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Ectopic Pregnancy

This past week has been a whirlwind and I’m feeling pretty deflated.
They had just confirmed I was pregnant. I had a week to be excited, and then I started bleeding. It took them another week to confirm that it was not a viable pregnancy and that it was in fact ectopic.
They kept saying how I should be able to get pregnant again, but am at a 10% risk of having another ectopic pregnancy. And although that doesn’t seem like a lot…i had no risk factors before and only had a 1%-2% chance of an ectopic pregnancy….so comparatively, 10% seems like a lot.

I’m just looking for insights from other women who have been through this. Has anyone else gone through this for their first pregnancy? We’re you able to have a healthy pregnancy later?

Thanks in advance… ❤️

Re: Ectopic Pregnancy

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    I am so so sorry for your loss. My first pregnancy was ectopic, baby implanted in my right tube and I had 2 rounds of methotrexate. That was December of 2016. 
    We decided to wait until after our wedding to try again. I got pregnant our 3rd cycle trying, and had a healthy boy in September 2018. I have had 5 total pregnancies (including 2 MC), and only the first one was ectopic. 
    Go easy with yourself, and wait until you’re ready to try again. When you do get pregnant again, let your doctor know immediately so they can start monitoring you ASAP. I have had lab draws and early ultrasounds with each subsequent pregnancy. 
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    Thank you for sharing Amanda. I am in a nearly identical scenario as you. I found out I was pregnant two weeks ago and we barely had a week of excitement before things went wrong. I had my first round of Methotrexate today at 5 weeks and we will hopefully be able to try again in three months. Thank you achanceintime for offering a glimmer of hope and sharing your success after going through this.
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    My first (and so far only) pregnancy was an ectopic “pregnancy of unknown location.” Went in for the first scan at 7 weeks and had to get a methotrexate injection the next day. It’s been three months now and we’ve been cleared to try again, but I also am nervous about it happening again. @achanceintime It’s encouraging to see that better outcomes are possible, so thank you for sharing.
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