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WTF/Winning Wednesday - 10/27

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Let’s hear your WTF’s or your wins for the week! 

WTF: Pregnancy brain has kicked in full swing. I gave cat food to the dogs and dog food to the cat. Didn’t even realize it until like 30 mins later when the dogs were still whining looking at me like “wtf is this and where’s my real food” 😂🤦🏼‍♀️

Winning: my tired and nauseous butt actually got up and did 2 loads of laundry. AND folded them! 

Re: WTF/Winning Wednesday - 10/27

  • @pajamstagrams oh trust me I went straight for a nap afterwards LOL!!! 😂🤦🏼‍♀️
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  • WTF: ally 3 of my kids and my dog are acting like they’re on crack today. It’s 9:30 AM and I’m ready for bedtime 😅 these kids all need to take a chill pill. Idk why DD2 is acting wild because she was up constantly last night.

    Winning: DH is most likely getting a job offer today for a role that is a higher pay grade than his current position. It’s still virtual, but is classified as a field job, so it will make it easier for him to move into higher positions in the next few years 🎉
  • I bow down to anyone who has put their laundry away. 
    WTF: I am in the office today. Why are they making us come back? This is torture. I miss my bed. 
    Winning: Can't wait for a proper lunch break and going out to get takeout...highlight of my damn day. 
  • Big wtf… just my spouse in general. Things are not good and he keeps proving that he really only thinks about himself. We’re not in a good place and he keeps acting like it’s fine (but while still not attempting to change any of the things I’ve told him are a problem). 
  • Win: laundry is folded, house is clean, and if i keep up the pace Halloween costumes will be ready. 

    WTF: our one house project is a thorn in my side. A tile guy we found left a sloppy job with the grout and was like “this is how to clean it up” and here we are 4 months later trying to get grout spots and haze off this damn balcony and having vendors now come in to do the job. 
  • @happynapper oh no! Have you tried couples therapy? 
  • @And846 he is not agreeable to it, has really terrible views on mental health (and basically everything else at this point)… covid times have brought out the worst in his personality and as a medical professional I can’t really live with it anymore. We’ve had a couple of conversations that I wish we’d had before trying for a third.
    I’ve met with an attorney but he doesn’t know that yet. 
  • Sorry girl. As someone who has gone through marriage hell and against the odds come out the other side...I support you. In whatever steps you choose to take. I hope you find clarity and ultimately peace! 
  • @happynapper ugh I’m sorry you’re dealing with that!! 😔
  • Another WTF:
    we have some severe weather moving through here this afternoon which means I’ll need to sit at the corner in my car to catch my kids off the bus so they don’t get soaked. Which also means I have to actually get up and put on pants. 😭😭😭😭
  • @And846 sounds like a plan!!!
  • @And846 I took my first bump photo over the weekend at 10.5 weeks 🙈 I'm definitely showing, and this week at work it's INTENSE and I feel like it's super obvious to me, but probably not to others yet. I definitely didn't show this early with my first!
  • @pajamstagrams a co-worker of mine just announced she is expecting at the end of April and my other co worker was talking bout how massive she looked (she’s not, she’s on the smaller side) so I am afraid what they are going to say when I start telling them. I know I won’t be able to hide it much longer.
  • @happynapper I'm so sorry you're dealing with these relationship problems and he's not even willing to seek any help to save your marriage. I know we're still really just strangers on the internet, but FWIW we're here for you for whatever support you need. <3

    @And846 Yeah I'm a little shocked at my bump right now; the earliest photo I took last time was 17 weeks and I could tell but in the photo you can't tell at all. I'd be up for a HDBD. :)

    WTF: DH went down with the flu on Friday, DD was taken out with what is probably the flu on Monday (and she already had her flu shot), and she's definitely giving me at least some congestion. I'm kicking myself for not remembering to ask my OB for the flu shot at my October appointment. Anyway, as a result, our apartment is a disaster and it's stressing me the F out.

    Win: I managed to pull myself out of bed early this morning and finish a work project that I'd been dragging my feet on. 
  • MrsLaLaBugMrsLaLaBug member
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    @fireflyz_56 I’m right behind you! May 30th! 💜

    @Bababatty hope y’all all feel better soon!  
  • WTF: I've lost 2 cans of seltzer today. No idea where I put them or if I finished them and threw them out, but forgot??? It's driving me crazy lol 

    Win: I was able to cook dinner for the first time in 7 weeks! It was a very simple chili, but cooking has made me gag up until this point so it's a major win on the food front.
  • @happynapper so sorry you're dealing with an unwilling partner to help your marriage. I can only imagine how frustrating that can be  :(

    @And846 I've been trying to start bump photos since last week, but I keep forgetting until 10 pm and at that time I am not photo-ready. I feel like a HDBD would help remind me!
  • @karisahamdi Is my MIL secretly living with you? She has a habit of sweeping up all the drinks in her wake, finished or unfinished, and dumping them out. 
  • @happynapper, sending hugs. I'm so sorry you're dealing with that!! 

    @fireflyz56, we have the same due date! My son was induced after being a week late so we'll see if it's accurate at all for me... Haha

    Win: got the car washed today. Feels good to have all the crumbs and dirt vacuumed up!

    Wtf: took my son to the library today and they were closed for staff training. He's been talking about it all day now, asking me what happened at the library and why we couldn't get new books. We'll probably be talking about it for the next week at least. 
  • @Bababatty hahaha I hope she's not hiding out in one of our closets throwing out my seltzers!
  • @karisahamdi LOL you never know! I wish I had her cleanliness skills, but she's a little tooooo efficient. ;-) 
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