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UO/Thankful Thursday 11/4

I think I forgot the thankful part last week! Oops!

Unpopular opinions and thankful thoughts go here!


Re: UO/Thankful Thursday 11/4

  • Thankful to be back at the stage where I can *tolerate* coffee without gagging. It still isn’t appealing and I don’t go for it most days, but like this morning with the insomnia I really need something to wake up and I’m thankful I can stomach it 
  • MrsLaLaBugMrsLaLaBug member
    edited November 2021
    @happynapper I’m not quite there yet and I misssss coffee 😭😭 SOON!! 

    UO: I hated Handmaid’s Tale. Never could get into it. 

    Thankful for DH. He has really been a godsend while I’ve been SO tired and SO nauseous these past weeks, handling everything with the kids, meals, helping with the housework and all of those other things I’m normally also helping to do. 
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  • @happynapper omg, I don't know how you dealt. I have to have my coffee each day or I'm cranky or get a headache. 

    Thankful: I got a new Christmas tree this morning and it was not a million bucks. The cat chewed the cord and the current one is not longer lighting up. I knew I had to grab it quick cause the faux trees in my area sell well before thanksgiving.
  • UO: I hate watching movies I really want to see with my DH. He just asks a million questions for something I am also watching for the first time.

    thankful: I have my first day off from work since the summer coming up next week and I cannot wait.
  • @MrsLaLaBug I didn't love it either. read the book, it was only okay 🤷‍♀️

    @and846 ugh idk if our tree will turn on this year...every year it doesn't light up immediately but then eventually it does. Is this year the year it craps out?? 

    @happynapper being able to tolerate coffee in the AM has been a god send this time...still awful in the afternoon when everything ramps up, but with DD it was all day every day until 14+ weeks. 

    @addsprinkles521 enjoy your day off!!

    UO: came to me as I am watching another season of GBBO...I don't like passion fruit 🤢 I don't understand the obsession in this show! Season to season, it's always so popular!
  • @pajamstagrams love GBBO but I do miss the old hosts (sue and Mel) and mary berry. Just isn’t the same. Maybe that’s another UO.
  • @pajamstagrams it’s so funny how different the food is there vs here. 

    @addsprinkles521 def not a UO in my book. I ADORE Mary Berry, and Mel and Sue were funny together without even trying… I do enjoy Noel but Matt just isn’t funny AT ALL to me and he makes Noel less funny. 
  • pajamstagramspajamstagrams member
    edited November 2021
    @addsprinkles521 @MrsLaLaBug Mary Berry was a delight and I miss her, but I don't hate Prue either. But agree, Mel and Sue were better. 

    Eta tags because apparently I can't Bump this early lol
  • @pajamstagrams I do love Prue. I’ve always wanted to have some really cool necklaces like hers!! 😂
  • @MrsLaLaBug Yes! I'm a big fan of her fun glasses and love for liqueurs in baking. 
  • @And846 @happynapper @pajamstagrams I love my cup of coffee in the morning but I was off it for a while and have been in a holding pattern where I make a cup of coffee in the morning but only have like 2 sips...
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