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GTKY 11/6

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It seemed like a few people wanted to post something but didn't know what so I found some random questions. Answer any or all.

What is your biggest kitchen fail?

Have you ever sent a text message to the wrong person?

What is one thing you refuse to share?

Re: GTKY 11/6

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  • biggest kitchen fail:  trying to make a roux while on maternity leave. I don’t know what I was thinking. I did not have time for that, I had a newborn and the roux scorched and the whole house smelled awful. 

    Text to the wrong person: a few years ago my boss told me (somewhat in confidence) that some one had quit and I immediately texted my boss asking if she knew of anyone looking for a job. It was supposed to go to a friend.  Luckily I didn’t say exactly what I thought of the person who quit. That would have been awkward. 

    Don’t share: my toothbrush that’s just gross. 

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  • What is your biggest kitchen fail? probably some sort of milk mixture boiling over on the stove and completely ruining the stove top

    Have you ever sent a text message to the wrong person? I sent my mom a somewhat sexual text accidentally once? I think it was "I think it would be hot if you picked out lingerie for me." My friend at the time was a fashion stylist for A-list fashion magazines, and I played it off as a text meant for my friend as a joke. 

    What is one thing you refuse to share? I really don't like sharing water bottles with anyone. Not DH, not DD3, no one. Something about the potential for backwash just really grosses me out.
  • These questions are great! Thanks @dinomeetsjedi!

    My biggest kitchen fail I think is when we tried to make our first meal in our new InstantPot. I really wanted to make risotto since its such a pain to make on the stove. We doubled the recipe but it was too much for the pot so it wouldn't seal and cook. We ended up with this absolutely disgusting mushy mess that never actually cooked. We dumped out the entire thing in the trash, which was a decent amount of the not so cheap arborio rice! I've since then been able to make it successfully and its so delicious!

    I'm sure I've sent some wrong texts/emails to the wrong people, but I can't think of a particularly horrible situation on the moment. So I guess none of them were too scarring. 

    I feel like motherhood requires you to share everything. I don't particularly like sharing my food, but I will if it stops any whining (so basically every time?) If I really don't want to share I tell him my food is spicy and that makes him go away. I'll share my drink if there's no possibility of backwash (straw, water bottle, etc.). My husband also drools so we absolutely do not swap pillows. Its so gross to roll over in the middle of the night to a wet spot. :| 
  • What is your biggest kitchen fail?
    There’s a recipe MH and I really like that uses store-bought gnocchi and a homemade sauce. One time I bought whole wheat gnocchi instead of the regular kind we had always used before. Turns out the whole wheat gnocchi is MUCH more finicky and quickly turns to mush if you don’t take it out of the boiling water at EXACTLY the right time. We tried it twice before deciding it wasn’t worth it and switching back to the regular gnocchi.

    The worst part was that the first time, my husband was trying to take care of dinner by himself because I wasn’t feeling well, so he felt really bad for “ruining” dinner, but it really wasn’t his fault.

    Have you ever sent a text message to the wrong person?
    Nothing too disastrous, but my husband and his brother have somewhat similar names (both short with the same first two letters), so I have occasionally texted my BIL thinking it was my husband. Shortly before our wedding, my BIL texted asking what he should wear to the rehearsal dinner. Later the same day, my then-fiancé asked me the same question in person, and I was like, “Honey, we already talked about this! Don’t you remember texting me?” Finally realized what happened, and now in my phone my husband’s name has a heart in front of it, and my BIL’s name is in all caps. 😂

    What is one thing you refuse to share?
    Toothbrush for sure. I share food and drinks with MH and used to with other immediate family, but not so much any more. But at the same time, I can be weirdly defensive/protective about my food and get a little offended if someone just takes food off my plate or eats leftovers that I wanted; it’s only okay if I offered it.

    Sort of related, I like to have a variety of snacks around so I have lots of options, but my husband sometimes likes to “use things up” so we don’t have tons of extra stuff to store. So he used to finish off things that I was really looking forward to eating. Thankfully we sorted that out pretty early in our marriage. 🤣
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  • What is your biggest kitchen fail?  Ah probably the biggest fail that I can think of is from right before we got married I was trying to prep a potroast by browning the meat and I used olive oil which gets WAY too hot and I set all the smoke detectors off.  This happens at the house we live in now ALL the time because they are super sensitive so we really have to watch when we use the broiler or anything like that.  

    Have you ever sent a text message to the wrong person?  I'm SURE I have but I can't think of a juicy story.

    What is one thing you refuse to share?  The one thing I can think to add to this list you all have started is LIP PRODUCTS.  Chapstick, gloss, lipstick, etc.  NO
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  • Good GTKY questions!!

    Kitchen fails- over the years I’ve head plenty of mess-ups, but one happened this weekend so it’s on my mind. DS4 helped me make peanut butter banana bread, and we put the loaves in the oven. When the timer went off, I was in the middle of doing something, so I turned it off with the intention of getting it out of the oven in just a few seconds. Well I forgot, for at least 20 minutes 😩 It was burnt and DS has a huge meltdown because he was looking forward to it! 

    Things I refuse to share- unless it’s an emergency, I’d rather not share most hygiene stuff- toothbrush, towel, deodorant, etc. 
  • Kitchen fail: So many, it’s embarrassing. Lots of macarons and bread in the trash because they just turned out awful. I set a plastic pot meant for the microwave on a stove burner once and melted plastic all over it, we had to replace the coils. Last year for Christmas I made a dulce de leche pie by boiling cans of condensed milk in the Instant Pot. Everything was going great until I had to get the cans out of the pot and I dropped one back into the water when it slipped out of my tongs and splashed boiling hot water all over my face. I had second-degree burns on my forehead for our Christmas dinner. But the pie was delicious!

    Text fail: I can’t really think of any that are really juicy… I revealed someone’s birthday present in a group chat once.

    I refuse to share bath towels and washcloths/sponges. I just can’t. We’ve shared a toothbrush before in a pinch, like when we were camping or something, but definitely not on the regular. I don’t share my stethoscope at work, either, because I’m too paranoid it’ll disappear even though it has my name engraved on it. I’ll follow the person the make sure I get it right back if I loan it to them.
  • Oh yeah, 100% I would rather not brush my teeth than share a toothbrush. I cannot imagine in what scenario I would be desperate enough to share a toothbrush. Absolutely not.
  • What is your biggest kitchen fail? Early on in our marriage I was making lasagna and mixed up tablespoons and teaspoons for the salt and didn’t realize it until it was completely made and we sat down for dinner. I was so sad, it seemed like this huge amount of food and effort and it was totally wasted. We lived with DH’s grandma at the time and she actually tried to fix it, and I was like no, even if you can’t taste all that salt it’s still there - don’t eat it and die!

    More recently, I dropped a sharp knife pointy edge down into my foot. Also don’t recommend doing that. 

    Have you ever sent a text message to the wrong person? Yes, but nothing spectacular. More along the lines of announcing dinner is ready to my group friend text instead of DH

    What is one thing you refuse to share? Toothbrush, that’s gross. Because of my celiac I also have my own toaster and jar of pb that no one else gets to touch!  
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