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Monday Bitchfest 11/8


Re: Monday Bitchfest 11/8

  • Off work all weekend and it’s like nothing happened since Friday. 😝
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  • @MrsLaLaBug it really messed with my DD she’s just under 2 and was in rare form all day yesterday.
  • My niece gave DH and I the stomach bug this weekend 😭 Hopefully it'll only be 24 hours, but so far it's been a very tough morning. 
  • @karisahamdi feel better!! 

    Another vent/bitch: I REALLY wish some of these symptoms would ease up. Like I hate complaining but it’s really just the PITS. I think I could totally handle it if it was just like one or two symptoms that were even super bad…. But being bombarded with like 15 different symptoms all at the same time is taking its toll. I wanted to be excited that I was over 25% of the way done with this but now I just wonder how much longer I can make it. Ughhhhh
  • Hi I’m back to bitch about food again 😂 I’m so tired of being on a super restrictive diet, but apparently it’s nearly impossible to get UC back into remission if you get pregnant while having a flare, so super restrictive diet it is 🙄🙄 on the plus side, it looks like I’ll be gaining minimal weight this go-round
  • @karisahamdi nooo I’m so sorry… the girls and I had it a few weeks ago and it is no fun. Fx it is a quick one 
  • Love my kids but holy hell am I done with the constant all day whining. It's exhausting to listen to. Plus I'm DONE with morning sickness. I miss having an appetite and miss enjoying food. 😭
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  • @Asheebeth
    Ugh totally agree.  My girls have been sooooo whiney!  It is driving me nuts.  

    Totally over morning sickness always starts up late afternoon and then goes till I am ready for bed.  I just want to have one day that I can eat dinner, and not feel like crap the rest of the night.  

    Also one of my kids toys keeps randomly making noise/talking in the playroom at night and it is really annoying/creepy.  WHY won't it just shut up.
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