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Fit Mom Friday 11/12

Fit Mom Friday is a fun way to help us on our healthy pregnancy goals. Fit is whatever it means to you!

Health/Fitness Goal (and why, if you want to share): 

Week's Successes:

Week's Challenges: 

GTKY: What would you say is your guilty pleasure?

Re: Fit Mom Friday 11/12

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    Health/Fitness Goal (and why, if you want to share): Workout 3-5x a week to prep for a hopefully intervention-free labor and delivery and a quick recovery!

    Week's Successes: I worked out a grand total of (drumroll) ZERO TIMES. Zero, y’all. My days have been filled with packing boxes and hauling them to the POD, so I’m actually pretty sore from that! Lots of squats to protect my back while lifting heavy items, and my shoulders and upper back burn from rearranging boxes in the POD while playing Tetris. I still feel pretty lazy, though!

    Week's Challenges: See above lol it’s mostly been a mentally and emotionally challenging week, as we prepare to leave what we consider to be home for us. We’ve been so busy packing and getting the house ready for renters that we haven’t had a chance to do anything we love to do around the island so that’s been tough.

    GTKY: With kids it’s hard to have time for a guilty pleasure but I do love sneaking candy 😬 DD got so much Halloween candy and she’s so excellent at sharing that I don’t really have to sneak it, but something about being stealthy makes it taste so much better! I’m paranoid about gestational diabetes this time around since I’m pushing AMA so I’m being more careful with my diet, but a fun-sized Snicker bar every once in a while doesn’t hurt, right?
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    Health/Fitness Goal (and why, if you want to share): Eat (reasonably 😅) healthy and continue my weekly yoga practice to include exercises that help prepare my body as best as I can for an easier birth!

    Week's Successes: Yoga 3x after work this week, along with my daily walk outside during my lunch break. We also walked from our home to downtown on Sunday, which is about 3 miles!

    Week's Challenges: My FIL is staying with us, so naturally we’ve been eating out or getting pizza/takeout every night. 🙈 I also had to skip one of my yoga practices after work this week since we was here, and he have a small condo.

    GTKY: What would you say is your guilty pleasure? Ooohhh. 😏 Pastor Mexican street tacos I don’t even feel guilty about anymore because I love them sooooo much it’s always worth it! Also I think I’ve mentioned on this board before— before cutting out caffeine during this pregnancy, my absolute indulgence was having a hot cup of ceremonial cacao on the weekends. I buy a block of ceremonial grade “paste” that I chop and add to hot water with a little bit of maple syrup and it literally brings me SO much joy! Also more recently: watching Sexy Beasts on Netflix. 😂 Reality shows are totally not my cup of tea but I love seeing the costumes (similar to Face-Off) and guessing what everyone looks like underneath! 😆

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    @aloha_mama Packing and moving is exhausting! It totally counts as your workout for this week. Hope everything with the move goes smoothly!
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    This week wasn’t great for exercise— I think I did Pilates one day and got one good walk in. The walk was FREEZING and windy so I picked up the pace and then had to slow down because my ligaments were like NOPE, we’re gonna cramp up on you! But I have done a lot of organizing/purging type stuff around the house so I guess I got some squats in, too, lol. 
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    Yeah, I’m another who got 0 workouts in this week. Some little low key walks but that’s about it. 
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    Haha thanks guys for replying, thought I was going to be the only one on my own board with my sad “zero workout” tally 😂
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    Health/Fitness Goal (and why, if you want to share): I’m going to go with 3 workouts per week + daily stretches for easier birth, because that sounds more achievable to me than the 5 workouts per week that people keep recommending to me.

    Week's Successes: If I remember correctly, one walk and one yoga video, plus stretching a few days.

    Week's Challenges: Lack of both motivation and discipline. 😬 I’m not great at establishing and sticking to routines. However, I just got a new planner for 2022 that includes the last couple months of 2021, and I’m going to try to use that to manage my time better.

    GTKY: What would you say is your guilty pleasure?Almost any kind of baked good. Cookies, donuts, muffins, bagels…
    Me: 30 // Hubs: 31
    Married May 2019
    Baby #1 due April 19, 2022
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