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how to tell husband I’m pregnant?

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I just found out an hour ago! How did you tell your partner?

Re: how to tell husband I’m pregnant?

  • Congrats.
    Just so you know an admin may take the puc down, as pee sticks are only allowed in the sticky at the top of the thread.  Not allowed anywhere else. 
  • Opps! I had no idea thanks for letting me know!
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  • Also, its rude and called a DD (dirty delete) to completely delete/change your post.  

    Sorry, but just letting you know.  

  • I didn’t mean to do anything wrong I just couldn’t figure out how to delete my original post and didn’t want it to be irrelevant. I planned on asking this question anyways. Didn’t think it would be an inconvenience to anyone. 
  • I ordered a onesie ahead of time that said “Hello daddy” and put it in a package with my four positives tests and had him open it when he got home from work! How did you end up telling yours? 
  • A couple months ago we wrote each other some of those "Open When..." notes. She wrote one that said "Open when I say" and inside it said "I'm pregnant" with a little heart.

    She didn't really get to use that though, because I had a feeling and I knew she was testing so I was hanging around when the time came to check it. I kind of liked it better that way. I got to see her reaction when she saw the positive.
  • <img src="https://us.v-cdn.net/5020794/uploads/editor/do/oke9nwbedt32.jpeg" alt="" />

    I had this on his pillow for him when he got home from work
  • <img src="https://us.v-cdn.net/5020794/uploads/editor/9z/lh20x2g656mj.jpeg" alt="" />
  • <img src="https://us.v-cdn.net/5020794/uploads/editor/kw/4id9z1cbf4vq.jpeg" alt="" />
  • Gosh.. sorry for the multiple posts.. I’m not sure if the picture is loading correctly - I just see html code..

    Just in case it’s a card that has an old school NES controller on it and says “player 3 has entered the game”
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