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Miscarriage at 11wks 5d

Oct.25,2021, 9:30pm I was at work when I went to the restroom to find blood when I wiped. I immediately called the OB Triage for answers. I was told that it was normal to have some bleeding in 1st trimester, keep an eye on my symptoms, rest , don’t lift or strain, etc. I was still worried so I decided to go to the ER. I had bloodwork done & a very limited ultrasound which showed me nothing but that there was “something” in my uterus. My hcg level was 12,734 so they assumed that based off of blood work that everything was alright but wanted me to follow up with my OB to get my levels rechecked within 48hrs. The next day I contacted my OB to get that done with a possible transvaginal ultrasound for reassurance. Well I was told that it was unnecessary to check my hcg levels because they were high & that an ultrasound would not be done but that at my next Appt (Nov. 10,2021) that they would use the handheld ultrasound device for reassurance. Well I didn’t bleed the 26th but the 27th, 28th I did but only when wiping. I called back on the 29th because I noticed blood began to not only show when I wiped but also on my pantyliner. I called the OB nurse & told her but again she too assured it was normal in the 1st trimester. The afternoon of Oct.30,2021 I knew something wasn’t right, there again was more blood than usual on my liner (not soaked or a great load, but more than I was seeing the other days). I decided to go to the OB triage emergency floor to be seen. Their ultrasound was very limited as well but they did see a fetus. I was checked using the pelvic exam tools & was told that there was blood & mucous spotted & there was a strong possibility that there was a miscarriage impending. I was sent to the ultrasound floor to get a transvaginal ultrasound & was told that I would get results from the radiologist when I return back to my room. Soon after I returned I felt something gushing out of me as if my water had broken & it so happened to be blood that was continuously coming out. The nurse came in gave me some wash clothes to clean myself & pads to put on & cleaned up the mess on the bed. Well as soon as I got in the restroom & hovered over the toilet I began miscarrying. All I could do was sit there & cry.. my 1st miscarriage, my 2nd baby to be born , I didn’t know the gender , but I had a strong feeling that it was my daughter (I have a 6mo old son currently). It hurts so bad to see my body going thru this & with really no one to talk to about it but my child’s father because we really didn’t announce yet. I was 11wks 5d, was so excited that I was finally about to be out of the 1st trimester only to find out that my baby had passed at 8wks gestation.. 1 week after it was confirmed on ultrasound (7wks). It hurts so bad, I wish this pain on no one. Please if you have any encouraging words, bible verses, similar experiences, prayers, anything ..please send them my way because I could really use them!!

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    I’m so sorry for your loss. I too am passing through this exact same way you did. I’m looking for answers as well as to what I may have done wrong. I am 12w5d today and was just confirmed on ultrasound that there was no longer a heartbeat. Last week’s prenatal appointment (11w5d) we couldn’t find a heartbeat on the Doppler so we tried for the ultrasound but the technician was gone for the day and the scan didn’t show much. So we waited one week in hopes that today’s technician would give us a more concrete answer. She unfortunately didn’t have any good news for us. It all keeps replaying over and over in my head trying to understand what happened, where did we go wrong. All no to avail. 
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