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November- What My Pregnant Self is Eating

Re: November- What My Pregnant Self is Eating

  • Oh. My. Lanta. I've been eating everything for the last few days! We have so much Halloween candy and it just calls my name all day long! I also ordered a couple of take & bake pizzas yesterday and I have eaten all but one slice of an entire chicken, bacon, artichoke pizza. 😬 I'm already dreading the midwife visit on Wednesday because of it. Zero self control. 
  • @modoodles omg, we love that pizza! We had it last week too! I know... my last visit had me a little down because of the stupid scale.

    AFM all I want is sugar. Sugary cereal, candy, juice.
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  • @lexilougolden all j want is sugar too. It is unreal, I’ve never been like this in my life!
  • @kaf1788 Mmm, what kind of stuffing do you like? Now I'm excited for Thanksgiving!!
    AFM I'm making good headway on completing a bag of sour cream and cheddar chips. Can't believe how much junk food I want to eat.
  • @lexilougolden I like any kind of stuffing as long as it has sausage in it! Yesterday we just made a doctored up Pepperidge Farm stuffing - added in some celery onion and italian sausage. Embarassingly it is already gone  :D I ate it for three meals in a row and could still eat more lol
  • I've been eating these cinnamon rolls for days: https://oldwestcinnamonrolls.com/ I grabbed a bag mix on our honey-babymoon and they're great! Easy to make and taste amazing. I may buy bags for my whole family for Christmas. I also have been craving OJ again.

  • All I want is French fries, fried foods, chips and my mom’s cream cheese dip. I had to get labs drawn for my husband’s HSA/insurance, and my triglycerides are up a bit. I haven’t been eating the best, so I need to cool it. 

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  • @alylove11 Cream cheese dip?! Do you have a recipe? Sorry about your triglycerides. I've been trying to grab fruit whenever I have a sugary craving.
  • @alylove11 count me in on wanting all of the carbs! I have like 3 meals with week with potatoes and bread. 😅
  • I've been craving Buffalo Chicken Dip and didn't want to make it. Found some pre-made at the store and it's taking every ounce of control to not eat the entire container today.
  • @lexilougolden yes it’s so simple! 1 block of Philadelphia cream cheese (I think off brand isn’t as good), sprinkle as much garlic salt as you want, and a splash of milk. It helps if the cream cheese is slightly softened to mix, and add milk as needed to thin out the cream cheese. It can be as thick or thin as you want, I typically go for a thicker consistency.  Delicious to dip with Doritos or plain potato chips. I usually do chips n dip with sloppy joes or BLT’s. 

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  • @lexilougolden here’s step by step what it looks like. I added a tad bit too much milk so it’s more soupy this time. 

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  • Ugh, it loaded in wrong order. 😤

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  • @alylove11 thank you! I've tried one like this but with sour cream and garlic salt! Yum! I'm in a dip mood. 
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