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Weekly randoms w/o 11/1

Can you believe it’s November?!  No meme bc the bump is being weird on mobile…

Re: Weekly randoms w/o 11/1

  • The other day H and I were talking about vasectomies. I said I could also get an IUD bc I know at least a few people who have gotten pregnant despite their husbands having one. He says no need it's effective enough. Whatever, we moved on.

    Today he comes home says, "You know that dude who said three kids was a bad idea? He's having a fourth and he not only got a vasectomy but had it double checked for effectiveness. And it still failed." So now he agrees a vasectomy and IUD ( because I also know people who got pregnant with an IUD). Can you tell my H is 100% against having a 4th? Lol
  • @SmashJam lol! It’s true though. I met a woman at a recent ultrasound who was there with her 25 year old daughter who was getting an ultrasound since she was pregnant. The 45 year old mom also had a baby (IUD baby she said and 20 year age gap between her two kids!)

    Would you have a 4th? I would consider it if I didn’t get so severely ill in pregnancy. 😬
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  • @Ivorytower2 I would consider it but really only because my two boys now are close and I worry an almost 4 year age gap will leave this one out. I'd want to do it very soon after. That being said, I feel ok being done after this one, which is not something I felt with DS3. 

    I am not that sick in pregnancy but this one has been more rough than my last three. Like I just don't feel good at all! It's contributing to my feeling of "done".
  • @SmashJam I feel the same. My two older girls are so close (both in age and in general) and this is going to be a 5 year age gap now. I guess we’ll see how it goes after the first year. I have a 3.5 year age gap with one sister and 7 with the other. Me and the youngest weren’t that close growing up but now we are extremely close and best friends.
  • Since I'm having a scheduled C-section it will be pretty easy to have him tie my tubes at the same time (assuming there isn't some complication). So that's what we will be doing.

    My body ejected my IUD after 1 year of being inserted completely fine not once, but two times! :s . So I can't do that for long term birth control. My OB called my uterus a "pistol" for being such a PITA over it. 10/10 do not recommend going through ejecting an IUD.

    Might have the hubs get a vasectomy as secondary insurance because we really won't want an oopsie baby given how complicated my pregnancies are. But TBD.
  • Question - what did everyone do with their wedding dresses (if you had one)?

    My mom preserved mine in a nice box and I've kept it kicking around fo 10 years. But now that I'm having 2 boys for sure, I don't see any reason at all to keep it. What do I do with it? We have a decent crawl space under our house that we use for storage. I could throw it down there esp. because its in a preservation box. But that feels like such a waste!
  • @Blondesweety444 Mine is hanging up in our linen closet. I put it back on for our anniversary each year. Some years it zips, some years it doesn’t 😂
  • @monstera13 mine wouldn't stand a chance to be put on again  :D I think I'm like 60lbs heavier  :#
  • @Blondesweety444 since you bring it up, I have no idea where it is. Thank God I have pictures of it or I'd have forgotten all about it. I can't imagine even putting it back on now it's been almost 17 years. Wow. Time flies. 
  • @Blondesweety444 Mine's in a box in my closet (we have a walk in). I will not put myself through the torture of trying to put it on again, haha.
  • Mine is right behind me in the attic/my office. We had to take everything out for some work and now it’s staring at my in the face while I work. It is also in a preserved box. I don’t know if my girls will wear it or if it will just be a memento for them. You can also donate to someone in need for Prom or a wedding!
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  • Mine is hanging in my mom's closet just normal, not preserved or anything  :# I think it would still fit if I weren't pregnant? I don't know lol. I should've sold it immediately, I don't know why I thought I'd feel sentimental about it.
  • Ivorytower2Ivorytower2 member
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    Mine is preserved too in a box. For some reason I thought that the preserving stuff they use has formaldehyde and other chemicals in it, so I wasn’t sure it would even be an option for my girls to wear it one day. But they lovvvee taking it out of the closet looking at it and examining all the details every few months. It’s the sweetest thing. 
  • My wedding dress is in a clothing bag in my closet. It wasn’t anything special except that I wore it in our wedding. We did a small deal and I bought a knee-length lacy one for $60 at Express. Still wear it on nice dates sometimes (when I’m not pregnant).

    My random right now: Had our anatomy scan Monday and we got a photo disc instead of printed pictures. We were in the car heading home before it occurred to me that neither of our laptops have a disc drive. 🤦‍♀️ So I’ll need to visit my mom or look for a photo kiosk that still has a drive to download the pictures and show everybody. 
  • My wedding dress is “preserved” but just in a garment bag, lying across the top shelf of our linen closet. Because I cheaped out on the box at the last minute. I’m sentimental about it while also feeling like it’s uselessly taking up space. 

    @hoosiermamajayden that’s a little nuts! A couple years ago my parents found a cassette tape from when I was in high school - and then I didn’t have any tape players except for our car. I thought it was ironic since it was a project for some technology class. It’s crazy how fast things change. (I’m 33)

    My random - why is it so hard to find bras?? I’m busting out of my current ones, but the next size up I ordered are way too big. And there’s nothing local so I have to wait for the next round of shipping. 
  • I have mine preserved and in a box. My goal is to, once I renovate the upstairs of my house, to have it framed and hung on the wall of my closet
  • @bluecampanula bra shopping is the worst. Since I’m wfh this year I’m mostly in sports bras, but I randomly found one on clearance at kohl’s that I paid less than $5 for (and somehow it fits really well). Hoping it’ll last me for a bit. 
  • My wedding dress is just in a garment bag in my closet. I normally don't get sentimental about that stuff and never planned to keep it but my Mom bought it for me and she passed away 2 weeks after my wedding. She was so excited to get it for me so it felt wrong to get rid of it and it was the last thing she gave me. Now I don't know what to do with it so it just hangs out and I fear if I open it and see it's deteriorating it'll make me sad. So living in ignorance is bliss.
  • @fameonmain2, remind me where you are? We have the same this morning, we live around lower Hudson valley NY. 
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  • @queenklau I'm in MA! But in the Boston area. So, close-ish...
  • My wedding dress is just in the garment bag it came in too.  I never even got it cleaned so the bottom of it is FILTHY.  🙈
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  • @fameonmain2 this heat trick sounds like me! Ive moved my H up from 63 to 65 for the heat, and have an electric blanket for nighttime. Damn native Vermonters.
  • lol over here in California with the heat set to 72 during the day
  • @Blondesweety444 my wedding dress is just hanging in the garment bag in came in the the closet in DH's office. like @shlecks I didn't have it cleaned, so its a bit dirty. I always had the intention of getting it preserved, but it's been 10yrs and I still havent done it. 

    @hoosiermamajayden when you say busting out do you mean the cups? have you tried sticking with the same band size and going up a cup size? or alternatively going up a band size but keep the same cup size. so if you're normally a 34D go to a 34DD or a 36D. the cup will be proportional to the band size so if you go up in both you're getting a much bigger bra. just some suggestions. 

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  • @Avrilmai by busting out I mean that the cups of my best fitting pre-preg bra left lines across me the other day. That one was a 30c (Bella ciao) and was on the smaller end of that bra (because the different colors I tried in the spring all fit differently!).

     I was excited to now measure as 30d (abtf said 30d/30dd) because it opened up my options a lot. And the side support of my Bella ciao annoyed me so I tried other brands/styles in 30d. Which were noticeably flappy even under my winter sweaters. I’ve caved and ordered more Bella ciaos which should come this weekend and hopefully I’ll have at least one bra. 

    It’s tricky because I was barely figuring out my post-nursing shape and now as they’re filling back out I probably need to start from scratch. They’ve also worked so hard to feed 3 kids already that i want to give them better support this round. Which also probably means I’ll be cutting straps and sewing my own nursing clips on, since I’ll shrink back down after the first couple months. 
  • @bluecampanula I am a 30D normally, a 32DD in pregnancy, and a 30DDD while nursing. It's like nearly impossible to find bras. I either spill out the top (and sides) or fall out the bottom. I've found some good wireless ones after buying, like, a thousand different options, but it's still really annoying to have so many brands be completely off the table. 
  • Blanqi belly support leggins are 50% off! 
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  • @queenklau thanks for the heads up! I've been eyeing those shorts with the belly support.

    This may have been the least painful time change morning ever. Everyone slept late because both kids have colds and weren't feeling their best last night. I got to read and since technically it was 5:30 when I woke up I got an hour of extra sleep as well-I didn't have to choose! 
  • @queenklau have they updated their material? With DD3 I literally only got one wear out of them because they pilled so bad inside and out that they were really uncomfortable (and ugly) to wear. This was like early-ish 2018.
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    @doxiemoxie212, this is my first time trying the ones I bought. I would imagine they have made them better since 2018! 

    Edited to address Doxie and not myself bahaha.
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