoodles idea for giving her a list (she could even pay for Amazon to wrap it!)
  • @photographerwife Congrats on passing glucose test! @makingbacon Hope your glucose test went well!
  • @lexilougolden I failed it lol. I’ve never failed one, so hopefully the 3 hour test comes back normal and isn’t too bad. 
  • @makingbacon Oh no! Fingers crossed for the next one!
  • @modoodles we’ve done the Amazon list in the past when we were living in the US and it works better. A lot of the frustration right now is because we’re living in Belgium and she can’t figure out how to ship from the US or how to order from an EU site. Which I get is slightly more complex, but honestly it’s not THAT much harder to order from Amazon.de than Amazon.com….  Just another reason I’m glad to be moving back next year!
  • Today has been interesting. My 5 year old son accidently locked us out of our house. lol Thankfully my MIL lives .5mi away and was able to get us back in.

    @angelz429 I 100% support you on what you did. What he did is so wrong and you can cope and heal how you feel is needed.

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  • @alylove11 Oh no! That's a fear of mine! We have an extra key outside but I'm afraid my SS will misplace it and we will be in trouble!
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