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  • Reasons I cried today:
    I've been so exhausted and nauseous lately that I’ve completely dropped the ball in getting pumpkins for my kids to paint/carve. 🤪
  • @MrsLaLaBug I bought a pumpkin 😂 that's about all I've done with it and probably all we plan to do with it because I *hate* touching pumpkin guts and blegggh the thought of smelling raw pumpkin 🤢
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  • @pajamstagrams omgggg exactly!!! Can. Not. Do. It. 
  • @And846 girl same with the one off threads. You are always on top of them and I lol when I see it 
  • @And846 ooh I haven’t even noticed any! I need to up my snark game 😂
  • third2022third2022 member
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    I am right there with you on the exhaustion/nausea except here its that I forgot to order costumes in time so I told them they could pick any of their dress up clothes for halloween.  Thankfully that was pretty exciting to my girls (they are 4 and 2) but definitly felt like a mom fail.   Grab a few small pumpkins at the grocery store or walmart pickup and let them paint them.  I hate carving pumpkins so we will probably just paint ours and not carve.
  • @aca12017 I think we all get “mom fail” passes in the first tri!!! I am missing the days of actual 2-day Amazon Prime. It was a lifesaver for my procrastinator self!! Now nothing is truly “prime” anymore lol!
  • I know I'm totally failing during the last little bit during the 1st trimester. All I want to do is take a nap when I get home after work. I'll feel great during the morning hours, but after lunch, I start feeling like garbage. I don't want to DO anything. 
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  • @happynapper yassss! I think the baby burrito looks like a boy to me, lol. 
  • When people asked me "what are you having?" I would say "well the due date would be Capricorn but I think Sagittarius" 
  • @happynapper HAHAHHAHA yes!!! It’s a T-Rex!!! I have to scroll by all those bc it’s too early for me to let my full snark out 😂😂😂
  • @MrsLaLaBug oh honey it’s never too early to let the snark out IMO 😂 it’s my default setting

    @[email protected] I would nap all day if I could. I’ve officially extended the time requirement for my kids quiet play time to ensure I get one every afternoon 
  • @skc040512 haha I don’t wanna scare anybody away or get a rep as the “mean girl”…. Yet. 😂😂😂😂😂
  • I feel like for a moment there i was the board police in the big inning with all the one off posts and special snowflake flyby that i would comment/redorect
  • @And846 we gotta have a couple board police else there would be eleventy-seven burrito posts clogging the board 😂
  • @And846 @happynapper I appreciate everyone's dedication to keeping the board organized 👍
  • I'm with @pajamstagrams, I appreciate the policing, otherwise it gets entirely out of hand with the one-offs (plus I can't stand when people don't at least read the Board guide at the top, but I'm never fast enough to be the one to redirect them)! But I also think everyone's really nice in their "policing;" my last BMB definitely had some mean girls in it. Not seeing that this time around and I love it. :-D 
  • @brookejay06 omggggg look what I’m laying bed watching right now 😂😂😂

    I think I’ve probably watched all the seasons at least 2-3 times!!! I have only gotten to the 3rd episode of the newest season I need to catch up!!! 
  • @brookejay06 I’m literally watching the most recent episode right now 😂 my middle daughter keeps waking up and interrupting us but I swear I’m gonna finish it before bed lol
  • @brookejay06 such a good show! They're all so sweet to each other and I'm constantly impressed. 
  • Can we talk about what a stupid reference this is? It’s completely subjective. The adult sea turtles I’ve seen are about 6 ft long so……. Riddle me that! How would I know the size of it’s baby?
  • @brookejay06 the other day I noticed the one that said baby is the size of a Tater tot and I cried my eyes out. Pregnancy hormones FTW. But yeah a baby turtle shell… LOL! Like, use a fruit or some other type of food that we can relate to 😂
  • @brookejay06 @MrsLaLaBug those comparisons are so ridiculous! I remember one that was like "your baby would fit on..." And it's like...it would have fit on that the entire time?
  • @jandawg omg yes!!! Like today mine says “baby could fit on the face of a watch” and I’m like…. Isn’t a tater tot bigger than a watch face??? LOL
  • I’m a peach this week. At least i recognize the fruit or veggie. Some weeks are a head scratcher. 
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