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Weekly Randoms w/o 11/15

Re: Weekly Randoms w/o 11/15

  • School is getting crazy because of Covid-we have three classrooms out and I'm a close contact of one. Because I'm fully vaccinated I get to stay in school, and I've had a cold for days and get surveillance tested so I know it's not Covid. Anyway I go to school unless I have new symptoms. I hate teaching online and hate the teachers and kids are having to do it, but frankly I wish I had to stay home and work from home because I have so much to do at home and its actually less work for me (I'm not a classroom teacher). 
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  • @Blondesweety444 You and your baby are warriors and I admire you both! Happy World Prematurity Day!
  • Same to you @aloha_mama as both a preemie mom and a NICU nurse! We wouldn't have survived without the support of our amazing nurses! <3
  • @Blondesweety444 I do it because I love it— to me it isn’t just a job— and I think that’s how it is with most NICU nurses! I’m inspired every day by the tiny fighters and the strong-ass parents like you.
  • Constantly impressed with the strength of these preemie parents and babies! 
  • @Blondesweety444 That is truly amazing. You rock hunni! And you make tough babies!
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    I have a product spotlight question! I'm trying to find a really great not crazy expensive rocking armchair for the nursery-I don't like what we got for the other kiddos. A quick look of cozy bigger ones shows that some are made to order and have a many month lead time, and some of the cheaper ones have weird issues like the back and bottom pieces are made weird and don't fit together or the whole thing squeaks, lol. I'd love to get some opinions on others out there! 

    I'm wondering if we can move up the Product Spotlight for nursery furniture/gliders (I can't remember which is on the product spotlight list) so I can get an idea of what everyone used/loved for their gliding armchairs. It doesn't need to be immediate but I think its a lot closer to the end of our pregnancies now. Any thoughts? ETA: I guess its in late December! So not as far away as I thought. I'm breezy.
  • @SmashJam I’ve been looking forward to that one too. I got the cheapest, ugliest one ever for when DS8 was born but it fit me perfectly and it was my favorite seat in the house. I’ve had my dad weld it back together a few times over the years but it’s really, reeaalllly past it’s days now. And we don’t have all the stores to go try things in person here that we did then. 
  • @SmashJam and @bluecampanula I would also vote to move it up. We also got a really crappy rocker for DS5 and I swore I would get a better one this time around. I’ve been really fixated on finding a nice one and it would be nice to cross that off my list 🤣
  • @SmashJam, it would be good to prioritize discussing the furniture pieces in general (incl. rocker) because as you mentioned furniture lead times are insane right now. I love my rocking chair, haven’t had issues, bought it for DD4 and using right now for DD1. Worked great for nursing and now reading books together. I can provide all the info in the actual spotlight. It is a Dutalier, bought in 2016.
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  • Sitting on my couch and staring at all the little messes I need to pick up before my grandpa brings pizza over in 40 minutes.

    It might just be how it is. 🤷‍♀️
  • @rbflei that is 100% celebration worthy!!
  • Glad to hear you are turning a corner @rbflei!!
  • @rbflei yay glad you feel better!
  • Re: rocking chairs etc I hardly used mine with DS4 but was glad to have it. I’d like to get it reupholstered just for aesthetic reasons. We’ll see if that happens. It was just a regular wooden nursery rocker with the pads on the arms and seat and back and foot stool. 
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    Rocking chair. We decided to invest in a leather recliner that also rocks. No regrets. I can't tell you how many messes that chair has had wiped off. Worked great for feeding and laying back having baby nap on me and almost lays flat so we could sleep in it in her room if needed. When she was older it just moved into the living room and for 4 years we had a super comfy chair. Downside is of course initial cost but it paid off over time with use and now with second kid.
  • Pottery Barn Kids glider recliner in performance fabric - DD3 shit all over that thing, and it looks brand new. I loved the glider part because no pinched fingers once they start crawling. And I loved the recliner part because I ended up needing to do reclined nursing due to a fast flow. 
  • I swear there was a randoms created for this week, but I can’t find it?? I swear this app is such a pain!

    I went in for possible UTI this morning. Initial results are negative but they will send it off for culture. They did say though that there was some protein in my urine. My blood pressure was fine though. I don’t think I had any protein before this. I’m already on a baby aspirin. Can it be normal to have a bit of protein and not turn into preeclampsia or is this like definite precursor to issues? I sent a message to my dr so will see what he says. Currently 21 weeks. 
  • @Blondesweety444 Some protein is normal, so it depends on how much there was. There is a clinical threshold your OB will look for combined with what your blood pressures look like. Proteinuria is not bad by itself, it’s when it’s accompanied with other symptoms that they start to look at preeclampsia, etc. UTIs can actually cause proteinuria, so chances are good that if the protein was minimal then your UTI was the cause.
  • Yeah the results say “trace protein” so it doesn’t sound like there was much. Initial results for UTI was negative but cloudy urine so they are sending it off for cultures. And blood pressure was perfectly normal. So hoping that maybe it is actually just a UTI and no cause for concern. 
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