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Weekly Randoms w/o 10/25

Re: Weekly Randoms w/o 10/25

  • @loveanddatadriven haven't seen you around in a while. I hope everything is ok with you. <3
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  • Anyone else just not able to focus lately?? Struggling to complete even basic tasks today.
  • Oatmeal raisin cookies are considered healthy, right? Like I can eat them for breakfast and feel good about it? 
  • @fameonmain2 yes!!

    @jesiannv I see no problems with that 😉

    Possible TMI random: Last night I ate a good protein snack before bed to try and sleep longer and not have a blood sugar drop or whatever. Then woke up super nauseous around 3 to throw up all the bile in my stomach. 😭 It was terrible. 
  • @jesiannv It’s oats, and fruit, so it’s basically oatmeal, I see nothing wrong with this.
  • I took the kids out grocery shopping today, to breakfast, and running errands. I didn't really think H was going to do his normal lay on the couch for a couple hours and do nothing thing and watch football because I took the kids so he could do some projects. He is still doing the football thing, until I do my writing thing at 3. When he watches football he lays on the couch, floats in and out of naps and ignores all people calling for him and looks annoyed when we talk to him about anything not football. It's fine for two hours or so but...a little more annoying since I had the kids out of the house for three hours and would LOVE to be able to do some housework before trick or treating....
  • We got the photos taken, and I posted our pregnancy announcement on social media with our Winnie the Pooh costumes (and me as Kanga). I debated posting on social media because it felt a little AW for me, but ultimately I really like sharing random stuff on my stories, and I don't like feeling like I'm keeping secrets, so who cares if it's AW. We were going to let DD3 skip her nap and go ToTing at 3pm, but it turns out ToTing does not start here, in any capacity, until 6pm at the earlier, so instead I'm going to let her take a loooong nap lol and I guess she'll stay up late (since we'll need to get home and eat dinner before bed). Maybe we won't even stay out long, though, it's cold, it might rain, there are no street lights, she might be scared lol. We'll see.
  • @SmashJam ugh that’s so frustrating. I’m sorry about that. My husbands a football fan himself and if he went about his football Sunday’s like he does now, when we have a baby, I’d be very annoyed. 
  • @SmashJam my husband lately, too. 😡
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