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5 weeks and spotting

Hi, I tested positive with a home test on 11/1/2021, and confirmed it with a hcg blood test at my pcp office on 11/2/2021. Since 11/2, I have been spotting (only when I wipe) brown discharge, really only smears nothing more than that. Well, this morning I woke up and after I used the bathroom, I wiped and there was bright orange/red blood (only a smear too) with a piece of dark red blood in it. It was not a clot. I am currently 5 weeks today. I have had no more of the orange/red blood. It is back to brownish colored and only when I wipe as well. I did tell my dr, and she had me come in for blood work. I am curious if anyone else has had an experience like this and still have a successful pregnancy? I am very scared.

Re: 5 weeks and spotting

  • @hljsecrest. I had similar symptoms beginning at 5w and lasting until 16w.  They found a cervical cyst at 10weeks which they think was the cause.  My son was born a few hours after his due date.  I know it is very scary, but try to stay positive.  You are in contact with your doctor which is important.  I hope they can provide some reassurance for you.  Wishing you the best.  
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  • thank you very much,, I appreciate your words...I'm trying to stay positive!
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  • Yes! I’m going through this now. At 5w6d I had a bunch of brown discharge. Went in for an ultrasound and saw little baby and their heartbeat. But the brown spotting has continued. I’m 6w now but  Today I had more black strings or dark brown discharge. Not more than usual just continued. My doctor thinks it’s leftover blood from implantation because they didn’t see anything on the vagina ultrasound but I’m still nervous. No cramps. Just brown spotting for 4 days now. I had a miscarriage in 2019 so I’m super paranoid :( 
  • This is always stressful. I had spotting off and on throughout my first trimester with my son. It was super scary but everything was fine. The best thing to do is stay in touch with your doctor, go in for checks as they recommend, and do your best to stay calm. Best wishes for an uneventful pregnancy! 
  • Well. Had an early ultrasound. I am now 6 weeks. I have a subchorionic hematoma which accounts for the bleeding. Anyone have had one of these before? 
  • @hljsecrest, I had one at 10.5 weeks with my daughter. A few scary gushes of bright red blood sent me to the ER because I was hone alone and panicked. Heard her strong and steady heartbeat for the first time that night, and now she is a perfectly perfect 2.5 year old. 

    Currently 4w5d with #2 and have had one instance of brown discharge and one instance of mostly clear with some pink mixed in. It’s got me feeling very anxious 😩
  • Did anyone have these symptoms with a faint positive? I’ve had a faint positive for 3 days and currently 4w3d. I hate that it’s faint and now having the brown spotty discharge. 
  • I’m 4 weeks + 4 and having some mild cramping low and in front and all over. Last night I got a brown smear, even fainter smear this morning. But about 4 hours ago it was a little heavier of a bleed (still light) mostly brown but a puddle of dark red - not quite a clot.. I’m terrified. I had a miscarriage last year so just really hoping everything is ok. I have my appointment on the 20th. Prayers all around. I think it’s normal though and am trying to not freak.
  • I'm 5 weeks and going through this. I've been spotting all week and told to stay on bed rest and get hcg blood draw to see if it's rising. Went to er and saw sac but not yolk sac or fetal pole yet ( but may be to early esp. If hcg is just slow to rise). Hang in there. I think I am making things worse by freaking.
  • Ohh thank you for the tips too!!!
  • I just went to the ED for bleeding and they diagnosed me with SCH, they put me at 6 weeks and we're able to detect the heartbeat and everything. Still a bit nervous and unsure of if I should still be exercising etc.
  • Hi Everyone! So I am here to get some advice and to see if other people
    have had similar experiences. I am currently 5 weeks and I started bleeding yesterday. I went to the ER last night and they did bloodwork to show that my HCG went from 5437 to 6600 in 24 hours. They also did ultrasounds showing two sacks. No fetal heartbeat, but they said that is perfectly normal at this stage. The bleeding had stopped before I actually got to the hospital yesterday, but started back up today and has gotten worse. There have been some clots along with the blood. The blood itself has ranged from pink to red. I have “small nabothian cysts in the cervix” according to the ER doctor. I also have had a light amount of light pink bleeding for about a week and a half prior to this which all my doctors said was implantation bleeding. Am I miscarrying the babies or is this something else? I’m super worried. I had a miscarriage last year almost to the day 😢
  • @dmb451 it’s possible the cysts could be causing the bleeding if they’re in your cervix. There’s a lot of blood flowing down there. I had some bleeding this pregnancy as well and I have a polyp on my cervix. She put me on pelvic rest so I can’t lift over 20lbs and no sex. I’d started bleeding originally after my first TV ultrasound. It got a little heavier and looked to have some clotting. It’s gotten better and I’ve not spotted in about 5 days now (over the past 3 weeks). All that to say that maybe this is similar for you and hopefully it will slow and stop. Try not to worry (easier said than done) and give your doctor a call on Monday 🤞🤞
  • @sunshineandlemons did your bleeding start and stop? On the first day of this heavier bleeding I bled for about an hour or two and then nothing for 24 hours. Yesterday I bled for about 8 hours and now nothing. Periods are just a constant and I remember my miscarriage last year was constant bleeding as well. I read that cysts can cause bleeding to start and stop, but maybe miscarriages can do the same 😢 I have an ultrasound already scheduled for Tuesday since that’s the next day the office is open after the holiday. Hopefully they can give me more information and hopefully this bleeding has stopped for good 🤞🙏
  • @dmv451 yeah, it would come and go and range from pink to red to brown. I hope you get some answers and baby is ok!
  • I’m 5 weeks and over the last 2-3 days have experienced some spotting as well. This is my first pregnancy and it’s hard to not be nervous. Spotting has not been enough for a liner, has been super dark / brown. Dr said to call back if it turned heavy and bright red. Hoping all is well when I go on 1/12. 
  • @knottie4af56dc6a7c37a35
    I’m experiencing the exact same thing but I’ve lost all of my “pregnancy symptoms” of food aversions, tiredness, and bloating. As a first timer as well, I’m extremely nervous. 
  • Try to stay positive/call your doctor if concerned. I ended up calling and getting some Bloodwork done yesterday, just waiting on results now.  
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