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Has anyone or is anyone experiencing a lot of pressure down there? I am 17 weeks 5 days and feel a ton of pressure. This could be completely normal however I am not sure. Yesterday I had some (not a ton) fluid come out again not sure what it was it could have been urination but I don’t really feel like I needed to urinate at the time. Once again could be normal.

I went on Monday to MFM for cervical check and I measured at 3.2. I’m in the normal range but on the low normal range. I saw my regular OB yesterday but did not do another cervical check because of the one that was done on Monday. However we discussed doing prophylactic cervical cerclage because I am on the lower end of cervical length and my previous history. I was suppose to MFM on November 22 for another cervical check but the OB wants me to get in this following Monday November 15. MFM was closed on Friday so I can’t speak with them until Monday. Baby was good and heartbeat was great yesterday.

Back story is I have been pregnant before with baby boy twins. I lost them at stillborn at 22 weeks due to incompetent cervix. So now I am wondering am I being overly anxious or should I be concerned? 

What should I do?

Re: Pressure

  • @arfricks1130 Hey there! We typically don’t make individual threads for our questions. This would go great in the “November Symptoms” or “Great Big Questions” thread, to avoid cluttering the board and pushing more popular topics down. You might want to try posting in either or both of those, you would probably get more attention that way.

    That being said, I think you should try to stay away from “Dr Google”, which can be our worst enemy. It’s easy to be anxious about symptoms during pregnancy, especially with your history of loss (I am so sorry for that, by the way, it must be hard for you to be going through this with that in the back of your mind). Generally, if your OB Is comfortable with where you are for the time being, and baby is doing okay, then you’re okay and you’ve done all you can for now. Just keep your appointment Monday and speak with the MFM then. 

    Make sure to introduce yourself in the introductions thread so we can get to know you, and update us when you find out more!
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