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Weekly Update 11.1

Happy November! One month closer to February!

How Far Along?
How big is baby?
Upcoming Appointments?
TTGP Grad?
IF/RPL/High Risk?
How are you feeling?
GTKY: What's your favorite video/board/card game?

Re: Weekly Update 11.1

  • How Far Along? 27 weeks! Almost to third trimester!
    How big is baby? His fist is the size of a blackberry
    Upcoming Appointments? Not till the end of the month with T-Dap vaccine.
    TTGP Grad? No
    IF/RPL/High Risk? No
    How are you feeling? Okay. Probably the best I've felt but still not great. I'm just grateful for a heating pad that helps my back pain.
    Rants/Raves? Rave: Got the baby's room painted. I love the color! Will have to post once it is more orderly. Ordered our Britax car seat too! Feels good to get some things done. Called the hospitals nearby and have a better idea of which one would allow SS to meet his brother after he's born (Covid policies and all). Rant: MH is OCD about home projects and is stressed about the simplest of mistakes with the painted nursery. I don't relate to that.  :D
    Questions? natm
    GTKY: What's your favorite video/board/card game? I love lots of board games (settlers of catan, code names). I excel at word games (boggle).
  • How Far Along? 23 wks
    How big is baby? Grapefruit 
    Upcoming Appointments? 11/18!
    TTGP Grad? No
    IF/RPL/High Risk? AMA
    How are you feeling? Generally good!
    Rants/Raves? None about pregnancy at the moment! Sorry I’ve been MIA, work has been crazy!
    GTKY: What's your favorite video/board/card game?  I don’t know if I have one, honestly! I prefer puzzles
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  • edited November 2021
    How Far Along? 26+4

    How big is baby? A bunny! 

    Upcoming Appointments? Had one yesterday and again in 2 weeks for my glucose test. Going every two weeks now! 😳 it’s getting real. My doctor said we can look at scheduling my c-section on the 15th at my next appt! 

    TTGP Grad? Yes from June 2019-may 2021

    IF/RPL/High Risk? Secondary IF 

    How are you feeling? Pretty good. I had a lot of back pain this weekend that made it hard to get around and do stuff. I didn’t even go to work. But I’m starting to feel better now.

    Rants/Raves? I got my nursery chair in yesterday and was able to get some other baby stuff out of storage last week so I can get a better idea of what I need. I’ll post an updated nursery photo soon too! We had a good Halloween too. We just had a small Halloween party with friends. This time of year is my favorite. I’m going to take down some of my Halloween stuff today and I might even put out some holiday stuff. 😬 I won’t do a tree until before thanksgiving though. Ds birthday party is in 11 days so I have to wait until after then at least. 

    Questions? Natm

    GTKY: What's your favorite video/board/card game? I like a lot of board games. I’m not a big fan of just regular card games though, they don’t keep my interest. The past several months mh has been into magic and I’ve enjoyed playing that with him! 

    @lexilougolden congrats on getting the nursery together more! Can’t wait to see, and I feel you on the small mistakes. I obviously try to get everything as perfect as possible, but no one is going to be looking at the wall thinking one tiny spot is messed up! Our hospital starting allowing more visitors too, I just asked my ob yesterday but still no siblings. Dh and I agreed that we want our son to be the first one to meet the baby and if he can’t come no one will. 

    @ohsunnydays2 glad you have been feeling well! 
  • How Far Along? 27w
    How big is baby? A terrarium globe
    Upcoming Appointments? 28w check up on 11/10
    TTGP Grad? Feb 21-may21
    IF/RPL/High Risk? No
    How are you feeling? Got my moderna booster so I feel like garbage today. Otherwise just feeling very large. 
    Rants/Raves? It's MH's birthday today and I made cake even though it's mostly just for us lol. I got him cards from both me and baby and he thought it was cute. Celebrating with friends over the weekend with some friends. I'm also just feeling excited for the holidays coming up
    Questions? Natm
    GTKY: What's your favorite video/board/card game? I'm still partial to animal crossing and other standard Nintendo games. 

    @ohsunnydays2 glad all is well!!
    @lexilougolden can't wait to see the nursery! Envious of your word game skills lol
    @photographerwife sounds like lots of exciting things coming your way as well! It is such a good time of year :)
  • makingbaconmakingbacon member
    edited November 2021
    How Far Along? 26 weeks
    How big is baby? Butternut squash, bowling pin, slow loris
    Upcoming Appointments? 2 weeks
    TTGP Grad?
    IF/RPL/High Risk? RPL, AMA, periodically broken thyroid
    How are you feeling? Tired, but good other than my sciatic nerve
    Rants/Raves? Rave: I was down pretty much all weekend after overdoing it last week with sciatic nerve pain.  DH really stepped up and helped more with the boys, and it made a big difference in how our weekend went.  He's been taking the night shifts with DS2 (he's attempting to get sick), and we've been tag teaming in the mornings really well.  So fingers crossed everything runs smoothly for him while I'm traveling for work the next few days.  Also, one of our favorite daycare teachers came back from maternity leave this week, and we were so ready for her to come back. Rant: Still on the sciatic nerve - DH is talking about canceling his annual hunting trip because my parents canceled on coming to help with the boys while he's gone.  I can usually handle them, but am moving pretty slow and painfully by the end of the day, so he's worried I'll actually end up hurt if DS2 picks a night not to sleep well.
    GTKY: What's your favorite video/board/card game? I loved playing Nintendo when I was growing up. DH and I play War periodically.  We're decently competitive, so that always makes it interesting.

    @lexilougolden That's exciting that you got the room painted! What color did you go with?

    @photographerwife Can I vote for decorating the tree in a birthday theme lol? I used to hate putting up my Christmas stuff, and now I'm always super ready to get everything out.  We put our decorations and tree up the day after Thanksgiving.

    @ohsunnydays I'm glad you're feeling well!

    @chgilmore This is me living vicariously, what kind of cake did you make? I'm glad he had a good birthday!
  • @ohsunnydays I love puzzles too! Wish I had a spot to keep one going.

    @photographerwife Every two weeks! Crazy! I'm not there yet but I'm sure when it gets to that point I'll be feeling that way too. The back pain is crazy, right?! I'm glad that we have the option to go to a hospital that allows siblings, as SS is thrilled to be there as soon as he can. Hopefully their policy won't change too much from now until baby comes.

    @chgilmore +1 for feeling large! I don't get how I'm going to move in even one month! I've heard that animal crossing is super fun. Might need a Switch for Christmas :)

    @makingbacon That's considerate of YH! I hope your boys stay healthy and you are able to get around better soon. Royal Orchard (green). I'll post a pic soon, if I can get things organized!
  • @makingbacon I'm sorry to hear how your sciatic pain has been acting up :( and I made a chocolate cake with a chocolate mousse-like frosting. The recipe was called "best ever chocolate sandwich". 
    @lexilougolden you're picking a good time for getting a switch! There's a major free update coming at the end of this week that adds a lot of features. It's a fun game but a huge time suck - could be great for all of the "down time" we're going to get soon enough 
  • How Far Along? 26w

    How big is baby? As tall as chopsticks

    Upcoming Appointments? This Thursday regular checkup and glucose test

    How are you feeling? So tired, but see rant below. Back pain at night, occasional heartburn, but overall good. 

    Rants/Raves? Rant: DS came down with strep *and* a cold last Wednesday (we just got over HFM recently). Didnt figure out it was strep until Friday. Developed a lot of congestion and a nasty cough on top of it (a cold is flying thru daycare). His sleep has been *so* horrible, and since we bedshare, it’s been rough. He was up every 20-30 mins coughing and crying several nights in a row. This week is also the end of the quarter, I’m launching a new unit in class, and I’m getting observed tomorrow. I’m exhausted.

    Rave: even though we had to cancel most our Halloween plans, we still ended up having a fun evening! And T was so sweet and had so much  fun! Also, my request to take the entire semester off was approved!! So Jan 24 will be my last day and I won’t go back until the end of August! Woohoo! Now I have to hope I can find a long term sub.

    Questions? NATM

    GTKY: What's your favorite video/board/card game? This is so hard! We’re huge gamers in my family. Card game—euchre. Video game: a huge toss up. I love the Fallout series for solo play; love all the classic Nintendo games (we still have a SMES). We bought a Switch when my son was a newborn lol (that’s what kept me up for those middle of the night feeds). League of Legends is fun too. For board games—I love so many! I really like cooperative RPGs. Dead of Winter is probably my favorite. (We’re huge nerds lol.)
  • How Far Along? 24 weeks (finally!)

    How big is baby? The size of an eggplant

    Upcoming Appointments? Midwife visit this afternoon 

    TTGP Grad? No
    IF/RPL/High Risk? No

    How are you feeling? Really good for the most part. Getting uncomfortable trying to move around/roll at night. 

    Rants/Raves? My husband has the day off today and I've been up for 2 hours and he's just sleeping upstairs. I've done laundry, made breakfast, got the big kids off to school, and since I do in-hone daycare, I've done it with other kids here. He could get his @ss up and you know, help out. 😏 

    Questions? I'll check out the covid post, but I'm curious anyone is planning to wait until closer to delivery for the booster so baby may be better protected? Would it even work that way? 🤔 

    GTKY: What's your favorite video/board/card game? I really enjoy playing cribbage, I learned it with my husband's family at their hunting cabin and we play it at home a fair amount over the winter.  I'm terrible at most card games and have never been into video or computer games. 

  • @lexilougolden I'm sure it feels nice to have a few big things (nursery and carseat) taken care of! And your post is a good reminder to ask today what the visitor policy is/will be regarding siblings in February! 

    @ohsunnydays puzzles? Oh man- I can't sit still long enough for a puzzle! 

    @photographerwife every two weeks now?! Wow! That happened fast! I can't wait to see your nursery pictures. 

    @chgilmore Sorry you were feeling so crummy after your booster- hopefully you're feeling better today! Cake sounds so good! 

    @makingbacon I'm so sorry that your back is bothering you so much- I hope you get some relief soon. 

    @ninrms It sounds like you've had an exhausting week- I can relate with the poor sleep going on because of a sick kiddo. (My 1 YO has not had a fever but has had a cough and terrible congestion for 2.5 weeks. We went to the pedi again on Monday and his lungs didn't sound good so they ordered a chest xray, covid, rsv, and influenza tests, but everything came back negative, so no meds and nothing to do but wait it out.) Hopefully everyone is healthy again soon! Also- I like euchre, but we don't play often enough for me to remember rules so I have to have a refresher every single time! 

  • How Far Along? 24w5d
    How big is baby? cantaloupe
    Upcoming Appointments? I get my GD screen two days before Thanksgiving  :#
    TTGP Grad? No
    IF/RPL/High Risk? No
    How are you feeling? Mostly good. My back is still achy but SO much better than it was two weeks ago. Still waiting on a PT appointment as I really don't want to injure it like that again. Also finding it extremely difficult to get comfortable at night.
    Rants/Raves? Not really either, but my husband and Samson's daycare teacher are both gungho about Potty Training soon and I am dreading it. I feel like there's no way it will go well but I guess we'll give it a shot and see.
    Questions? None
    GTKY: What's your favorite video/board/card game? I'm old school - I really like Scrabble! 

    @lexilougolden can't wait to see the nursery! It definitely makes things feel so real once that stuff starts coming together!
    @photographerwife We're thinking the same thing. No visitors until Samson can meet the baby. Even pre-Covid the hospital we're delivering at didn't usually allow children to visit during flu season so I don't have high hopes.
    @chgilmore what a bummer you're not feeling well! I must have gotten lucky with my booster experience
    @makingbacon I can't imagine trying to take care of two by myself while pregnant - glad your husband is thinking of cancelling his trip! If I was alone with Samson when I injured my back I don't know what I would have done.
    @ninrms nooooo this sick season has been SO BAD already. Hopefully kiddo feels better quickly!
    @modoodles I haven't looked closely into either but I've seen conflicting studies on when to get the vaccine to pass on the most antibodies - some say sooner is better, some say later. Since it takes about two weeks to take full effect and Thanksgiving is right around the corner I decided to just go for it. My ILs all work in fairly high exposure jobs (daycare teacher, special ed teacher, restaurant kitchen in NH which has no rules) so it makes me more comfortable to have another layer of protection before spending a lot of time with them.
  • @modoodles I’m planning on getting it around 32 weeks. I need to call and see if I can make my appointment for it now because my doctor’s office right now only has Pfizer, and I want to get Moderna again. 

    @kaf1788 Has Samson shown interest in the toilet/potty training at all? DS1 showed interest in going, and we bribed him the whole way through lol. When he started, he was obsessed with toilet paper because he always went with me to the bathroom. I told him if he wanted some, he had to pee on the potty. He was agreeable, and that’s how we got started. It took a really long time before he would poop on the toilet. We didn’t do any of the 3 day training programs, naked baby, or anything fancy. We just went slow and steady and tried to celebrate his wins...while bribing him lol. We went from toilet paper to 1 m&m to a potty chart (for poop only). 1 poop on the potty earned him a sticker and a mini snickers, and when it was completely filled up, he got to pick out a small toy as a prize.  Probably way more information than you wanted, but it’s my long version of saying good luck lol. We had some days that were awful, but it wasn’t too terrible overall. 
  • @modoodles @kaf1788 feeling MUCH better today! I even managed to go to yoga this morning :) 
    @kaf1788 sounds like you won't get results back until after Thanksgiving 😏 do what you will with that hehehe

    @ninrms oh no poor buddy! I hope he's feeling better and that you get some rest and a break soon :( 
  • @makingbacon he’s showing absolutely no interest 😅. Our daycare teacher thinks we should just start putting him on pull-ups and prompting him to use the potty to see what happens. I don’t have high hopes but I can deal with that lol. Definitely have no plans of doing one of those 3 day  naked programs- I can not see that working for us.
  • @kaf1788 How old is he? DS1 was a little over 2 when he showed interest, but he didn’t show any interest in pooping on the toilet until he was almost 3. Our daycare pushed to put him in underwear to encourage him not to poop his pants. I told DH no, but he did it anyways, so the rule was I wasn’t cleaning up the dirty underwear. He pooped his pants 2 times in the underwear, and he went back to his daytime Easy Ups lol.
  • @MakingBacon He'll be 3 in December. We got him a potty for Christmas last year and he has showed absolutely no interest. But if it could magically work out so I don't have to Potty Train him while I have a newborn that would be nice lol. I just ordered some new potty books and a Daniel Tiger Potty doll to see if we can get him a little more interested.
  • How Far Along? 24 weeks

    How big is baby? Cantaloupe

    Upcoming Appointments? Today for the glucose tolerance test, which I failed by 3 pts. I am taking the 3 hours test tomorrow.

    TTGP Grad? Yes after 7 years and 2 miscarriages

    IF/RPL/High Risk? I don’t know what this means.

    How are you feeling? Back pain and acid reflux, otherwise good. 

    Rants/Raves? A bit nervous about the 3 hours glucose tolerance test tomorrow and my first shot of covid vaccine next week! 

    Questions? Anyone of you ever failed the glucose test?

    GTKY: What's your favorite video/board/card game?
    I like puzzles, scrabbles, and some french board game and card games that I don’t know the english translation! (I am from France). 
  • @aganem Hooray for Covid shot! I hope you pass your next glucose test!
  • ninrmsninrms member
    edited November 2021
    @aganem Where in France are you from? I lived in Aix-en-Provence for about six months!
  • @ninrms I am from Paris and my husband from Dijon! I love the south of France it is beautiful! 
  • @aganem I failed the 1 hour with my last pregnancy by a very small margin, but my 3 hour was totally fine! 
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