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PGAL Check In 10/28

How far along are you? Any milestones passed?

How are you feeling (symptoms, mentally/emotionally)?

Any upcoming appointments? 

GTKY- what TV show are you currently watching?

Re: PGAL Check In 10/28

  • How far along are you? Any milestones passed? 13w1d 

    How are you feeling (symptoms, mentally/emotionally)? I feel so much better after our US yesterday!! We hadn't seen LO since 6w and it was amazing to see how much they've grown. Happy to say my good days are outnumbering my bad days symptoms wise and I had my first craving (cornbread) in many many weeks. 

    Any upcoming appointments? Nov 12th for my first standard monthly check-up 

    GTKY- what TV show are you currently watching? I selfishly put this question because I feel like I've binged all the good shows recently and need suggestions 🤣 I finished season 2 of Ted Lasso last night and loved every second of it. 
  • @karisahamdi Ted Lasso is the BEST. I am so disappointed it’s over. The end of season 2!?!!!!!??? Wowwwwww
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  • @brookejay06 I KNOW!!! As soon as I noticed his hair getting grayer each episode I knew something evil was happening 😈
  • @karisahamdi definitely understand the relief after ultrasounds! I got an extra one today because, naturally, they couldn't find the HB with the doppler lol. (at least I was mentally prepared for that this time!)

    How far along are you? Any milestones passed? 11+4, mc was at 7+1. (Measuring 12+2 though 😳 so my due date may change. )

    How are you feeling (symptoms, mentally/emotionally)? Nausea is better in the morning, not so much the afternoon/evening. Still nervous for the NIPT, because I always have to worry about something I suppose. 

    Any upcoming appointments? Just had one today, and waiting for scheduling for NIPT draw

    GTKY- what TV show are you currently watching? I don't watch TV too often, but DH and I are watching The Circle 🙈 we love making fun of everything and everyone 😂
  • @pajamstagrams I was nervous for my NIPT results too because I am the same way always worrying lol They did come back pretty quickly and were yet another weight off my shoulders once they did. FX yours come back quick and healthy! 

    I sucker for reality TV so I've binged all 3 seasons of The Circle 🤣
  • Hi!  It’s my first time posting in this thread :)

    How far along are you? Any milestones passed? I am 10w6d. My latest miscarriage happened at 9 weeks so I’m past that but of course the worry is always there. 

    How are you feeling (symptoms, mentally/emotionally)?  Pretty good!!  Nausea frequently but it’s mostly contained with unisom and B6 at this point. I did have my genetics blood work drawn today so I’m anxious to get those results and that be behind us. I’m also so excited to learn boy or girl with those results!!

    Any upcoming appointments? I had an appointment today so I don’t go back until the end of November for the OB and mid December for an anatomy scan at the MFM. 

    GTKY- what TV show are you currently watching?  We watch very little tv but we occasionally watch a series on Netflix or Hulu. Right now I’m watching Friday Night Lights on Hulu. 
  • How far along are you? Any milestones passed? 11+2,  passed my milestone in week 9 but now we have a whole new set of worries (see NIPT thread)

    How are you feeling (symptoms, mentally/emotionally)?   

    This might need a TW because I am struggling to cope with the NIPT results. 

    Physically my symptoms are easing up, which is normal at this point in pregnancy but it's setting me off on an anxiety storm.  I know that I don't really know the status as far as the trisomy is concerned and I can't know or effect it, but the helplessness is maddening so I end up looking for any signs I can grab onto.  It is really messing with me. I am overanalyzing whether I feel pregnant enough, should I be able to feel my uterus yet, is that proof of slow growth...I just send myself in circles fearful that I could miscarry at any moment or that it is inevitable.  While also struggling to feel legitimately pregnant, because everything *could* be fine. It is so reminiscent of my experience with the blighted ovum going back in over and over without the fetal pole but being told "it isn't certain yet, it's ok to hope"  -- it's just been a mindf**k (excuse the language).   So I am just doing the best I can. 

    Any upcoming appointments? 

    Tuesday is the OB - hoping we can check growth and heartbeat and get some specific answers about risks of CVS and Amnio.  Wednesday is the Nuchal - hoping so hard it all looks normal as that would really support a false positive.  

    GTKY- what TV show are you currently watching?

    I had been watching "Call the Midwife" but it's a bit much right now so instead I have been watching British Bake Off and HGTV - the TV equivalent of a comfy sweater. 
  • @gadzooks_3 I love Bake Off and find it really comforting when I just want my brain to shut down for a bit. I am still thinking of you and praying for you guys. You are valid in all the things you’re feeling. The helplessness is terrifying and maddening. Really praying for good results for you. 
  • How far along are you? Any milestones passed? I'm 11+3

    How are you feeling (symptoms, mentally/emotionally)? Feeling much better after my session with my counselor this afternoon. It's just really nice to hear that how I'm feeling about all the life things is reasonable and normal. Symptoms are subsiding a little bit (cue the anxiety) but I think that tracks with my previous pregnancy/getting near the end of tri 1. 

    Any upcoming appointments? Midwife and flu shots next week.

    GTKY- what TV show are you currently watching?
    I've been super anxious and therefore caring for myself by watching random Reno/design shows on prime (The Big Flip, The Really Big Flip, My Design Rules, Changing Rooms). I've also watched a couple documentaries I really liked - The Inventor (about Elizabeth Holmes) and McMillions (about the McDonald's monopoly scam)

    @pajamstagrams that's so nice you could get a us right away after the Doppler, I'm stressing a little about my appt next week (but there is no us machine there lol)
    @gadzooks_3 I hope you get some answers soon, and I hope you are able to find ways to take care in the meantime (all the HGTV!) - PGAL is so hard regardless (I relate to all the analyzing you talk about re: feeling pregnant enough) and this is a huge thing to be dealing with on top of that. Re amnio and CVS I found Emily Oster's explainers in Expecting Better to be helpful and informative. Sending you love, thanks for sharing with us, we are here for you. 

  • How far along are you? Any milestones passed? 10w5d, my loss was super early at 5w

    How are you feeling (symptoms, mentally/emotionally)? Mentally a lot better since I had an appt with my OB on Wednesday and she did a bedside ultrasound for fun! I also had my Qnatal drawn so I’m anxiously waiting for those results. 

    Any upcoming appointments? Next one will be at 14w the day after Thanksgiving for a routine check

    GTKY- what TV show are you currently watching? I’ve been binging Shameless on Netflix. It’s super trashy and I love it haha 😆  
  • @gadzooks_3 I've been thinking of you and your family this week. While I can relate with the anxiety around PGAL I can't imagine everything you're going through. I appreciate you sharing everything with us and like @jandawg said we're here for you ❤️

    @wiscobabies I love Shameless! Such a good show and I will admit I did shed a tear during the series finale. 
  • @karisahamdi don’t say anything, I think I’m only on season 5 haha
  • @wiscobabies oh don't worry I hate spoilers! I just cry when shows I love end even when I'm not pregnant 🤣
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