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  • I don’t know why people get so twisted up about sushi. Eat what you want in moderation from a place that serves QUALITY food. The amount of fish ANY person, pregnant or not, would have to consume to get some kind of mercury toxicity would be ridiculous. Swordfish/shark has been the one thing my OB actually commented on saying to avoid when I questioned him about sushi. Which I’ve never even eaten anyway LOL! So every pregnancy I have had my occasional spicy tuna roll and everyone has been PERFECTLY happy and healthy!! It never ceases to amaze me how everyone and everything on the interwebz seems to want to either try to scare the 💩 out of pregnant women or just tell them “NO!!!” to like EVERYTHING! 
  • @MrsLaLaBug
    i had a California roll last week and it was great. Not a real roll but my DH does t like sushi so i was at the mercy of what the sushi bar has ready to go in the moment i craved it. My OB is actually okay with a little wine here and there but I’m too uneasy about that personally. 

    AFM - i booked a hair appt later today knowing that I’ll be cutting it close to work to close tonight. Oh well. I need my blonde. 
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  • absolutely agree that sue and Mel were the superior GBBO hosts.

    my FFFC: my sister picked out her wedding dress yesterday (it’s gorgeous), but it’s a totally different style than what she originally thought she wanted. Her OG plan was to go with simple elegant lines, probably a silk dress…very elegant. She ended up going with a more boho look and it suits her so well. But she still wants her bridesmaids to wear black forms dresses it’s just weird to me. Also, since she has a shorter engagement, all the maternity dresses available look like capes and I’m gonna look like a giant fat bat coming down the aisle. It’s her wedding, so I’ll wear whatever she tells me but I wish she’d change her dress colors lol
  • @skc040512 mmm yeah, I personally don't see how boho + formal BM dresses work, but hey, it's not my wedding lol. Do you not have time to alter a non-maternity dress and go about it that way? 
  • @And846 girl get you some blonde! I’m a blonde so I fully support you lol! 
    @skc040512 I LOL’ed at giant fat bat! While I’m sure that’s not true, I do agree with @pajamstagrams about maybe altering some non-capeish! Has anyone suggested to her that maybe her new style of dress commands a change of bridesmaid dress style? 
  • @MrsLaLaBug coming back to address your FFFC....

    First of all, UO, but sushi sucks😂 but yeah, I agree, I think a lot of the recommendations are unnecessarily conservative. I was super paranoid with DD, but now I'm pretty chill. Especially once I realized romaine lettuce isn't on the "no" list, but that got recalled 1000x when I was pregnant with DD. just gotta be smart about your risk of food poisoning. I'd absolutely eat a medium rare steak right now if I could stomach the texture 😬

    On other boards and forums I always have to comment about things like "OMG I can't eat pineapple???" Girl, you'd need to eat like 5+ cores in one sitting. I don't know anyone who has ever voluntarily eaten a pineapple core. Plus your mouth/lips would be on fire from all the acid. 

    Ok my FFFC is every time I eat Thai food (not that often) I freak out about lemongrass, and have to remind myself that if consuming lemongrass was really that bad, Thai women (and other cultures with lots of lemongrass in their food) would be having tons of miscarriages. 🙈
  • @pajamstagrams yes yes yes to ALLLL of that!! I’m sorry you take no pleasure in sushi 😂😂 but I’m 100% with you on medium rare steak! Sounds sooo good but I don’t think I’m ready yet either LOL!!! 
    I mean we can’t lock ourselves away and become hermits who can’t wash our faces, eat a piece of turkey, or clean our floors bc EVERYthing is going to immediately poison us! 
  • I agree that sushi is trash 😂 but all y’all enjoy! 

    As for altering a non-maternity dress, that’s something I’m looking into. Normally, I’m inbetween traditional sizing and plus sizing, and my boobs are huge. They just get bigger during pregnancy lol. I’m afraid I’d have to buy like a size 20-22 and just take it in SO much in order to accommodate boobage and baby. (I usually wear a 16 regular, but sometimes have to be an 18 or 16plus because of the boobs). The other problem is she wants chiffon dresses, which will be pretty on the other bridesmaids (they’re all fairly tall and thin), but chiffon is gonna just like…billow…on me and baby 😂
  • I am cleaning out the toy box today…. And that box of things I told M (3yo) we’re saving for later… is actually going to donations 🙃
  • I’m too scared to get the covid booster shot while pregnant and most likely won’t. 
    married 10.2016
    ttc #1 11.2017
    dx: unexplained
    letrozole + trigger + ti: bfn x 2
    iui #1 9.25.2019: bfn
    iui #2 10.23.2019; bfp 11.3.2019; edd 7.17.2020
    dd 7.6.2020

    So I got the somewhat itemized part of my Natera/Panorama bill and of course, opted to do cash pay. I’m just absolutely dumbfounded at the difference in cost. That test, if billed to my insurance, cost SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS. Yet pay directly to them yourself and suddenly it’s a cool $250. Somebody is making a killing. 😳🤪

  • @b_1029 no flaming here, I’m not either. 💜💜💜
  • @pajamstagrams I actually have eaten pineapple core. ;-) I ate it, along with the actual easy to eat part of the pineapple, following my embryo transfers (the theory being that the bromelain in pineapples helps with implantation and it's most concentrated in the core--definitely mostly internet conjecture, lol). 
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