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Measuring Small

So at my last ultrasound appointment I was told my baby is measuring small and is in the 18th percentile and they wanted to do another ultrasound at my next 4 week appointment. When I went for that today (24 weeks) they said she’s still on the smaller side in the 11th percentile so they want to do another ultrasound in 4 weeks to check on her again. Should I be worried? Is there anything else I can do to help with her growth? I’m super nervous about it!

Re: Measuring Small

  • Oh. And also
    3-10% is considered IUGR (intrauterine growth restriction) 
    but < 3% is considered sIUGR (severe IUGR)

    the implications are different. 

    And you need to know if the IUGR is symmetric or asymmetric. 
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  • angelz429 said:
    This is what happened to me with my loss baby except way earlier. 

    12w was at the 20%
    18w was at 10%
    21w was at < 3%
    22w was <1%

    He stayed on his own curve for weeks 22 & 23, but they monitored my umbilical artery (what brings the baby nutrients) and it started having poor and absent flow. 

    We were at imminent risk of demise or super preterm delivery (ended up losing him at 23+5). 

    there is no way to see what is causing the issue either until delivery and pathology review. It turned out my body was attacking my placenta (called CHI). 

    There is nothing out there literature wise that will help really, but here’s what I’ve read and what I started and what I’m still taking this time since there’s no real risk of harm either

    1) L arginine (find at like GNC)
    2) baby aspirin (my protocol calls for me to take 2 of them)
    3) extra protein

    with a decreasing size baby you’re at risk for preterm delivery and pre-eclampsia. So watch your blood pressure if you have a blood pressure monitor. 

    You can ask to talk to your hospital’s NICU team too, just in case, so you’re prepared. 

    I know this is a lot of information. Please feel free to PM me if you want to talk. It’s a lot. I’m sorry you’re going through this. 
    Thank you so much for all of that information. I really appreciate it! I’ve been told not to worry about it much, but it’s obviously going to be worrisome.
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