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Monday B*itch Fest 10/25

I like the structured board format so hope y’all don’t mind if I start some of the dailies!


Re: Monday B*itch Fest 10/25

  • Y’all week 5 is kicking my butt. I’m at work like “do not talk to me, do not expect anything from me, you are lucky I am not in bed feeling sorry for myself.” DH is about to travel for the next two days and it’s going to be straight delivery for dinner for me.
  • Im so sick- like I’ve not gotten out of bed yet and it’s almost noon. I feel like I’m sea sick and I can’t get off the boat. 😭
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  • I'm in a mood where I feel like I will lose it on one of my coworkers today. I have had such a rough weekend with sickness and its carried through to today. No one at work knows so I have to pretend to be fine. These people here are just so dramatic and needy and I'm not handling it well today.
  • Add me to the feeling sick crew.  I was doing okay this morning and now I just want to barf everywhere.  Also. DD2 and DD3 were sent home from daycare today since DD2 had a fever.  They pointed out some spots on DD3s face…. Getting out of the car I noticed them on her hands.  They both definitely have Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease :s which is going around at daycare.  Uuugggghhhh 
  • @ournextadventure I basically want to lose it on everyone at all times.  Ragey is one of my symptoms. 

    Sorry to everyone feeling so sick! 
  • @KFrob Oh no! HFM is the worst.  I hope it is short-lived for your crew.  Feeling like junk and having to take care of kids is the worst.

    We have family pictures tonight.  Daycare just called and my 2.5 yo busted his lip.  Super.  Last time we had pics he had a big goose egg.  Get it together dude!
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  • My work is giving me a hard time about taking time off this week for my sons 5 year checkup, and again next week for my first appointment with my new obgyn. Like I can’t choose one or the other…? Also, I feel hungover constantly but you know, without the booze. 
  • This is my first time being pregnant and my nausea comes in waves - mostly at night and in the morning. But I feel very lucky it’s not constant and I can work from home right now. I don’t know how you tough cookies are doing it who are in the office and haven’t told anyone! 
  • @shoarmie99 I have been eating preggie pop drops to curb how awful I feel. However, my entire office knows because I see no reason to wait to tell people and that way they don’t send me home if I puke haha. 
  • @marionberry19 oh I hate those things I use morning sickness sweets by pink stork! I know so many people who love preggie pops though I’m glad you like them 
  • @daisy0322 I only like the orange and apple ones. The lemon ones make me feel like I am eating a cleaning product. 

    Also, I feel like we need to have a discussion about what prenatals people are taking because mine are vile. 
  • @marionberry19 I’m taking Nature Made prenatal, but I accidentally bought a giant bottle of the ones without DHA so I’m also doing Nordic Naturals DHA prenatal supplement. I’ve been fine with both, but I’ve been taking the Nature Made ones since May while we were TTC so I possibly am just used to them.
  • @marionberry19 Sorry you have to go through that. I think if an employee has the leave then they should be able to use it without any problems.

    Also, I am taking a prenatal vitamin prescribed by my doctor. 
  • I think mine are called Rainbow Light. I also swap it out with Costco brand sometimes.
  • @daisey0322 and @marionberry19 I like the Preggie Pops Drops Plus but I couldn't find them so I got the Pink Stork ones.  They're pretty good, but they cost 2x as much as the Preggie Pops.  I'm taking Nature Made right now, but usually I just take the Target Brand ones with DHA.  Neither bother me as long as I have a snack with them.
  • So I have this one coworker I absolutely can't stand.. and with these hormones idk how I'm going to stay professional and kind to him. Just trying to avoid talking to him any more than I have to for now lol.
  • @marionberry19 I always have a hard time with the prenatals, too. The thing that’s worked for me is to take them at night, and if it’s a particularly bad day take them with milk. They can still make be gag really hard.
    I use the Rainbow Light prenatal and a separate Nature Made folic acid. I started off using Target brand prenatals, but they have a bit of a laxative in them that I do not want. Ugh.
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