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WTF/Winning Wednesday 11/3

Let’s hear your WTF’s and wins this week! 

Re: WTF/Winning Wednesday 11/3

  • WTF: I was at the grocery store yesterday… Bacon 🥓 is like $10 a pack here now! That’s almost like $1 a slice! 😂😂😂

    Winning: DH is only working half a day today and is leaving early to take me to lunch and come home to help with some more of the housework and stuff. We are in the middle of getting ready to list our house, decluttering and purging, packing things up for storage, we had a dumpster delivered to our driveway last week and it’s almost COMPLETELY full. I knew we had a lot of junk but never imagined we’d actually fill it up!! 

  • @MrsLaLaBug meat is getting insane! DH has started looking for a chest freezer so we can just go up the road to a local farm and just buy half a cow and half a pig. We’re already planning on getting chickens next spring, and if our neighborhood would allow it, I’d 100% have a rooster too so I wouldn’t have to buy as much chicken 😂
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    @skc040512 we have been planning to do exactly the same! It’s hard to find a deep freeze around here - everything is backordered!!! 
  • @skc040512 @MrsLaLaBug uggghh it's my dream to be able to have a chest freezer or second fridge/freezer so we can buy meat in super bulk (aka 1/4 cow). But alas, we have no room inside for another fridge, and our garage is tight, plus, just thinking of that electric bill in the summer 😖. 
  • also winning…
    my maternity pillow came today!!! Woohoo!! 😆
  • My WTF : I just got a call from the OB apparently I now have hyperthyroidism and I’m being referred to an endocrinologist… super fun

    my win: I actually planned a meal ahead of time and I can’t wait to cook dinner tonight instead of throwing something together that resembles a meal. 

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  • My WTF: The doctor at my appointment yesterday could NOT find the heartbeat and got me so anxious because I had to wait to this morning to get an ultrasound - which, I know, is not the end of the world, but she basically said I was too fat to find it. Kinda hurt my feelings. (Note: This was not my regular OB, but mine was off yesterday, so I got that one instead.)

    Winning: This morning at the ultrasound and we found the little guy just wiggling up a storm in there. HB was at 157, and we got an amazing profile shot as well. The u/s tech said I was NOT too fat. So take that, Doc. Neener. 
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  • @DarkSerendipity 🤬 I'm annoyed for you. My OB has told me multiple times that the doppler is really hit or miss at 12 weeks, and that they shouldn't even bother. Both with this baby and with DD we couldn't find the HB with the doppler, so I had to wait for the ultrasound room to open up (they have their own). I do have a tilted uterus so that probably plays a factor.  
  • @itsagalsworls1024 were you faint symptoms and they tested for it or did they just run a random thyroid panel? I’m sorry that you have to deal with that. 

    @DarkSerendipity that is a major wtf! I’m so sorry you had to worry overnight until they could get the ultrasound and that comment was totally uncalled for. 
  • @DarkSerendipity that’s DEF a serious WTF!!!! This is exactly why my OB office doesn’t even start using Doppler until 14/15 weeks! Glad you got to see baby on the u/s!
  • @DarkSerendipity wow, that's awful!! Some Doctors have the worst bedside manner 😡

    WTF: I bought French Onion soup from Trader Joe's because of the soup thread and the packaging made it look like it came in nice little cups to make in the oven, but nope it was just a frozen block of soup and I don't have an oven-safe bowl. It ended up being a sad microwaved soup instead of the beautiful soup they showed on the box. 

    Win: Not hating food as much anymore! I do have some moments still, but I'm so happy to be excited about food again.
  • @happynapper they ran the usual blood panel on my first visit but the thyroid levels were high so they wanted to run them again and they were still high in waiting on the Endo to call and book an appointment 

    @DarkSerendipity I legit would have throat punched her and asked for someone else. I’m a bigger lady and with my daughter they send me to a high roach doc because of something called cursing fetal syndrome that made me feel wonderful I so was so worried that I was going to crush her. Some people just don’t think before they talk. 

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  • @DarkSerendipity. I can't believe that OB. That is absolutely horrible and completely unprofessional behavior.  

    Wins: 10+5 weeks here and my jeans still fit comfortably!  It is a huge win because I had lost 20 lbs since January and only started fitting into these jeans again the week I found out I was pregnant. Still haven't gained any pregnancy weight yet so I'm feeling pretty good about that too.

    WTF: more of a general thing but seriously why the F does daylight savings still exist?!  I am dreading the change with my kids this weekend.
  • @third2022 omggg I despise DST!!!! Not looking forward to that at all!! And same here with the jeans. I’ve just got back into mine after a LONG time being unable to. I’m going to be so sad to just pack them away… again. 😢
  • @third2022 oof daylight savings 22 month old has recently started waking at 6am again and I'm terrified for the clocks to turn back...
  • I am SO legitimately excited for DST. DD is a terror of grumpiness in the morning so I'm really hoping that the sun might be starting to get up by the time it's wakeup time for her. I struggle to get up before the sun rises, and clearly DD inherited that. 
  • @itsagalsworls1024 Sorry, catching up so I'm late to this, but sorry about the hypothyroid! I developed hypothyroid when I was pregnant with DD, and I've actually just stayed on the medication since then. If it makes you feel better, I've found it really easy to manage. The hardest part during pregnancy is that I'm starving in the mornings but you have to take synthroid on an empty stomach and wait 30-60 minutes. Hopefully you're able to see your endo soon and it's just as easy to manage!
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