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Monday bitch fest 11.8

Re: Monday bitch fest 11.8

  • My child woke me at 530am Sunday morning since she didn’t want me to get that sweet extra hour and then last night she woke me at 1am and kept me up till 3am. Then she didn’t want to wake up to go to preschool, luckily her dad was staying home today so I let her sleep and he took her to preschool. But seriously kid, stop stealing my sleep, I neeeeed it!
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  • I'm tired of SS's mom bad-mouthing us when he's at her house. He'll come back to us and say "mom says that dad is ______". It's completely inappropriate information to share with a 7 year old but she does so to manipulate him to take "her side". I don't understand how a grown-@$$ adult can't see that they're traumatizing their child by putting him the middle of things. Maybe I have more perspective because the same thing was done to me as a kid.
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  • @lexilougolden that’s crappy. I’m sorry you have to deal with that. I’d definitely be having a conversation or at least having yh say something. Kids shouldn’t be in the middle of adult problems imo. 
  • I hate when people feel free to touch my belly. I am so close to buying a sweatshirt that say « DO NOT TOUCH » It is still my body!

    Also, I don’t know if it is because its my first child but I really do not want anyone touching my baby. 
    I get annoyed when people just pick your baby up without asking. I feel it is super disrespectful. 
    Or when the baby is sleeping and they insist on going to see him/her. 
    Have you ever faced this issue with family members? 

    Maybe i am just creating problems that are not there which I always do. 

    @livingoffpbjs haha not looking forward to this. My husband always wakes up at like 5-6am. So I count on him to handle mornings 😂

    @lexilougolden I am so sorry! It is very low to get children involved. It must not be easy to deal with such a person. I really hope things get better! 

  • @livingoffpbjs Oi! I'm not looking forward to that part of parenting. Hoping MH that needs less sleep than I do can help out more. Hope you're surviving today!

    @photographerwife We have talked to her about it but to no avail. I told him to send a lawyer's letter underlining terms of divorce where you cannot talk disparagingly about the other parent. He doesn't go to the level I do though and thus it will probably always happen. :/

    @aganem You're completely justified in feeling that way! I don't know of a solution though. Weird how people can be unaware of personal boundaries like that.
  • @lexilougolden I'm sorry you're dealing with that, and that you dealt with that as a kid.  I don't have any experience with it, but from what you've posted so far about your SS, he's super lucky to have you in his life.

    @livingoffpbjs +1 to the no extra hour of sleep club.  I got both boys ready on Sunday morning when they got up early, and we made a donut run.  There was a line of tired parents with very awake kids waiting for donuts at the store lol.

    @aganem I hate being touched even when I'm not pregnant, and I've been told by people that I'm cuddly like a cactus, but I literally back up or put my hands up and say "Don't touch me." We also had issues with family boundaries and picking baby up, kissing them on the face/mouth, or wanting to wake them up, but the key was setting those boundaries early and before they met the baby.  People don't like being told no, especially when they feel like the baby is "theirs," but in reality, the baby isn't theirs, and they aren't the ones who will deal with the disrupted sleep schedule or the sickness that came from them kissing baby all over the face/mouth.  I found the boundaries talk was easier after the first one, so if you decide to have that conversation, pick the easiest person/set of people to practice on first lol.
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