HDBD 11/3 — The Bump
May 2022 Moms

HDBD 11/3

Lets see those baby bumps 


Re: HDBD 11/3

  • I’ve been wondering if I should start! I’ll probably start tomorrow at 14 weeks. I feel like it’s still mostly… fluff lol but I can’t suck it in anymore and when I looked back at my pictures from DD(3 yo) I guess I started at 11 weeks and I can definitely see the progression between 11 and 14. By 17 it’s like definitely baby so pretty soon there will no mistaking it!
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  • @happynapper LOL this was the first week I took a pic and I mean, I know mine is just bloat but it is def fun to look back on like you said! For me personally, it’s not a true “bump” if my jeans still zip and button - when I can’t do that anymore, it’s def not just baby bloat. 🤣🤣🤣
  • @happynapper I took a picture right after finding out so I could try and decipher what was the extra weight I was already carrying around vs. what’s an actual bump 😆 my first picture looks like 12 weeks from last time
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  • 14+4 in the AM. The bump expands by dinnertime and deflates overnight. 

  • I love these pictures! I dont have a bump yet. I just look like I ate too many oreos. 😆 10 weeks, 5 days.
  • @fireflyz_56 girl, same. 😂

    @And846 love your bracelets!!
  • @DarkSerendipity live the cactus comparison! Nice to see a change from fruit.

    @MrsLaLaBug thanks! They have been on my wrist for 10+ years! 
  • @fireflyz_56 same!!!!  And truthfully I have had too many Oreos 🤦🏼‍♀️
  • 14 weeks! Featuring one of my cats 🐈‍⬛   

  •  I’m love love loving all the little bumps!! 💜💜💜
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