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Weekly check in (w/o 10/25)

Est Due Date / Weeks + Days:


Upcoming Appointments:

How are you feeling?:



GTKY: Sweet or salty snacks?

Re: Weekly check in (w/o 10/25)

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  • Est Due Date / Weeks + Days:
    May 30 / 9w1d

    TTM w/ this SURPRISE baby

    Upcoming Appointments:
    NIPT testing and 2nd dating U/S on Nov. 1st

    How are you feeling?:

    the cravings are already going wild at this point. I’m terrified I’m going to gain like 100lbs 


    GTKY: Sweet or salty snacks?
    both!!! Sometimes I want a piece of dark chocolate, others I want some chips or cheezits
  • Est Due Date / Weeks + Days: 12w5d, 5/4


    Upcoming Appointments: We're doing a private US on Wednesday to hold me over until my anatomy scan on 12/15 and I have my normal midwife appt on 11/12.

    How are you feeling?: Starting to feel much better! I was having weekly nighttime headaches last week, but those have subsided slightly and I'm starting to want some foods again. Heartburn still comes and goes, but that symptom always bothered me the least. 

    Rants/Raves: Really excited to share our announcement this week!!

    TW: MC mentioned

    I'll also be sharing about our previous loss in my post to help others feel less alone if they ever have to go through a MC. One of my co-workers was very open about hers and it really helped to have her as a resource during that pregnancy and even this one. I'm a little nervous about sharing it, but I know it'll feel like a weight off my shoulders once I do share.

    Questions: None

    GTKY: Sweet or salty snacks? Normally I LOVE candy, but this pregnancy I have been so turned off by sweets. I'm finally starting to enjoy them again, but I've been craving more salty food the past 12 weeks. 
  • Est Due Date / Weeks + Days: Approx 11 weeks (I find out Wednesday!)


    Upcoming Appointments: I was worried about the timing for the NT scan, but they were able to move my dating ultrasound today, to wednesday instead, so they can do both the dating ultrasound and the NT scan at the same time. I can't wait.

    How are you feeling?: Better this week. Just slightly nauseous and always hungry lol.

    Rants/Raves: I bought DD (she's 8) a hoodie that says "Big Sister" on it. I'm planning on giving it to her soon so she can figure out what the surprise is.

    Questions: Nope

    GTKY: Sweet or salty snacks? Definitely more salty snacks like chips this time around. And for some reason clementines are the greatest fruit on earth right now.
  • @happynapper yay for good NIPT results and a baby girl!!

    Est Due Date / Weeks + Days: 5/19 10+4


    Upcoming Appointments: 11/8

    How are you feeling?: tired, but fine…after some super rough nausea the past couple of weeks, I’m freaking out. Someone please tell me this is normal 😩 

    Rants/Raves: we are on vacation which is great! But I feel like I’m being a stick in the mud. Everyone else is happily drinking away and I’m so freaking tired because DH has been snoring while we’re here (plus the typical adjustment of a different bed). Plus I’m trying to get some alone time that I literally never get at home and DH comes in every 10 minutes asking what I’m doing lol. Anyway I just feel like everyone thinks I suck. Plus DD has been SO whiny for who knows what reason. We’ve kept her on her normal nap and bedtime schedule but she’s crabby from the moment she wakes up. I’m done complaining now haha. 

    Questions: is it normal to have symptoms suddenly completely disappear at this point? I haven’t felt nauseous since Thursday or friday. 

    GTKY: Sweet or salty snacks? Hmmmmm both? If I’m actually snacking it’s almost always salty, but I have a major sweet tooth and always want dessert after eating a meal. 

    married 10.2016
    ttc #1 11.2017
    dx: unexplained
    letrozole + trigger + ti: bfn x 2
    iui #1 9.25.2019: bfn
    iui #2 10.23.2019; bfp 11.3.2019; edd 7.17.2020
    dd 7.6.2020

  • @b_1029 I had a couple days starting around the 10w mark where I felt totally fine (and of course freaked out) and then it would pick back up a little bit. Now that I'm almost 13w I have way more good days and just small moments of feeling bad. 
  • @addsprinkles521 3 weeks is a long time to wait to hear you have a UTI.. I haven't had one while pregnant. Are they giving you antibiotics?

    @brookejay06 I had never done NIPT with my other kids so it DOES feel so early to find out! Like, from the first time I feel her move, I will know she's a girl. It's really exciting for my type A, information seeking self

    @karisahamdi I think its really nice that you're going to share about your loss when you post your announcements. Announcements can still hit me out of nowhere, even after having my second DD (my first rainbow baby, and this one will be too). I've never shared any specifics on social media but I will usually post something on infant loss awareness day just because there does need to be more awareness and support around it at all stages.

    @b_1029 we haven't really done much for vacation but even on the few short travel situations we've done it is so hard to relax when kids are sort of out of their element. I hope you can enjoy yourself some.
  • @happynapper yeah they sent over a prescription of cephalexin for me to take for the next week and then do a clean catch urine sample next visit (though I do that every visit). 
    @And846 3 weeks is a ridiculous amount of time especially since I know my other results were posted within a few days on my patient portal. I also am unsure why they wouldn’t want to see me first before writing a script since it has been 3 weeks and possibly resolved itself (I’ve had no symptoms except those that overlap with being preggo so I have no idea how long I’ve had it or if it is gone)
  • Est Due Date / Weeks + Days:


    Upcoming Appointments:
    OB appt on Nov 3rd

    How are you feeling?:
    I go back and forth from great to garbage.

    Can the 1st trimester be over already?!


    GTKY: Sweet or salty snacks?
    Gimme AAAALL the salty snacks!!
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  • Sorry, I've been MIA with DD being home sick (and DH sick over the weekend) so I'm on a tear catching up on all the threads!

    @karisahamdi I'm glad you're sharing your story with your announcement since you feel comfortable doing so. I definitely found it a weight off my shoulders when I shared my IF story on FB, and people I didn't even know were having trouble TTC or had their own losses all came forward. It also helped me bond with a co-worker who I didn't realize was having the same struggles. All of which is to say, there's definite power in making these things more visible. 

    @b_1029 Happy vacation! I'm sorry you feel like you're bringing everyone down; I'm sure you're not, but it does really suck to feel "punk" (as DH and I call it). I hope that you're able to relax and get some rest, snoring aside. ;-) As for the symptoms, I definitely started having things come and go around 10 weeks this time around. May the nausea just be dissipating! FX!

    @MrsLaLaBug I agree with @And846 to indulge in your cravings! Especially in first tri when it's really all you can do to eat anything.

    @And846 I'm sorry that going off the progesterone has given you hormone whiplash! I was on progesterone until 11 weeks but my RE had me taper it so I didn't notice any big issues. It was also progesterone in oil, but I'm assuming you're on suppositories? So not sure if there's a difference in going off that just based on how it's absorbed or because you can't control that dosage as closely as you can with a shot. I'm glad that you're starting to feel better.

    @fireflyz_56 @pajamstagrams I'm not craving citrus, but I just switched to Ritual PNVs and they have a lovely citrus taste that is so much more palatable than the other PNVs I've ever taken. I wish I'd known citrus could help with nausea!

    @pajamstagrams Congrats on hopefully gaining weight! Also why on earth do people not wear reflective tape in the dark for those activities? I swear it's because they can see you and forget that they just look like dark shadow to you. People here are constantly crossing mid-block in the dark and frankly I'm surprised more people don't get hit that way. 

    @skc040512 So, not shocked by the gender in terms of test results being wrong, but we were Team Green with DD and people kept telling me I was definitely having a boy just by looking at me. Which, even though I know is BS I somehow let get into my head. So my first words to her were, "I thought you were a boy!" LOL.

    @DarkSerendipity So close to the end of first tri! :-D

    Est Due Date / Weeks + Days: 13w1d, 5/4


    Upcoming Appointments: Seeing my OB on 11/10

    How are you feeling?: Still exhausted but my nausea has definitely gotten a lot better (it was never terrible, but I've noticed a distinct decrease). Would like the exhaustion to go away now, though, thank you!

    Rants/Raves: I have to argue with my insurance because they've decided at least part of the NIPT is "experimental" and won't cover it. BS. You covered it last time and I'm even older now!

    Questions: None

    GTKY: Sweet or salty snacks? Sweet! I need to cut back on the Sweettarts and sour gummies. 
  • Est Due Date / Weeks + Days: 5/23, 10+5

    FTM/STM/TTM+: TTM- still feels weird to say haha

    Upcoming Appointments: I just had my routine check this week, so nothing until the end of November 

    How are you feeling?: Still pretty nauseous in the afternoon, but the Reglan is helping a little. My exhaustion is mildly better, so I’ll take it 

    Rants/Raves: My husband is seriously irritating me lately. We’ve been in a big funk, and half the time I don’t feel like putting forth any effort to get out of it 

    Questions: natm 

    GTKY: Sweet or salty snacks? Hmm, both. I lean more towards salty or sour, but this go around I’m pretty on board for candy too, which is super weird for me 
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