Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss

No bleeding?

I got a positive 6dp5dt and on 9dp5dt I positive that says pregnant on a digital test. On 11dp5dt I went in for my first beta and it was 5.88, unexpectedly very low. The doctor called saying to stop all meds (estrogen and progesterone). I’ve been having bad left pain for a few days. I went in the next day due to the pain and they did another beta, this time 2.94 and an ultrasound. She said it was too early to see a sac but wanted to rule out ectopic. She said I would miscarry and start bleeding in the next day or two. On Thursday I had a fingertip amount of dark brown spotting on toilet paper and that is it. I’ve had no red or pink blood and nothing at all. I had some clear discharge and started having pregnancy symptoms again yesterday so I tested last night and it was positive and a darker line than at 11dp5dt so I am really confused. 
Can my beta be going up now? What if I don’t bleed and miscarry? Had anyone had something like this? 
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