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First Hcg levels didn't rise adequately, second time did?

So this is my first pregnancy and I have PCOS so my periods are pretty irregular. My LMP was 9/24. I went into the ER on the 25th due to some major navel pain and because I took a pregnancy test that morning and it was positive. My pain was stemming from an infection not anything to do with the pregnancy thankfully. They did an ultrasound and nothing was there (too early) and they also measured my hcg level at 152. I called my oby to make a first appointment with them and they wanted me to go back in for another hcg test on the 27th due to the pains I was having, even though its just from an infection. I went back to the hospital for lab work because they said I had to go where I originally got tested to stay consistent, and I got the scary call a couple hours later that my level only went up to 186. The oby had me come in the next morning for an ultrasound to make sure they couldnt see anything funky going on (and they couldnt, still too early) but then the doctor was trying to tell me that because of this ONE slow rising number it meant I more than likely had an abnormal pregnancy. She wanted me to take these pills that would bring on a period essentially. I told her I wasnt comfortable making a decision off of one set of numbers and I wanted them checked again. So, I get them checked another time on the 29th. I then am told that it went up to 477. Now the doctor (different from the first but at the same clinic) is saying she doesnt see a cause for concern right at this moment. I have a confirmation ultrasound on 11/9 so they will finally hopefully be able to see something then. But I dont get what could cause the slow rise the first time and then more than double the second? It's just so weird to me and the doctor didnt have any kind of explanation. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm getting another lab done today to confirm it's still rising cause I'm paranoid now but I wont be able to get the results until tomorrow. Doing my best not to panic as I know there's nothing I can do but wait but it's really hard.

Re: First Hcg levels didn't rise adequately, second time did?

  • Bodies are weird, and pregnancy is wild. Since you were still really early, the numbers just may have had an initial slow start. It’s reassuring they’re doubling now. I know it’s miserable to wait but that’s really the only thing to do for now. When I had my first miscarriage my numbers didn’t double over several draws, so it was a clearer picture of abnormality. I hope you get more reassurance soon! 
  • What if you are week 5 and they are rising but a little slow?
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